Compensation Plan


“You shall lay up gold as dust, and the gold of Ophir.” Job 22:24


This simple Compensation Plan is setting people free from J-O-B-S, and working for people that don’t respect or care about them. Karatbars Int’l is  a Global Movement, distributing gold to more than 100 nations.  Join the growing number of ordinary people from every walk of life that’s tapping into the International Currency Exchange Market.  You wont need a license to refer others and get paid a good commission for helping people save their assets.


Keep in mind, you can open a Free Gold Savings Account without doing the business.    Would you like to get involved with Karatbars Global Currency Exchange Paper Money to Gold Business?  Do you  need more details of how lots of paper money-currency can be generated in a short time?   Plus, how you can use the fiat currency to acquire Real Gold Money?


We strongly encourage you to get one of the (3) Packages, VIP – GOLD or SILVER. The Package you choose determines how much you earn from the activity of the whole team. In the videos below on Compensation Plan around 23 minutes into the video, this is thoroughly explained and the cost of the Packages. Keep in mind, even if you only want to purchase currency grade gold, you need to at least get the Silver Package and get 3% Discount on all your gold acquisitions for 3 years. (Also, we do realize that some people can only acquire gold for their Gold Savings Account bi-weekly or monthly. No problem, it’s your account).

Do you know any people needing income due to the poor economy?  Do you know business and professional people and friends that would do well with this while acquiring Karatbars gold?  Don’t you know people that will only want to acquire affordable currency grade 24k gold?   If you really think about it and want to do this as a business, there are at least 10 people you know of wanting the same thing.   If you allow the Karatbars system of conference call,  webinars or informed Affiliates answer their questions, you will be well on your way.   This system is extremely duplicable for any rational thinking person that’s aware of our present economical state, or that understands business.

Here’s how to get started, but read, understand and follow the instructions of the last paragraph here first.

Click here to start~~~~I WANT THE GOLD NOW!!

[Please do not Register as Affiliate unless you intend to follow through with getting your VIP, Gold or Silver Package to activate your affiliate account within 24 hours of registration for your Free Gold Savings Account. If you are getting a VIP position you will want to contact me for a Discount Code – – leave a phone# and best times to be reached]


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