Israel In Prophecy – Ephraim & Manasseh Part 5

Israel In Prophecy – Ephraim & Manasseh Part 5


“There is no longer Jew (Judean-Judahite-Semitics) or Gentile (nations-non Semitics), slave or free, male and female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus.”  Galatians 3:28

Thanks to all of you for the feedback and glad to know that many of you are learning something new and that you are finding the Bible interesting again.  We told you this series would not be the Sunday School version or watered down version of Israel in prophecy.  Also, we have attempted to show you a more truer version of what the ancient people looked like and yet look like, for the most part.  It is a bit different from what Hollywood, politics and religion has portrayed.   I am convinced that you can not wake someone up without disturbing them.  Truth is not always popular or pretty and only those who love truth can appreciate it.

If you have not studied the previous message 1-4 of this series, you might want to.  —  —- —-

This is our last message of the series as we bring the investigation into this global identity theft to an end.  We have presented more than enough evidence to make an arrest, a citizens of the Kingdom arrest.  Not only that, we have the evidence to proceed into the celestial court and accuse the accusers and imposters of global identity theft, deception, fraud, mass murder, genocide, financial theft of the nations, human sacrifice (war) to the demons of warfare and an attempt to overthrow the rightful heirs of the kingdom of God.

As you go into the courts on behalf of the nations to prosecute this case, you must realize it will be lengthy and it will most likely be at least 3 years before you see the Zionist Regime completely dismantled and humbled.   Nevertheless, make your motions, petitions, and declarations on behalf of the innocent victims daily.  Change is happening and the usurpers will be rooted out of the land.

We ended our message yesterday with HAM’s infection with the mental illness of race and religious superiority. This is what happens in “religion” when people lose sight of the original message or Messenger. Racial and religious superiority can affect every race, ethnic group or culture. We share experiences to show the many trains of thought in Christianity and the role race plays in many theologies. We have highlighted certain races and nations of the main players in this prophecy to just show the accuracy of the Word of God that is forever established. The conflict in the Middle East today was foretold over 5000 years ago in Genesis 9:27 In a time of great deception, it can be difficult discerning the plans, agendas and motives of those that seek to continue to enslave humanity. Rightly dividing the words of truth is essential. We are seeing how Israel in Prophecy has played a big part in the racial and religious oppression, especially, as we come to the end of the age.


I have always been fascinated by the ancient people of the Bible since I was a kid, actually people in general that appeared outwardly different from me.  Joseph, one of 12 sons of Jacob had been sold into slavery in Egypt (Africa) by his jealous brothers. After 13 years of challenges he was exalted from the prison to the palace. His prophetic gift had made room for him and brought him before the mighty Pharaoh. Joseph was a descendant of Shem,  a Shemite (Semitic), living in the land of Ham (Africa).  “Israel also came into Egypt; and Jacob sojourned in the land of Ham.” Psalms 105:23 As a gift, Pharaoh gave the Priest of ON’s daughter to Joseph, Asenath, a Hamite to be his wife.  She bore Ephraim & Manasseh which later was called Israel. Genesis 41:45-52

Since a person is defined as an Israelite, Hebrew or Jew/Judean by the mitochondria DNA that one gets from the mother – Ephraim and Manasseh can not be fully Israelite (Shemite) in the sense of the word, their mother was African (Hamite)- Jewishness comes from the mother side-thus making Ephraim and Manasseh 1/2 Hebrew/Israelite. Why is that important? It’s only a fact.  Based on the history we have already covered, the people of that region all looked very similar at that time. How do we know that Joseph looked similar to the other black Hamitic Africans in Egypt, possibly on a bit lighter, from being in the dungeon so long and working in the palace? As quoted from both Hebrew and Arabic scholars.

