Libra – Crux Part 2

Libra – Crux Part 2


 The 7th month corresponds with the 7th Zodiac sign of LIBRA on the Biblical Calendar. The Sun in Libra at this time is showing us the need for Balance in every aspect of our lives. It also reminds us that if we do not go within and draw upon the Christ, we will continue to experience a deficit in our spirit. There is no need to experience a deficit since the price has been paid that fully covers all deficits.

In this article,  Eye will continue to explore some of the deeper astro-theological messages of Libra. The heavens are always prophesying the relevant mysteries for today.   (For a clearer understanding of this message, please read  Libra Part 1)


In yesterday’s messages, we shared that the tribe of Levi, the priestly tribe was assigned to LIBRA.  Today we will learn a bit more about Levi astrologically and identify where this ancient tribe is today.  The encampment of the ancient 12 Hebrew tribes after they came out of Africa and wandered in the desert for 40 years, was a replica of the order and movements of the heavens. Each (4) leading tribes were situated by their own standards (flags with zodiac symbols) as they were encamped in the Wilderness 40 years. The leading tribes reflected on earth the (4) fixed Zodiac signs of the heavens. Study Numbers Chapter 2

Each of the (4) leading tribes – Judah (Face of a Lion- LEO), Dan (Eagle/Phoenix ancient symbol of -SCORPIO), Reuben (Face of a Man – AQUARIUS), Joseph (Image of a Bull – TAURUS) was a mirror image of the (4) fixed Zodiac signs that forms the Cosmic Cross in space, each sign exactly 90 degrees apart. In Ezekiel, they are called the CHERUBIM. In Revelation, they are the 4 creatures around the throne that sits in the middle.  The Bible is  filled with divine astrology, it is the science the ancients used before anything was written.


Each of the (4) leading tribes had (2) supporting tribes. 4+4+4=12 as the 12 constellations of the Zodiac.  In the center of their encampment in the Wilderness was the mysterious Tabernacle, a miniature replica of what exist in the heavens. This Tabernacle was not just a place of worship, the Holy of Holies  was the throne room or command  center where Yahweh descended and communicated with the high priest and Moses; using holographic type of technology.  The Ark of the Covenant was also a high tech communication device where Yahweh communicated once a year to broadcast His message to the people.  The Sun had to be in Libra at a certain degree and position from the earth, on the 10th day of the 7th month for the signal and image to come through.  This is another reason why it was extremely important to keep Yahweh’s feast days on this high tech mystical Calendar.

“I will meet with you and communicate with you above the mercy seat from between the cherubim.”  Exodus 25:22

“Then the tent of meeting and the camp of the Levites will set out in the middle of the camps.” Numbers 2:17

An aerial view of the ancient encampment or a peek over the mountains by the surrounding nations, was a revelation of a powerful mystery. The encampment would appear as a gigantic Cross, but in the center was the Tabernacle and an animal being sacrificed on the altar. 1500 years later Messiah would fulfill what the heavens and earth prophesied, by becoming the Ultimate Sacrifice for the world.


The tribe of Levi was the only tribe given the responsibility to handle the sacred objects and minister to the nation.  This responsibility and call was based on DNA frequency that was unique to only the descendants of Aaron.  This is why if anyone with a different DNA frequency, from another tribe touched the Ark, they would be electrocuted.  Even until this very day, the house of Aaron carry that same frequency.

Over 10 years ago, much of the tribe of Levi was located in South Africa, the Lemba tribe.   Genetically proven, these Hebrew Black Africans carry the highest genetic frequency on the  Y-chromosome of what is called the Cohen Modal Haplotype (CMH) on the planet. Thus, proving genetically and historically, they are the direct descendants of Aaron, Moses brother.   The  Lemba/Levi tribe was able to maintain this high genetic frequency because for thousands of years they have married mostly only others of the same tribe.   The state of Israel took many of these Biblical Levites back to Israel, realizing that Only descendants of Aaron could handle the furnishing for the Temple they plan to build sometime in the near future.  This discovery  lets us know that Moses and the house of Aaron from which the Levitical priesthood descended, Did Not look like the European images that Hollywood and Western Christianity project. To be accurate about history, all of the tribes of the ancient Biblical people were black-skinned people. What most do not realize is that not all black-skinned people are or were considered Negroid. However, that’s another study for another time.

How did the Scales of Libra/Levi become so tipped in the wrong direction?  How did we become so confused to accept this deception put forth by religion, media and politics and yet do?  Why would we think Moses, Aaron and the ancient Israelites living in Black Africa would look like Charlton Heston  or Christian Bale?  Here’s the answer. Most of those who run and own Hollywood and the Media have names that were changed from their original German, English or Slavic family names.  European Caucasians that converted to Judaism  changed their German, English and Slavic surnames and first names to more Hebraic or Semitic names to strengthen the deception with the establishment of modern Israel in Palestine.  Therefore, basically all the European people that converted to Judaism or were born into families that converted with the surnames or first name of Cohen, Levy, or Levi, Moses, Aaron etc  Are Not genetic descendants of the ancient tribe of Levi, as they would have people believe.  Cohen, Kohen are variations means priest.   The Zionist, looking nothing like the authentic Hebrew people came up  this scheme.  It was called Hebraizaton      This deception is kept alive  through religious error, politics,  media and Hollywood brainwashing films, depicting Jesus and Biblical characters to look like the imposters of today, that’s occupying Palestine.  They are very good at inventing new history and people groups.


