Miracle Money $$$

Miracle Money  $$$

January 16, 2015, Eye was instructed to re-post “GOD KNOWS YOUR ADDRESS”  and to prophesy Miracle Money.  So I prophesied as Eye was commanded. 

We have received several calls from people receiving Miracle Money.  The Spirit changed my message at the Overcomers Conference in Minneapolis, MN.  He had me preach and prophesy Miracle Money.  The night before Vladimir and I left, I got a phone call. 

The person on the phone was so excited, her daughter who had been going through some extreme challenges financially, but now was receiving Miracle Money.  I had spoken to her after the posting in January, she was jobless, staying with a friend and could not support herself but her faith was alive.  She received a small check out of the blue, I told her Eye saw more unexpected  Miracle Money coming and a job.

She is gainfully employed now with an excellent salary in Seattle, WA.  Her mother told me she received an unexpected check from a property that foreclosed here in Arizona many years ago.  It was over $3000.00 – it was a miracle that it found it’s way to her mother who recently moved back to Seattle.  There was no address for the daughter staying with a friend…BUT God know your address.  You may be under a bridge, in a tent, sleeping in a car or shelter –  Miracle Money can locate you.

As the mother went on rejoicing and crying, she said, “that’s not all John.  She also got a letter from the IRS stating that they owe her $14,000.00.”  We began to shout and praise God on the phone.  Somebody ought to shout, “MIRACLE MONEY!!!!”  Money held up, tied up, denied, hidden, or lost can be loosed to find you.  CALL IT TO YOU!!!!!  IT HAS TO COME.

God Knows Your Address!!!  Even if you don’t have one-If you can RELEASE your FAITH in this Shmitah Year –  MIRACLE MONEY WILL LOCATE YOU!   HALLELUJAH!  I feel my right palm itching as Eye write this.  That’s my prophetic sign.

Ok, we got to Minneapolis full of the Holy Ghost and extremely tipsy.  Eye preached, prophesied and spontaneously sang about the Miracle Money.  One of the ministers received and unexpected check of over $4000.00 the following day.  The Senior Pastors testified of someone who had exhausted their 401K – but the Holy Ghost told them to check it.  There was $29,000.00 of Miracle Money  the Angel of Prosperity had been put in.  

I spoke at this same Church about a year and half ago and prophesied money.  The Pastors have been receiving $200-$300.00 a month of Miracle Money in their bank account for the past year.  Eye declared it to increase to $2-$3000.00, then $20-$30,000.00 and up.  “Is there anything too difficult for God??”

The Holy Spirit knows how to add digits on the bank screen in your account…it’s only digits.  Didn’t he say, “the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous?”   If it is laid up, that means, you don’t got it yet.  Father/Mother God wants it in your hands, your wallet, purse, bank account-  it’s yours!!

God knows your Bank Account # – 401K – Money Market – SS account # –  God knows your address.  He is doing Miracle Money.  Miracle jobs, Miracle Careers, Miracle Favor, Ridiculous blessings.


Activate the abundance by sowing.  You must take your eyes off the seed and see a harvest.  “They Prospered through the Prophesying of the Prophets.”  Ezra 6:14

INjoy this video-turn your volume up loud.  You need enough energy to attract you Miracle Money.


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  1. Thank you for making me more aware of my faith.


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