‘A tradition, according to which both the Semites and the descendants of Ham were Black, Japheth being the only White son of Noah, is found in Rabbinic Hebrew tradition as well, e.f. the 8th century Pirke De-Rabbi Eliezer (Chapter 23):’

“Noah brought his sons and his grandsons, and he blessed them with their (several) settlements, and he gave them as an inheritance all the earth. He especially blessed Shem and his sons, black but comely, and he gave them the inhabitable earth. He blessed Ham and his sons, black like a raven, and he gave them as an inheritance the coast of the sea. He blessed Japheth and his sons, they entirely white, and he gave them for an inheritance the desert and its fields; these (are the inheritances with) which he endowed the. (1)”

Ham and Shem were black-skinned; Ham being very dark. When Joseph’s brothers came from Canaan to buy food in Egypt to avoid starvation, they could not recognize him. Why? He looked liked all the other Africans. Of course he was shaved, had matured and dressed up. There was nothing in his complexion that made him stand out as modern people would think a Hebrew would look; his skin was not white. So if Joseph looked like all the Africans around him, his brothers had to look the same way and his parents also. You might remember in the first part of this series, we mentioned the so called, 10 Lost Tribes.  That always bothered me and caused me to wonder,  how 10 tribes could get lost.  Later, I realized that there has been a sinister conspiracy to hide or cover up the knowledge of, or whereabouts of these ancient tribes.  Let’s first investigate more of the history of this identity theft and hi-jack of the name, Israel.

In 1948 when modern Israel became a nation, they were allowed to move from Europe to Palestine based on a created law with the assistance of the UN.  It was the Law of Return.  This law states that every Jew of the lost tribes could return back to Palestine, renamed Israel.  However, the overwhelming majority of the people from all over Eastern Europe looked nothing like the natives of that ancient land.  Furthermore, their ancestors had  never been in Palestine.  Could it have been that many of the original tribes of Israel were not identified or made public nearly 70 years ago  because they wanted the new Israel to look European?  In all honesty, the Jewish nation that the Zionist were building was to be a “white nation” in the Middle East.   The leaders had and yet have the same ideology as Adolf Hitler regarding race superiority.   What most people don’t know is that Adolf Hitler actually founded and financed modern day Israel.  There was a conspiracy and it is a fact, not a theory.  Were you not aware of Hitler’s Secret Deal with the Zionist  aka those yet pretending to be Jews, but are of the synagogue of satan?  It was called the Transfer Agreement.  Seems like the Nazis moved from Europe to Palestine to set up shop and have continued to created mayhem in the world since.

Further evidence of this is how the European Jews treat the dark skinned genetically correct Abrahamic bloodline of Sephardic Jews and the genetically correct African black skinned Hebrew Jews in Israel.  They are segregated and use separate facilities, classrooms, etc.  Most importantly, they are exterminating the dark skinned Palestinians.    They recite their goal frequently to have a Jewish state, meaning a “White Nation” state.   Much of the Church of Jesus shouts, Amen-waiting in line to bow down to the members of the synagogue of satan and worship at his seat; blindly thinking these are God’s chosen people that’s going to save the world.

Children of Black African Semitic Jews, the genuine descendants of Abraham can not attend the same schools as the European fake Jews children.

Semitic Palestinians can not ride the same bus with non Semitic  Ashkenazi Jews

Let’s follow on with Ephraim & Manasseh, sons of an African mother and Hebrew father (Jacob/Israel-Joseph).  They became the dominate tribe in Israel and was given the right to use the name Israel. Many years ago, I was discussing this with a brother that happens to be of the British Israel persuasion and thinks that Ephraim and Manasseh descendants-true Israel, is ONLY the Caucasians Anglo-Saxon Commonwealth nations. (No doubt that some of Ephraim and some of the other tribes settled in various European nations-history proves that. However, I do question how many would be proven to have African-Semitic origins through DNA testing). We further talked about history and I agreed that some of the so called 10 Lost Tribes ended up in the British Isles and other places in Europe. However, he could not agree that Joseph actually married an Egyptian (Hamite) or Moses married an Ethiopian (Cushite son of Ham) even though it is there in the Bible. He quoted me made up history that is strongly believed. He said Asenath was white, so was Moses and his Ethiopian wife Zipporah. And by the way, the white race were the ones that built the Pyramids, the Sphinx, etc. he said.  He was very passionate about his race.  I laughed out loud and asked him, “why did the white race in Africa you speak of make the Sphinx, many other artifacts, and wall art-history paintings with Negroid features?” There was a long pause, as he thought about that for a few moments. (We mention these instances to help us see the bigger picture of the Creator expressing Himself in such a wide variety that transcends race or skin color).


