Open Season For Killing Unarmed Black Men??

Open Season For Killing Unarmed Black Men??

I realize that some of our readers get a bit upset and feel uncomfortable when Eye address Racial issues, injustices and some religious topics.  Being uncomfortable is not necessarily a bad thing.  Is there something in me that I am refusing to  look at?   Do I need to grow in that area?   Is the Father trying to show me something?   These are some of the questions I ask myself if a messages makes me feel uncomfortable.


In this article we are specifically addressing the problem of Police Officers Killing Unarmed Civilians. The stereotypical mind conditioned by media would say it is because more violent crime is in the Black community.   The naïve person thinks that all Police are there to Protect & Serve. Yet we see with just recent murders of unarmed Black men from July until now a different story.   Known murders between July – December  2014

#1 –Eric Garner (choked to death by White cop in broad daylight in front of cameras – NY ),  #2 – Michael Brown (shot 6 times -Ferguson, MO),    #3 – John Crawford (Walmart getting ready to buy BB gun-White cop felt threatened-shot dead- Ohio),  #4- Ezell Ford (shot in the back by white cop while complying- cop tells a different story than witnesses. California), #5 – Dante Parker (Tasered to death – California),   #6 –Tamir Rice– age 12 (Shoot dead by White cop while playing in the Park with his Toy gun.  The officer stated,  “I had to do it because he went for his gun.”)  #7 – Rumain Brisbon (unarmed bringing fast food  home for his kids-shoot dead by White cop that felt threatened- 2 days ago Phoenix).  We will not take the time to mention the many recent cases of police being called for help with a mentally ill person (Black) that was shot dead by White cops.

I think most White people think the nationwide protest and now in other countries is just about what happened in Ferguson, MO.  It is about what’s been going for years, but has all of a sudden increased.  Black and Brown unarmed civilians being killed by cops and no one is held accountable.


Several days ago while in mediation, Eye heard something very disturbing and immediately went into prayer for our nation.  It was an addition to the prophetic word Eye had shared and posted on August 19, 2014.  We posted this on our Face Book page to encourage others to join us in prayer.  We are sharing this here along with this message to hopefully raise awareness, here is what I posted.

“Eye hear “snipers” planning their positions around the country. Eye see copy-cats bringing escalation and Fear. A cycle of retaliation and revenge for bloodshed. This can be postponed if people pray.”

Here is the original word of the Lord we posted after Michael Brown was murdered – we are seeing it come to pass with the simultaneous Protest across this nation and now even out of the country:

“Eye see …another spiraling cycle of death, aggression, violence and war…

Over the next 3 and 1/2 years, nearly every nation will be touched with massive unrest, violence or  war.  We have almost reached the tipping point in America, the protest  against the police for executing another Black unarmed teen in Ferguson, MO is a prelude of what will happen simultaneously across this nation as people rage at the machine.  The evil orchestrators will inflame and manipulate the situations with more violence and injustice, provoking the people and creating a war  zone within cities.  Snipers and others will commit random acts of violence and retaliation  to further provoke.  The retaliation against police officers and other officials and extreme rage will create periods of martial law.  The evil ones will  seek to provoke race wars with the random killings, they shall appear to be successful; but this will only last for a season.  Eye see the word intervention, something will happen and the evil ones will not achieve their goal.  The prayers and intercession of the righteous avails much.

When you see these things begin to happen in this country, know that there are powerful unseen forces at work assisting the few men pulling the strings.  They are few in comparison to us, we are many.  The power of  prayer, knowledge,  love and light can dismantle and destroy all the schemes of the enemy.  Future events are sometimes shown, so that we can change it or lessen the impact of it…”   Posted August 19, 2014



Many so called “spiritual people” are under the strong delusion that in order to be spiritual, we must IGNORE NEGATIVE actions or circumstances in our world and NEVER GET UPSET or FRUSTRATED about Injustices or anything.  That is a strong delusion, it is highly deception and can get you killed; especially, if you are the wrong color.

Regarding present day events of Protest due to Racial Injustices, I have been told that we should hold the frequency of love and if enough just hold the frequency of love, everything will be alright.  There may be some truth to that, although the issue at hand is systematic injustices primarily toward people of color.   I do not believe holding the frequency of love means that I should Shut My Eyes to injustices, roll them  back in my head, flutter my eyelids frequently while sitting in lotus position envisioning butterflies,  fairies sprinkling fairy dust and humming “Kum Ba Ya;”  nor by expecting Jesus to one day fix it.

Many truly seeking spirituality are under the false impression that by acknowledging the evil and negativity in our society and addressing it, that will somehow created more of it.  Therefore, we should refuse to use “common sense” and discernment and chose to remain in a state of denial, ignorance or unconscious.

There have been many murders of unarmed Black boys and men in America by Police, a simple Google search verifies this.  We do realize there has also been murders of Hispanic, Natives (First Nations), Asian and White.  (Some reports say over 500 people are killed by cops yearly, not all unarmed)  And yes, there was a recent rare killing of an unarmed White man by a Black cop.  This Summer and Fall there seems to have been a spike in murders of unarmed Blacks.  In these cases, the Police are never indicted, due to the “Good Ole Boys Club” mentality that permeates our present day police culture.  The DA and Prosecutor are there to make sure there is no indictment, seemingly especially for the Black and Brown skinned people that have become victims.  If there is some type of justice rendered, there is the Fraternity Order of Police Lodge that can overturn some decisions  and get the officers’  job back or demand lesser punishment.  Minority (Black/Brown) Police officers that commit crimes against citizens are also privileged to not have justice served-No Indictment.  

