Lunar Trifecta Prophetic Event

Lunar Trifecta Prophetic Event

What happens on January 31, 2018 wont happen again for about 152 years. It is called a Lunar Trifecta, 3 major events at the same time with the Moon. There will be a Super Moon, a Blue Moon and Blood Red Total Lunar Eclipse…at the same time. This is rare and highly prophetic and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to align yourself and set your intent to capture the massive energy burst from this event. In the video below EYE explain the meaning of this event from an astrological, esoteric, prophetic and astro-metaphysical perspective. Experience this now. (Update: Eclipse starts at 2:51 am PST, 3:51 am, MST, etc – Totality 5:29 am PST, 6:29 am MST)

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It was about 150 years ago (March 31, 1866) this Rare Lunar Trifecta last manifested…It was at the end of the American Civil War that lasted from 1861-1865. It served as a coma (pause) or phase of prolonged ending an old paradigm and slightly opening a new paradigm. The last shot was fired June 22, 1865, while the Sun was 2 degrees in Cancer, the astrological sign of the USA. Much blood was shed and there was a great debate over if Blacks and other people of color were actually citizens. The Civil Rights Act was passed April 9, 1866. The problems of slavery, race, gender discrimination, and human rights were at the forefront of the minds of people. Is the heavens announcing in reverse unresolved energies from the old paradigm are to be revisited before genuine change and closure (full stop) comes?

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