I asked the above question in Part 1 of this series. About 8 years ago I was blessed to spend some time in South Asia. I was honored to minister to tens of thousands of Christians, Muslims and Hindus in Miracle Crusades where we did see the supernatural and miracles daily as the people came together as one. I told them I was not there to convert them to Western style Christianity, but to Proclaim the Kingdom of God, which is neither Christian, Muslim, Jew or Hindu. They responded extremely well to my message.

I was impressed with the Urdu language and that it was in the Semitic family – a mixture of Arabic and Persian and many words similar to Hebrew. As I was conversing with one of my interpreters, a very intelligent young man from Karachi; the conversation led to the PASHTUN Tribe of the Taliban.  Afzal said something that really got my attention. He said, “they are the sons of Joseph”.  I said how do you know, he said everyone knows that, they know it and refer to themselves as such. We talked more and I met others of the Pashtun and Pathan tribes that said the same thing. I could not wait to get back home and research this. How could I have forgotten? Just after 9/11 I read something in the news and had started to research this, but had forgotten.

The House of Israel, Ephraim is over 50 million strong in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Yeah, I know they don’t look like most Western minded people thought they would. And, aren’t those the scary terrorist that we have been killing for 13 years? Do you know where the word “Afghanistan” comes from? It is a Hebrew word, the name of King Saul’s grandson whom was raised by King David along with Mephibosheth – his name was AFGHANA. Solomon promoted him to Commander-in-Chief in his army, he was also instrumental in building Solomon’s Temple.

The country was called Afghan-istan, land of Afghana. He was called Malak (King) Afghana. In the Islamic writings (Hadith) of Muhammed, Pashtun means Hebrews. They are also called Bani Israel, meaning sons of Israel. The Pashtuns/Pathans are commonly called Yusufzai, literally means “children of Joseph”.  Wikipedia.  This is commonly known in Pakistan and Afghanistan where they are being hunted and killed with our Christian tax dollars.  “Pray for the PEACE of Israel.” Did not God say Ephraim was Israel? If Republican Christians knew this, they should be outraged. Centuries ago they converted to Islam, but kept their identity til this day. Their land is filled with archeological proof, plus their oral tradition. Did you know that Afghanistan has never been conquered, not by Alexander the Great, the Russians and will not be by the Americans and NATO forces. (Furthermore, there are smaller numbers of the tribes of Manasseh, Naphtali, Reuben, Asher and Gad in Afghanistan).

Someone said to me a while back when I shared this information, “But according to prophecy they can’t be Ephraim, they have nothing. Ephraim is the breadbasket for the world-that has to be the Common Wealth nations”. I replied, “Can’t God have Ephraim in South Asia also or anywhere He wants? Do you realize the immense untapped wealth of natural resources and GOLD just beneath the surface of Afghanistan that can help them and the world in the future? God did not let Alexander the Great take it, the Russians couldn’t get it and I don’t think he will allow America & NATO to steal it.”

I am trying to show you that most of what we are being told is a LIE. Something much deeper and sinister is going on. Identifying people by their DNA will become much more important in the near future. More later – Watch these Videos Now.

Ok, so we are bombing Afghanistan and Pakistan-they were suppose to be searching for Bin Ladin. Suddenly, they found him and killed him and destroyed the body. (If you believe the official story) Nearly all of the countries that are labelled terrorist or targeted by Israel and the West seem to have a high population of identifiable real Semitic people.

Who would have thought that ancient Israel in Prophecy (Ephraim & Manasseh) was also in Pakistan and Afghanistan getting bombed, plus some of the other tribes. Keep in mind these are nations that the Zionist State of Israel feels threatened by and USA must protect them, according to Christians, by bombing them back to the Stone-Age. The identity of these people have been known for decades.

