Are you ready for a flight to Galaxy Compassion? We will take you on missions to the ends of the earth as we fulfill the “Great Commission” to go into All the world to bring the Good News of the Kingdom of God to every person and to make disciples. [Our goal is not to promote religion or make Christians according to the modern definition, but to do what Jesus said]. Although there are so many hurting, dying and needing material assistance; people that need to hear there is hope and that God has included them in His Plan; the mission Is Not impossible.

Have you seen the children wandering begging on the streets bare feet and dirty throughout Latin America? Or, the many boys and girls selling their body just to get a meal? Have you seen the many drug crazed young people of Eastern Europe and Russia that will to do literally anything for the next fix? Have you seen the adult and elderly alcoholics so drunk they can’t get their crops out of the field in the villages of Russia and Ukraine? Have you ever driven through the Ural Mountains and Siberia to see the utter despair on the faces of these people? These are cities and towns where the oldest Nuclear Reactors of the former Soviet Union are. The Reactors are destroying the land, water,animals and people: young men are bald, young women can’t have children, they are still born or badly deformed. Have you seen the cancerous growths on the faces of children born in Belorussia, Moldovia and Ukraine; yet being affect from Chernobyl’s meltdown in the mid 80’s?

Have you ever visited an AIDS Hospice in South Africa, or seen the many orphans that are left to raise their younger siblings? What about people living in these African nations with enormous resources but are reduced to live in utter poverty because of western politics?

Asia has the same stories, only different faces. Have you seen this? What about the people of Pakistan, a 98% Muslim country where many Christians are persecuted? Does it bother you, or do you say in your mind, “Jesus is coming soon and everything will be fine?”

I still remember my first time in Latin America; this kid about 8 years old, snotty nose, dirty, no shoes, repeating this one line as if hypnotized from saying it, begging. (I immediately looked for a corner or doorway for privacy as I was moved to tears and intercession).

I remember the people of the Urals (Eastern Siberia) were so happy a western minister came to serve them. Many of the ministers from Germany, England and America don’t go to that region. I was clueless and just following the Voice that said “Go east of the Urals”. (My first emotion was fear when I found out about the radiation contamination, then I remembered I am not my own). I have made several trips and want to go again. The brethren teasingly pray for me that my skin don’t develop a green glow.

I have had the opportunity to go into AIDS filled communities and hospices. (My first thought was to try not to breathe or get too close, but as perfect love rose up within; God’s children found themselves in my arms). I have seen kids 10 years old becoming sole provider for younger brothers and sisters in Africa.

Realizing that many of you can not physically go to some of these remote places to reach the less fortunate, we are glad to represent you. Your prayers and contributions are the means by which we are able to reach the world with this glorious Good News. We help build Places of Worship (Large Homes or Churches), Rehab Centres and we help Orphanages. We also provide various material needs for families, churches and individual when we go as the Lord provides. YOU ARE SO FORTUNATE TO LIVE IN AMERICA, CANADA, ENGLAND and other developed nations.

It is God’s will that none be lost and it is our responsibility to let them know that they have been reconciled unto God. As we are faithful in our commission to reach this planet, who knows; maybe in the future we will be given responsibilities beyond this planet? The mission is dangerous and extremely challenging. You are encouraged to be diligent; filled with faith and love. Every positive thought, act of kindness and giving helps to transform your world and yourself.

We will post true stories from time to time of our adventures in obedience to this seemingly impossible mission to help change our world. “With God All things are possible”. You can make a difference everyday.


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