The Biblical Levites were dedicated for the service of God, which in reality exposes the mystery of actually 13 tribes; a subject we will not deal with now. The Levites were the law-givers. They accepted the animal sacrifices of the people to make atonement for their sins. They were given the responsibility to bring balance, and justice for all. The name Levi means to join, connect together. They had the task of being the connection between God and man, also man and man. Libra rules the 7th Zodiac house, it’s about Relationships.  This is the hidden message given in the 613 laws given to Levi for the people.  The many laws and rituals were  metaphors for the various levels of interconnected relationships between our body,  humans, animals, the land and the Creator.

In the center of the heavens, between the (4) fixed Zodiac signs is the constellation Cepheus-the Crowned King. It is the image of a man sitting on a throne with his scepter held high. The Wilderness journey (movement) and experience was a replicate of the movement of celestial bodies  in space.  The Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies was in the center of the (4) leading tribes, representing the (4) fixed signs or Cosmic Cross.  This was the earthly expression of the Kingdom of the heavens on earth.

“The total number of Levites counted at the Lord’s command by Moses and Aaron according to their clans, including every male a month old or more, was 22,000.” Numbers 3:39

The 22nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet is TAV, it is the “T” or Cross. Tav represents Light. The hidden meaning behind the 22,000 Levites is that they were to be the Light of the world and this Light is magnified by the experience of the Cross.


Two mystical stones were given to the tribe of Levi, specifically Aaron and his descendants. They were called Urim (Lights) and Thummin (Perfection-Completeness). As we see the Light, walk in the Light, become that Light – we realize our Perfection of being and the universe. All is well and all is complete, It Is Finished. These Oracles, were literal stone used to contact Deity and communicate – using the energy, heart rhythm and a specific DNA frequency signature, communication could be made. The descendants of Aaron from the tribe of Levi developed a specific genetic frequency or their genetics were altered; this allowed them to minister before Yahweh. This is one reason why God was very specific about the priesthood being direct descendants of Aaron – they had to hold a specific genetic frequency.

In spite of the unique genetics of the Aaronic priesthood, they did not retain enough of the divine life to keep their bodies alive. As time went on, there became little difference between them outwardly and the people they ministered to. They became sick and died also. There would be a need for another priesthood – one after the order of Melchizedek.

The divination stones, Urim and Thummin provided answers and directions for the nation. “And thou shalt put in the breastplate of judgment the Urim and the Thummim; and they shall be upon Aaron’s HEART.” Exodus 28:30

As great as the Urim and Thummin were, they also served as a metaphor for something greater. What could that be? The human HEART. The heart has at least 14,000 glial cells. These are actually brain cells with neurons in your heart, so the heart is a brain and can actually think, reason, and believe. It is the most powerful organ of the human body, emitting a frequency beyond what the brain can match. In short, the hidden message behind the high priest breastplate, is the heart. (Remember Libra rules the 7th house, Relationship-matters of the heart).

The answer to everything and about everything in life; past, present or future is in the heart. The mysteries and answers to the universe is hidden in the Urim and Thummin of the heart. The highest level of communication with the Creator is from the heart, this transcends words formulated by the brain.

Eternity, the realm of timelessness, where everything exist at once is not outside of us. Your Urim & Thummin = Heart muscle is literally a door to that realm. The pulsating rhythmic frequency is your secret access code.

“He has also set ETERNITY in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” Ecclesiastes 3:11 Meditate on that verse.



Crux is the 1st decan (face) or sub-constellation of Libra. Crux rises from September 23- October 2. If you are feeling like parts of you are being crucified and you are not getting things done that you think should be done – relax. The residual energy of Crux is working with Libra to bring your life into balance, sometimes this means crossing out some of the things on your “to do” list. Being crucified hurts, but there is a glory to be revealed later.

Move away from the victim mentality, stop accusing and blaming yourself – stop accusing others – forget about the accusations of others..they are soon to be cast down. This is not the time to feel sorry for yourself, get focused, refocused and go with the flow. Crux is rising and there are things (attitudes, actions, thoughts, beliefs) that need to die within you.

In the Virgo series; the Virgin conceived – Coma, she brought for the man-child destined to rule. Centaurus foreshadowed that someone had to die to bring Life, before he could return as displayed in Bootes. Now the Sun has crossed over into LIBRA and the first rising of the constellations, show us the CRUX (Cross). There is room at the Cross for you. “The heavens declare (prophesy).” Psalms 19:1

Some of the stars of CRUX means, “the Cross”, “Cutting off”, “It is Finished”

The constellation Crux “the Cross” (also referred to as  -“the Southern Cross”) is the smallest constellation in the sky but it has held an important place in the history of the southern hemisphere. The brilliant cross is formed by bright stars making it one of the most familiar sights to southern hemisphere observers. The constellation has been used as insignia on the flags and stamps of many southern hemisphere nations, including Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Papua New Guinea and regions of Chile and Argentina.

Let’s Cross over to the other side.

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