Karen Kwaitowski, ex Air Force Officer and writer said, “The operations in Afghanistan is “rooted in Israel”. Would anyone want to kill those that might pose a future threat to the throne of Israel based on Bible Prophecy??? THINK!! For years the current state of Israel was making excuses to not further verify the Pashtuns/Ephraim with DNA testing. In 2010 when a Jerusalem Post articles started to question the magnitude of finding the Lost Tribe of Ephraim as the Pashtun/Pathan people, it forced their hand to start testing. Keep in mind this was 50 million “real” Israelites of Semitic descent. These are direct descendants of Joseph and his African wife…other the years many intermarried with the Central Asian & some European people.

Bnei Menashe – the Sons of Manasseh were found in northeastern India and Burma, a tribe of about 10,000 that have known who they were for literally thousands of years. We’ve been following this story for several years now. DNA testing show some Semitic genetic markers identifying them as originating in the Palestine. Under the Law of Return they were allowed to move to Israel June 2011. (Here’s the secret that most don’t know, and is not being reported in the current news, I don’t think; mostly the whole tribe are Spirit-filled Pentecostals or have been exposed to it. Several years ago Israel told them they could return if they promise to practice Judaism. Could this be a setup by God to use the “real Israel” to bring more light in that dark area)?

What’s so exciting about these people claiming to be Ephraim and Manasseh is real history, Israel acknowledging it and DNA proof to support their claim.

So the prophecy is being fulfilled that these people would return to their homeland after all. What could be a motive behind the Ashkenazi Jews that converted to Judaism and have little to no genetic tie to the land? Could the strategy be to get enough genetically proven Semitic Jews/Israelites Hebrews in the land, so that when the world’s eyes become open, maybe they wont be forced out?

Who were the Banu Ifran meaning the Children or Sons of Ephraim of North Africa? The Romans, Vandals, Byzantines and others could not defeat them nearly 2000 years ago. The name Africa comes from Ifran, Ifri, Afri and was later called by the Romans, Africa or Banu Africa – Sons of Africa (Ephraim). It seems like Ephraim, son of the Hamite Asenath returned to his mother’s homeland. You can not image the untapped wealth underneath the surface of Africa (Ifran-Ephraim). They were defeated by the Arabs around the 11th century. It seems like Ephraim, the one that has the legal rights to be called Israel can be found in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. They mostly looks like Semitics did thousands of years ago; those confirmed based on archeology, history, Bible and DNA testing.


Some time ago, I was researching the so called 10 Lost Tribes and found some of Manasseh, Ephraim and a large number of GAD in Nigeria, Africa. The EBO or IGBO Tribe of Nigeria are direct descendants from Gad’s son Eri. Gad and Asher were born of Leah’s handmaiden Zilpah; who was believed to be Hamite (Black). Genesis 35:26 Gad was given a similar blessing of rulership as Judah was. Researching the Igbo tribe one will see a long line of dynasties fulfilling the prophecy.



This is old news to many but we will share it anyway. Israel wanted to build the 3rd Temple for a long time, but there was a problem, they needed to find the Aaronic Priesthood true descendants. There are many Kohanim or Cohanim, people with the priestly names all over the world of Ashkenazim Jewry. In this country you will find Cohen a common last name for Jews. That suppose to mean that you are a descendant from the tribe of Levi, the priestly tribe. So what’s the problem? You not only have to be from the tribe of Levi, but specifically from the house of Aaron, Moses brother; the first high priest to qualify. There’s stills a lot of Kohanim out there, but there is a problem.

If one converted to Judaism and gave their kids Jewish names, even from the priestly tribe, you are yet not qualified. Over 90% of Ashkenazi Jews lack enough genetic material or don’t carry an extremely unique Priestly Caste gene named the Cohen Modal Haplotype (CMH)- from the Y-chromosomal haplogroup. Keep in mind they will need possibly thousands of priest for Temple service. I am sure they have found some in Europe, Middle East and possibly other places. But where did they find the most concentrated amount of men with the highest genetic frequency for the descendants of Aaron the first high priest? The Lemba People of South Africa, specifically the “Buba” clan. (Try not to laugh) Yep, the Buba clan. Doesn’t God have a sense of humor? It is expected that the reason the genetic frequency is higher among them is because the don’t practice mixing with other tribes. They have known who they are for 2600 years when they left Jerusalem.


