Jupiter & Venus Conjunct

Jupiter & Venus Conjunct

An event that has not happened in  over 2000 years will manifest in the heavens.  Over 2000 years ago wise men (a caravan of astrological prophetic priests) from the Magi tribe of the Medes followed a star.  Actually, it was more than one star.  They followed His star, the planet Venus, which rules Libra, the Scales.  This is the zodiac sign house in which Messiah, Jesus was born.   Venus was on the move along with Jupiter, they were coming closer and closer.

The Magis knew exactly what was happening.  These Medes were the ancestors of a long line of astro-prophets, priests, miracle workers, and spiritual people.   Somehow, this 6th tribe of the Medes were blessed with supernatural abilities.  I feel it was something more than spiritual gifting, it was literally in their genetic.  It is kind of like some families are born to play music or sing, without effort they seem to be genetically inclined to perform.  This is the way the 6th tribe of the Medes were, for this reason they were called the Magi tribe.  I can imagine their children demonstrated spiritual abilities at a young age.

Around the time of Prophet Daniel, who was made Master Astrologer of Babylon and during the Medo-Persian Empire, some history suggest that Daniel was in contact with this Magi tribe.  Daniel 5:20  Can you imagine what these meetings might have been like?  Just close your eye, tilt your head slightly back and allow your mind to visit ancient Persia 2500 years ago.  These spiritual giants probably got together to sing, meditate, to share experiences, visions, dreams, compare and validate each other.  They shared  what they had seen in the heavens, the movement of the stars and what they meant for their day and thousands of years behind.  During one of these spiritual meetings, Daniel shared that Messiah would be born over 500 years later.  Daniel was not only a student of astrology, understanding the esoteric science as the Magis were, but he was a star gazer.  That meant he could look at the stars and get a clear vision of images to see what would be.  This is what cause Nebuchadnezzar and other leaders to promote him to the position of Master Astrologer.

Daniel shared with the Magis when Messiah would be coming.  It was common knowledge in the ancient world that someone would come, the stars had declared it, although he would be called by many different names.   Daniel had a vision and he shared part of it in Daniel 9.  He gave a clue to the Magis, that was to be passed down for over 500 years.  He told them that Venus and Jupiter would make a rare conjunct in the constellation of LEO the Lion with the main star Regulus. LEO was assigned to the tribe of Judah.  Daniel had left instructions that when their astro-prophetic ancestors saw this, they must go and anoint Him.

The Magi tribe were the king-makers.  They travelled throughout the known world, nation to nation prophesying who would be the next leader and anointing them.  They were literally the Media coverage, accurately reading and broadcasting what the heavens had declare.

As they saw Venus & Jupiter on the move in a rare form converging in LEO, they left their eastern country, most likely modern day western Iran, to go to Bethlehem.  The then called out ones were not aware that their Messiah had come.  The priests, doctors of the law and Pharisee were clueless.  It was the divine astrologers who were able to see his first coming and announce it to the Church (called out ones) beforehand, so shall it be again.  Venus and Jupiter conjunct for an extended period of time, alerting the world that something amazing was happening.

According to ancient history, when the Magis arrived, they did not know where exactly to go.  So they went to a well and stared in the water until a vision came, to show them where to go.  This ancient prophetic science is called ‘Scrying.’  It was practiced by prophets and spiritual people from Africa to Asia.  Even Joseph the dreamer had learned it in Africa.  You remember the story of the silver cup that he had hidden in his brothers stuff that he accused them of stealing?  This was before he revealed himself.  His silver cup was a scrying cup in which it was filled with water and he stared into it while meditating to have visions and guidance.  This is why he said, “What is this you have done?” Joseph said to them. “Didn’t you know that a man like me could uncover the truth by divination?”” Genesis 44:15

( I am sure this just messed up somebody’s theology.  Joseph used divination?  Divination, the ability to receive knowledge, insight or foresight from the Divine.  I free you and give you permission to get out of the religious fear box and never return to it.  Practice scrying, if you like.  It works well with a black bowl, place water in it,  create a sacred space if you do not have one where you meditate or pray around the same time each day or night.  Purified your heart, expect encounters, pray over your water in the dedicated bowl or cup only used for this purpose.  Ask a question: Depending on your consciousness, faith and ability to separate from your busy mind… stare intently expecting an image, cloudy forms or even words written.  Discipline your mind and your Eye will eventually see.)

The month of June the planets Venus and Jupiter have been on the move coming closer to each other, this is not unusual.  What is unusual is they will conjunct so tightly, they will appear as one. This has not happened in over 2000 years.  This time the conjunct will be while the Sun is in CANCER the Crab- this zodiac sign was assigned to the tribe of Issachar.

Whenever Venus the Love Mother of the heavens and Jupiter the Father of Rain conjunct, awesome things happen on the planet.  Over the years, we have instructed people to Know When To Sow, based on divine astrology.  There have been many testimonies of financial breakthroughs.  Venus and Jupiter are announcing Abundance, Prosperity, and Blessings among many other things.  Over the past several days until July 3-this energy is permeating the earth.  Sow a seed somewhere and expect it to produce a harvest.

This Venus Jupiter close encounter is taking place on the cusp of a Full Moon, July 1, which is actually a Blue Moon.  July will have (2) Full Moons.  With all this energy massing in Cancer, we can read many things that will be happening.  Possibly, we will deal with many of these things in another message.

Whenever Venus and Jupiter have a close encounter less than 1 degrees, Father and Mother is about to produce something in the earth.  2000 years ago, it announced a birth of the Christ.  There is nothing new under the Sun, the birthing of the Christ Consciousness in a more visible way is being announced.

2000 year ago, the world was oppressed by the Roman Empire, the Middle East was being trodden under the foot of the gentiles.  The people were over-taxed, there was great injustice, religion had run-amuck, hedonism was the norm and many had lost hope.  Does that sound familiar to our society today?

God yet has magis that see His star and actually know how to follow His star and declare the messages from the stars.   “When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.”  Go outside and see his star and begin to rejoice about what’s being birth within you.  There is a king within you… and where the word of the king is, there is power.  Allow that kingship anointing to come forth.  The planet that’s associated with Melchizedek is Jupiter.  It is actually called the planet of  Melchizedek, the king of Salem (Peace) and Righteousness.

Whenever the heavens go out of their way to make a display, portals are being opened as the energies of heaven impacts the earth.  The financial world is reeling and the expectation of Greece complete collapse is sure to affect the world and America’s economy.  We are in the world but not of it.  I don’t know about you, but I am connected to the economy of the heavens.  Their is no lack, abundance is my portion.

Venus and Jupiter are reminding us of the potential of great release.  They are conjunct in LEO, while the Sun is in CANCER, – Issachar, which means a reward or pay for hire.  Cancer the Crab has great pinchers and can hold on tight.  Lay hold unto the kingdom of God, take the kingdom to possess it forever.   The kingdom (righteousness, peace, joy, finances, good health, favor) is under violent attack by forces from without and within, but those who know their rights can Take It by Force.  The Force is with you, use the Force of the Holy Spirit to take possession as a giant pincher and holds on to it.  Take what you need while the first Blue Moon is full, Venus & Jupiter is conjuncting and the heavens are announcing the birth of sons and daughters of Almighty God.

The USA was birth while the Sun was in Cancer, our nation zodiac sign is Cancer.  Hopefully in another writing we can share in more detail the implications of this conjunct on a nations level as time permits.  Enjoy the NASA video of Venus & Jupiter conjunct.

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