With the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO – something happened that people felt world-wide.  The Spirit said, “We have almost reached the tipping point in America…”   Some would credit the media coverage and those who want to manipulate the event.   Eye was moved to prophesy into that event days later.  Some of what Eye saw had been shown to me many times years ago.  We have posted about the potentially coming Race Wars and racial tension that would explode in this country.  We are yet praying it does not get to that point.

People are asking the question, “Why do Police feel compelled to shoot and kill; instead of apprehend, detained, arrest and jail, if there is a need?”   Furthermore, some of the victims had only been involved with petty theft.

I was engaging someone in a discussion about the problem with the police culture of today and their Nazi style.  I explained that we have seen a 500% increase in shootings of unarmed civilians  since Director of Homeland Security Chertoff mandated that American police forces be trained by Israeli intelligence.   We see how Israel treats their citizens, especially the dark skinned ones.  The person I was engaging stated,  “Love covers a multitude of sins..”   It was at that point I realized how unconscious, willfully blind, out of touch, compassionless and ignorant many Believer’s are regarding what’s going on in our nation.   Part of it has to do with the popular powerless passionless gospel that many have embraced.

I proceeded to ask questions like:  If this had happened to your child, would you cover up the cover-up by simply saying, “Love covers a multitude of faults?”

The love that I received from the Father and what I understand of the Scripture requires and demands Accountability.  It takes a stand against injustice, reproves it and loves truth.   I am my brothers keeper.   Here is what Eye heard Spirit say:

“Love covers a multitude of sins…but NOTHING stays Covered forever. Everything that’s been covered must be uncovered in this day of revealing…Spirit is calling for Accountability. Every cover-up will be exposed.”

The covers must be pulled back in this nation, otherwise, the Universe will continue to throw it right in our faces.  Once circumstances are dealt with properly,  justly and we corporately become our brothers keeper-holding those who commit crime against civilians accountable…we will probably be able to move forward.

As Believers we sometimes don’t realize it’s ok to THINK.  It is ok to not be a part of the herd mentality of your racial group whether Black, Brown, White, Yellow, etc.  People of the Most High God must stand up for justice and righteous and not make excuses for a culture of demonize hate-filled cops that’s embedded amongst those officers who really do want to Protect & Serve.  It could be your son, husband, or father victimized by a rogue cops on steroids.   While we see in the Black & Brown communities an extremely high numbers of deaths by the hands of a White cops, we are aware that there is  abuse, beatings and murders in White communities also.   Will things get worse for the White community also??   Why can’t cops be held to the same standard as civilians?   Why do we allow them to get away with crime?  Are we headed for a Police State like Israel?






Besides the local KKK that burned the Church that Michael Brown’s family attended, there was lots of outside help.   There are (3) Groups who were involved in the Protest.   The Protesters, Anarchists & Crime Rings from outside the region targeting electronics, phone stores, coffee, clothing and things that could be quickly sold on Ebay.   Here’s a thought for some of you:




Here’s a thought for the day:

Did you know that Darren Wilson the  officer that killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO received $500,000.00 in donations, plus ABC gave him $500,000.00 for his exclusive version his story full of holes?  He got paid $1,000,000.00 for murdering a Black kid.  Only in America.  Could that create a motivation for other evil cops to do likewise? 

If this picture below is uncomfortable, it should be. How many freedoms have we ignorantly lost in the name of COMFORT? Don’t forget how the corporation called “America” was founded. How many other nations have suffered at the hands of the “PROFIT.” What is the context of your conversations, if you are still talking about sports, TV shows and other nonsense. YOU ARE APART OF THE PROBLEM!!!!!!




The deceptive messages being taught that “spiritual people” should just think happy thoughts and not be aware and a solution to the injustices today, are based on a lack of understanding of duality.  There is a lot of “bad teaching” and just outright false doctrine regarding “DUALITY.”   Many in their perceived escape from religion have created another one that’s worse than what they supposedly escaped from, because it’s more subtle.  They have change the old religious cliches’  to more contemporary language, but have the same meanings as before.  I also teach about moving from Duality, but I do understand what Eye call the “necessary duality.”   Since this is not a message on duality, I will only say, as long as the law of opposites exist; you are subject to duality.  The law of opposites  manifest  as night and day, light and darkness, wet and dry, etc.  Many in this modern move of “Progressive Believers,” “Kingdom Believers” are like sheep without a shepherd, wandering through the fields of deception.  I often say, “An experience or belief that cost you nothing and requires nothing of you, IS WORTH NOTHING.”  The true Kingdom of God is very much aware, practical and proactive.

“In fact, you should be mature enough by now…To know that  solid food (strong meant) is for mature people, whose minds are trained by practice to know the difference between GOOD and EVIL.” Hebrews 5:12, 14

Unfortunately, here is the mindset of many and their blind leaders:

“They say to the seers, “See no more visions!” and to the prophets, “Give us no more visions of what is right! Tell us pleasant things, prophesy illusions.”  Isaiah 30:10

“Prophesy not, they say to them that prophesy: they shall not prophesy to them, that they shall not be shamed.”   Micah 2:6

“They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious. ‘Peace, peace,’ they say, when there is no peace.  Jeremiah 8:11


Pray for your nation.  Repent for the sins of your nation.  Be Aware!   Speak out against INJUSTICE.  Do not make Excuses for injustice and evil people.  Try to put yourself in the victims families shoes.  Get unplugged from passionless, powerless idiots who confuse “spirituality” with being brain dead.    Be LOVE without partiality.

True spirituality is very practical.


UPdate:  December 6, 2014


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