Is There Hope For Humanity…?

Is There Hope For Humanity…?

In light of the racially motivated terrorist attack and  massacre in South Carolina leaving 9 people dead and others wounded, many are wondering, is there any hope for humanity?  Of course in the media the phrase, “Christian Terrorism” will not be used, but most if not all white supremacist consider themselves to be Christian.  They take their doctrine from what they interpret wrongly in the Bible.   These are delusional so called “Christians” that strangely feel they are God’s chosen people, in the chosen land of America or Common wealth nations and they are superior to others; especially Blacks-African Americans.  Thus, they feel they have a right to terrorize and kill them.  (This doctrine of the devils comes from British Israelism theology and other similar strands doctrines.)

It was about a decade ago or more, Eye started telling Believers that just as we see bombings and shootings in Mosques in the Muslim world, we would see this in Churches in America.  We live in a society where fear, hatred and ignorance is manufactured, wrapped and sold everyday, 24/7 through media.  The FOX (Faux)  news outlets of cable and radio is the biggest dealer of the addictive products of Fear and Hate, preying on weak minded fearful white-people; suggesting or saying anything for shock value and ratings.  Therefore, the many borderline psychopaths feel justified in carrying out their terrorist attacks.   In the recent years, they (FOX) is showcasing more uncle and auntie Tom types; blinded by studio lights, cameras, fame and feeling they are a part of something they never really can be.  These ‘useful idiots’ create more problems and confusion for race relations in this country, by pretending not to see the bigger picture staring them down. 

Here is what the terrorist said while reloading his gun and martyring Christians as they prayed and begged him to please stop.   “I have to do it. You rape our women and you’re taking over our country,” he reportedly replied.

We yet have a lot of hypocrisy in the American Christian Church and misplaced patriotism. Most fail to see that our nation was built on terrorism, racial hatred and this is not the first time in recent history Black Christians have been terrorized and martyred  while in a place of worship  by white people that profess to be Christians. Yet many judge and condemn what is happening in Muslim countries.  Are we better?

We realize that some non-Blacks may not understand how AME (African Methodist Episcopal) came to be.  Black – African American were not allowed to assembly together for worship and due to segregation laws, therefore, weren’t accepted in White churches that were predominately Methodist Episcopal.  Out of much struggle an underground church was birth.  Emanuel  AME Church is the oldest Black Church in the south.

This is another reason why this Church was chosen for a terrorist attack. Check out the history- Here are 10 Facts about “MOTHER” EMANUEL AME CHURCH”

Mother (God is with us) AME Church.

“This is a place of worship that was founded by African Americans seeking liberty. This is a church that was burned to the ground because its worshipers worked to end slavery. When there were laws banning all-black church gatherings, they conducted services in secret…”   President Obama


We talk about ISIS beheading Christians in church in Africa, Syria, and other parts of the Middle East.  The media demonizes the acts none stop, but fail to acknowledge the many White Supremacist   Christian Terrorist religious groups among us.  Is there any hope for humanity?

This story here answers that question.  It is powerful.  A man who was shot 8 times by the terrorist during the prayer meeting and miraculously lived…You wont believe what he said and did.


We realize that many are rejoicing that the terrorist was able to kill so many and that there are others who also want fame and would like to do a “copy cat” style attack, whether in a Church or some other Black gathering.  Join us in prayer against the plans of the enemy.  Also, we are aware that many Blacks are about fed up and some may feel a need to retaliate.  Many of the White Supremacist (civilian, law enforcement, politicians, etc) are hoping for this…to give them an excuse to ignite a “race war.”  This might be inevitable, but we are praying and declaring peace and love will prevail.

 We are yet praying about what Spirit warned us about in late March, something terrible happening in our nations.  We must be aware.


Don’t get caught up in the conspiracy mill. The Conspiracy Mill is already at work vomiting out lies.  Just saying… Have you noticed that each time..kinda frequently there is a Massacre/Mass Killing by a white person..the Right Wing conspiracy mill instantly Excuses it, Blames it on Mind-control and says “the government did it for an excuse to take our guns,” or denies it happened?

I wrote about this years ago and no doubt I will get several emails trying to convince me it was MK-ultra mind control that caused the terrorist to do this. “He was hypnotized by government agents to go into a prominent Black Church to kill Blacks, so the government will have an excuse to take our guns away.” How deranged??!!

Adam Lanza – Sandy Hook Massacre – They said the same thing, plus from a broken home.  Or, it didn’t happen.

James Holmes- Batman – Theatre Massacre – It was mind control  and drugs. 

Norwegian , Andy Brevich killed 77 in 2011- It was mind control.

Christopher Speight – mass murderer – It was government mind control.  

The list goes on and on. It seems like government mind control only works on White people (males) to commit mass murder. Otherwise, they would not kill; according to the growing millions of mentally handicap people that believe this.  Humans don’t need outside mind control to commit mass murder when they are fearful and filled with hate.

The terrorist that killed Black Christians while praying was not a MK-ultra mind programming subject, and it wasn’t drugs.  He was taught to hate Black people, he was filled with fear and hatred of Black people…plus he was probably addicted to the FOX network that feeds into that thinking.

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