I suppose there is a place for religious pride and racial pride during our journey from flesh to Spirit at our early stages of spiritual development. However, there is a point of initiation into Spirit that separates the Initiate from his mother’s womb and he must be about his Father’s business. The Father’s business transcends religion, race, ethnicity and the biological expression. At this point religious ideas and doctrines are no longer important, but true spirituality is. Race or ethnicity is no longer important because you realize that you have been born from above. The Initiate becomes All things to All men, he is Jew, Muslim, Christian, Black , White, Red, Brown, and Yellow. He is One with all. He become a Priest of a higher order, the Order of Melchizedek.

* We have learned that Bible Prophecy is relevant and accurate, even when given by a holy man waking up from a freaky drunken party. The synagogue of satan under the cloak of Zionism is alive and well with people that committed Identity Theft. We learned that Ham was never cursed, or told to be the slave of Japheth. We also learned that the original Hebrew people of the Bible were black and dark brown-skinned people and still are today.

* We learned that the Ashkenazi Jews are mostly converts from the Khazarian Empire that had little to no genetic ties to Israel. Therefore the Zionist States does not have legal rights to use the name Israel or to exist if they are basing their existence on the Bible and Christians should not support it.

* We learned that God does not play favorites and He introduced a New Covenant that gives us all equal access to the promises as it really was meant to be and that He is not a racist.

* We learned that acknowledging your special or unique traits, hair, skin-color, background does not make you superior or religious superior. We all have some of Japheth (lying, gullible, deceptive, destructive), Shem (Ego, pride) and Ham (hurt, anger) in us. All these races came out of one man, Noah- all of these are in all of us. “We are the world.”

* We know that GOD is love. The greatest work we can do in the Kingdom of God is to SERVE others (Ashkenazi, African, Asian, American, Alien, Latin or European) in love.


There is a literal gathering together of the tribes of Israel to be sealed for the days just ahead. Also, when I speak of Israel now, I am speaking of something that also goes beyond identifying a tribe in the sense we have discussed. There is also a rush to identify certain ones on the planet today. This is one of the reasons why DNA has become such a hot topic over the years. The Creator has always known where these people were and as we have discovered, they have also known who they were-so they were not lost.

This will be hard for some to believe, but the people that appear to rule this planet know what Bible prophecy says. They believe it and they fear it. They will do whatever they can to prevent it from happening or postpone it because they know their day is almost over. Therefore, there is a search today to identify certain genetic frequencies. They are threatened by certain people, I have made the subtle point that genetics, not just appearance identifies who you are.

EYE was shown some time ago and told that they have some technology, highly advance that can be programmed to hone in on DNA frequencies. This is a form of “Frequency Weaponry”. It has the ability to for lack of better expression, “to scramble your DNA”. It does not have to be near you to affect you.

EYE lack the scientific language and vocabulary to explain what Eye know and what was revealed. There are people evolving on the planet, they fear them. Many of these people can be identified by a secret they have found in genetic research that they have not revealed to the public. This is one of the main reasoning behind the push for DNA databases where they want to store as many humans DNA as possible. They think they will be able to program their weapons at a certain time an event in the near future will take place. The frequency is designed to scramble the genetic codes to prevent the next phase of human evolution that some will be a kind of Firstfruits will experience.

EYE also saw a greater technology that can be called the seal of God. There will be a frequency released from on high to protect many from the affects and plans of the evil ones.

EYE give you a sign that this is true. Within the next 90 days there should be a discovery announce regarding genetics and frequencies but it will not be the discovery mentioned about.


(This article above  came out 2 days after the prophetic word was released to validate it)

Order of Melchizedek

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  1. These articles on Israel are very confirming for me. PLEASE post more of the TRUTH about Israel and the Jews, because truly, WE HAVE BEEN DECEIVED in this matter!.
    “You will never be able to live here in peace, because you left here black and came back white.” (1952) Gamal Abdel Nasser
    That statement is a BIG SLAP OF TRUTH IN THE FACE! I was like ‘WHOA!” I had to read it a couple of more times to hear what Mr. Nasser was saying because he really knew something about these so called Jews, that we Christians didn’t.
    I am WIDE AWAKE and ready for breakfast! Please pass me the eggs, bacon, and some more TRUTH, please. thank you!


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