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Warning!  The prophetic word of the LORD has no respect of person, religion, nation or ethnic group.   Prophetic words given by the Holy Spirit about the modern nation of Israel often upset misguided 21st Christians.  They soon forget the Bible is filled with them.  True prophetic words will often destroy our sacred cows so can get refocused; in this case for some, their sacred pig.     Truth will not change just because  someone does not agree with it or because it is uncomfortable or unpopular.   Truth is often considered hate-speech in this culture.

Each year and sometimes a few times in the year,  Eye go before the LORD to see what shall be in the nations of the world. Usually each year, at the beginning of the year Eye write and or speak much of what Eye have been shown that shall be .  Eye have had these experiences since my late teen years, when angels would appear,  un-summoned before me while in meditation, giving me specific information of what would be happening in the nation they were assigned to.   We have documented these events for many years.

The State of Israel seems to be fulfilling a prophetic word Eye gave January 3, 2014 about the exact season we are in. While prophesying into 2014 & beyond,  Here is what Eyes saw & heard from Spirit about Israel.

“April will be a very dangerous month, with acceleration of current wars… The state of Israel shall enter into a new cycle – the 1st phase of its own destruction will begin..it will be played out over the next several years until it ceases to be recognized with the status it currently has. The current regime must be destroyed.

The arrogance and wickedness of it’s leader shall cause him to make some decisions and statements Over the NEXT SEVERAL MONTHS that shall create isolation and anger from the nations. Pluto is stirring up the hidden things of his heart and Saturn will demand a time of giving in account for the deception and murders.” http://atam.org/Prophecy2014Part2.html

The modern state of Israel has a traceable pattern that we have watched for more than a decade.    Whenever they are feeling real pressure to make peace with the Palestinians, they create a provocation and use that as a pretext to slaughter more innocent Palestinians (Christians & Muslims), steal their land, build settlements and blame them for the unrest and not wanting peace.   They are known for staging murders or killing their own people and blaming it on Muslim terrorist.   Of course they are not allowed to report that in the news in America.  Just a little google research will reveal this. 

Listen with the ear of the Spirit and know that this story is full of holes.  The alleged 3 teens that were allegedly killed while hitch-hiking in one of the most dangerous places on earth is the latest reasoning or excuse for bombing more than 200 pre-planned targets as of now, in Gaza.   Questions:  Do you yet believe that the Twin Towers were brought down by 19 Muslim hi-jackers because your TV told you that?   Do you yet believe the US invaded Iraq because they had WMD’s?  Do you enjoy being lied to?  If your answer was yes to either of those questions…are you on medication…or need some? (half-way joking, I think)

I am very disturbed in spirit because of what Eye saw in January…prophetically speaking, this war that Israel has started has the potential of being, it.   It, in a few words without going into further details of the vision means, a massive long cycle of death and violence being unleashed on the planet through violence, wars and other means.  In Christian terminology, a spirit of death and destruction has been released…literally purposely released by using dark occult kabbalistic magic and human sacrifice (war) on specific dates.  (Of course people that don’t understand spirituals or the spirit world would not be able to grasp this).

We are a bit over 2 months before Pluto goes direct on September 23, 2014, a few day before Rosh Hashanah.  The Sun will be in Libra,  the Scales of justice and balance.  Pluto will be in Capricorn, demanding transformation; one way or the other.   The evil ones are planning a major massacre around the high Jewish feast days, a sacrifice to Pluto the god of the underworld.  If there is no divine intervention they will be successful, thus activating the 2nd phase of a very intense 3 year period on the planet for those who are attached to the 3-dimensional world.  Which happens to be most of humanity. 

We realize the evil doers must be brought to an end, but at the same time we are called to pray, intercede, meditate, send love and light to the innocent on all sides who are led by evil leaders wanting to create full-blown WW3.   There is yet power in prayer that can confuse, change or soften the impact of the enemy’s plan. 


Throughout the Bible we have evidence of “failed prophecies” or delayed prophecies when people choose to turn within in repentance (changing the mind) and acknowledgement of thee Almighty.    Over the pass several years we had warned of a vision given about April-May 2014 of a Major Water Event – Flooding in Europe. Intercessors and light-workers around the globe have been praying into this.  Here is one of the prophetic words released.

Eye see a strong potential for major Water Events, while the Sun is in Taurus. The area most vulnerable is Europe, late April to mid May 2014… [The impact can be soften and the energy can be delayed through prayer/meditation]. January 3, 2014

We wont take the time to post all the news articles from Europe.  However, the reports show that Europe experienced the worst Flooding in over 120 years in May 2014.  (Just Google Europe’s worse flooding 2014)  My point is, Spirit revealed several years prior the exact timing of a flood, I believe it would have been much worse had it not been for the prayers, meditation and intercession of the righteous.


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