Jerusalem, the Eternal Capital City of Jewish People..?

Jerusalem, the Eternal Capital City of Jewish People..?

Is there verse in the Bible that states Jerusalem is the eternal capital city of Israel or the Jewish people or every has been? Are the Jewish people a race, or a religion made up of many people groups (races)? Why does Evangelical Christians wholeheartedly support atheists occupying Palestine claiming to be related to the original Hebrew people of the Bible? Why do Christian ministers get angry, defensive and aggressive, when historic and scientific facts and truth about this great deception is exposed? For decades of sounding this alarm, I have been puzzled why people reject truth. Listen to a practicing Jew share it:

As we have stated many times, there is the “genuine church (called out ones)” and there is “false system harlot church” that knowingly deceives the masses every Sunday. This large group of tares look, sounds and acts almost identical to the wheat. This religious-political “good ole boys club,” led by many of the big names of modern western Evangelical Christianity, are wolves in silk, denim and sheep clothing. They are the knowing supporters of the Zionist Synagogue of Satan…helping to perpetuate the deception of those who say they are Jews, but are not. They are the dumb dogs that can not or will not bark. Their egoistic lust for power, fame, $$$$ and herd mentality approval have muzzled them. They can only speak to what satisfies the itching ears of their congregations they have dumb down and made spiritually retarded.

Most “Christians” are clueless and could care less about the negative impact on the world the person occupying the Oval Office has made. This is a major step toward full-blown WW3. Thank God for the many religious Jews – non Zionist, who are rising up to speak the unpopular truth that most Christians wont. Did you realize that all of the Israeli rulers since 1948 changed their names to sound more “Jewish”? It is call Hebraizing one’s name. For example Benjamin Netanyahu father was from Poland, he changed his name from Mileikowsky to Netanyahu. The mass murderer leader of Israel today is Polish, not Semitic. All the other Prime Ministers/Presidents were non-Semitic (Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Belarussian) since Palestine was renamed Israel – 1948. These were/are anti-Semitic atheists, coming from East European Communist countries to terrorize, murder, pillage and occupy the Semitic Palestinians.

Wouldn’t a DNA test prove these people are related to the biblical Hebrews Jews? Nope! Furthermore, they look nothing like them. The biblical people were not Caucasians or Europeans. There is no genetic test that can prove that a person is a Jew. The Zionist that control and manipulate ancestry DNA testing have created a deception for 40 years. They even invented a Jewish race. However, a genetic test can prove that a person is of what has been categorized as of Ashkenazi descent (Eastern European, mostly north and east of the Black Sea). Why is that? Because the ancient Gentile European Ashkenazi Empire converted to Judaism around 700 AD.

Jerusalem, the eternal capital city of Jewish people? Not even the fake Jews.

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