Overcomer’s Conference 2015 – Get It.

Overcomer’s Conference 2015 – Get It.

Some of you have emailed us and even written asking about Ministry Products not realizing we do have a STORE on this website, in the top right hand corner, just before the SEARCH icon.  Feel free to browse and order powerful teachings/preaching messages from meetings and conferences.  Today we are posting our New Years’ – OVERCOMER Conference – 2015 from Minneapolis, MN.  It was a Celebration.


Is your Praise/Worship Cerebral or Celebratory??  Is your Spirituality Exciting and FUN or Dead & Boring?  Hopefully it is celebratory as you will find in the messages of this powerful series. We have decided to include some Prophetic Worship/Praise, Testimonial & Ministry in this series.  Usually we just share a message.  Warning!  This is highly contagious and you might have a real Pentecostal experience.  I believe the message of the Kingdom should not be in word only, but demonstration of the Spirit and power.  When a Living Revealed Word is delivered, it should affect our lives in some way.  Without the anointing, the words of life appeal to the intellect and become dead letter words.   We are suggesting a very small donation of Only $11:11 for the series – because everyone need this anointing in your home, car, office. Eye feel Spirit will cause  an awakening & open some portals (11 11) on your behalf.    Get ready for Portals to open in you and for you. 
You will hear and feel the anointing on this series of messages, choruses birth by Spirit, also the revelation of the Spirit.  God gave many confirmations and miracles during these meetings.
The MP3 Files  can be burned onto  CDs.  Put on your headset and experience what God is doing.  Here are the (3) Messages in the series:
MIRACLE MONEY – GET READY TO PARTY!!! The Holy Spirit changed the message I had and told me to prophesy ‘MIRACLE MONEY’ on the first night. Spirit confirmed the Word with signs, accurate prophetic words, and unrestrained spontaneous Prophetic Praise/Worship – releasing unrehearsed new choruses birth by Spirit as the glory fell on us. You will not be able to sit still, as you realize ‘Abundance Is Your Portion.’  You will feel His power and crave for more.
PARABLE of the 10 VIRGINS (Testimonies that confirmed personal prophetic words of the first night) This Parable is coded with Metaphysics, mythology and astrology. Allow your mind to be stretched and grasp the mysteries of this Parable Jesus spoke. Again, there was a mighty manifestation of Spirit in healing, deliverance and enlightenment.
(We also shared some prophetic words for year 2015, some of which have already begun to manifest. One word, Spirit reveal was,  a Mass School shooting in March and told us to uncover the plan through prophetic  prayer declarations. You will  hear it on this message- ** 3/13/15 News confirms: http://www.edmondsun.com/news/plan-uncovered-for-terror-at-edmond-high-school/article_41efbad0-c9bb-11e4-9119-97a14e7a82e8.html)
TREE OF LIFE The Overcomers in the Book of Revelation were given access to the Tree of Life. Isn’t there a part of your Brain scientist called the Tree of Life? Spirit brought forth the message in a very practical way and focused ministered to the many young people that came out.   You will hear revelation knowledge but also relevant ‘Straight Talk’  to our beautiful younger generation.  Some were baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke alien/angel tongues. Be an Overcomer in 2015, spiritually, emotionally, financially and physically.
Follow this link to Order your series TODAY! ~~~  OVERCOMERS CONFERENCE 2015    When ordering, the system will automatically generate a Thank You email with instructions to UNZIP your MP3 Files- Please check your Junk/Spam folders also.
REGARDING  The  Prophetic Word about the planned Mass School Shooting…we are not out of the woods yet.  There are  (2) more with serious plans for a bloody massacre soon…but as we have demonstrated – Prophecy is not just given to us to reveal the plans of the enemy or events, but to change them -soften the impact or stop it.
We will be posting Validations to many of the Prophetic Words soon – We are praying for Nepal and surrounding nations that experienced a power 7.8 Earthquake killing thousands.  In our March 10, 2015 publication “THEY SHALL PROPHESY” Eye foretold and warned us of the soon coming over 7.0 Earthquakes.
We expect to be adding relevant Archived Messages from the Seattle Mystery School over a decade ago in the near future to our STORE.
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  1. Monday, April 27th North Thurston High School (WA state) shooting averted by a brave teacher.

    • Thanks Shelia, just got your email. I posted this just today in a blog. Bless you.


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