Mental Illness – The Big Lie

Mental Illness – The Big Lie

According to the Archives of General Psychiatry, about 46% of Americans are Mentally Ill and about 50% are on Psychotropic Pharmaceutical Drugs.   The World Health Organization (WHO) says that one in every four people will have some type of Mental Illness globally, but it can be treated with drugs.  WHO also says that around 20% of the world population of children and adolescent have Mental Illnesses.

Looking at our country and the world today, one would almost have to agree that the world seems to be going insane, or most has serious mental issues.   We are told not to worry, because there are lots of drugs to prescribe for every mental illness in the literal book they created and drugs to prescribe for the future mental illnesses they will think of names for.  The Prophet Isaiah wrote about 2800 years ago under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and said, “The whole head is sick.”  Isaiah 1:5

Could that many people be sick from genuine mental illnesses, or are many sick from the drugs they gave them from a fake diagnosis of mental illness?   There was no such thing as ADHD when I was growing up, nor my younger siblings, cousins or neighbors.  The symptoms they now label  ADHD or ADD could be quickly cured with a “bright green switch” from the willow tree in the back yard, a belt, stern words, or sometimes a flat heelless shoe.  Furthermore,  my sugar intake was closely monitored, and I was blessed to have family that really enjoyed “parenting” and spending time.  Even with all of that love and attention, I am sure there are some people that know me would strongly suggest I am sometimes mentally unstable and probably need drugs…or some might question if I am on drugs.   (sort of joking…maybe)

I realize Mental Illness is a serious matter and I acknowledge that there are some people who are genuinely mentally ill and need help.  I know some.  What if there is a Conspiracy that goes back to 1967 when a Private Meeting was held in Puerto Rico?  What if there was a sinister plan put in place to enslave you, your children, spouse, grandchildren, relatives and friend to a life of Pharmaceutical Psychotropic Drug Addiction?  Not to mention the side effects that would create mass murders, school shootings, suicide, Real Mental Illnesses, depression, physical problems, and a life of hell.   What if you found out that practically all the Mental Disorders are unreal and that certain people literally created fancy sounding names to further convince you that you are mentally ill?  There’s at least 374 created fictitious Mental Illness written/named in the Psychiatric Manuel and more coming.  Psychiatry and Big Pharma is a Trillion Dollar a year industry.

Some of you reading this are taking these drugs, have your children on these drug or have relatives on these deadly drugs…After watching this Whistleblowing Documentary – Pray that the Father give you inwisdom to get off or get your loved ones get free from this witchcraft and sorcery that’s controlling your life.  Eye am agreeing with you for deliverance –  Educate yourself, empower yourself…You have the mind of Christ. Shalom.

Making A Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging (Full Movie)


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