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dnatorahThe Book of Genesis is the Book of Genetic in the Torah (Bible), giving us the DNA blueprint for humans, animals and all life form on planet Earth. We read what seems like boring stories of the “begats”. The Author seemingly gives us this painstaking genealogical reference throughout the Bible that can be traced all the way back to the Adam of Genesis. He was programmed to express the image and likeness of Elohim, with the ability to create and have dominion. This genealogical reference is filled with weird names that are almost unpronounceable today. Furthermore, many of the names meaning would make one wonder, why parents would have given their child such a name. Howbeit, looking beyond the letter of the word or names are hidden deep mysteries and layers of prophecy that will affect all life forever.

Then there is the Book of Exodus that shows us the captivity, limitation or downgrading of the human DNA and enslavement of human consciousness. Nevertheless, there is a plan for future upgrades that will lead to complete restoration or genetic freedom. This is played out in the story of the ancient Hebrews enslavement by a Pharaoh over-lording or not functioning in agreement with the 22 Amino Acids (Hebrew nation) protein building codes. The rogue genetic code called Pharaoh began to suppress the light frequency produced by the 22 Amino Acids until an alternate code was turned on called Moses. This Codon (Moses) was programmed to absorb the over active reptilian frequency activated by the rogue codon called Pharaoh. This was portrayed in Aaron’s kundalini rod (serpent) swallowing the serpents of Jannes and Jambres. Exodus 7

The exodus from the rulership of rogue genetic mis-sequencing led the ancient Hebrew people on a 40 year spiral journey as DNA spirals, but it was not a spiral of complete genetic upgrade. Actually, it led to further sin, missing the mark – missing the genetic markers, which produced death.

The Book of Leviticus gives us the record of the priesthood designed to join the ancient people to their Creator. On a metaphysical level, there isan inner genetic priesthood of sorts made up of genetic material and codes. Codons in the human body are codes that carry messages up and down the DNA ladder. Leviticus records 613 codes sequenced, based on 10 primary codes-on, designed to produce life. The 613 laws and ordinances of the ancient Hebrew people seemed to overwhelm the molecular structure. The Codes-Codons message given did not bring the people closer to the Prime Creator Code within. The 613 codes summed up in 10 Command codes, yet brought isolation and distance in the consciousness of humanity from the One (1).

The Book of Numbers gives us the many vibratory frequencies of the cellular interaction and response to DNA. This is given to us in the numbering of the Hebrew people. 22,000 of the tribe of Levi where exempt from military service. This is representing the 22 animo acids. A census was taken to number those able to fight, their number was 603,550. This represents the short life span of the white fighting cells in the human body. 603,550 reduces to 1.

The brass serpent raised on a pole after the death of many thousands of people was showing us that within the programming of death in human DNA, is also the programming of life. As the people looked to the ancient brass covered Caduceus, they lived.

Deuteronomy means, the law repeated, or a copy of the law. The DNA structure is a double helix consisting of the template strand and the complementary strand. All the information on the template or first law is repeated or copied onto the complementary strand.

The copied law or repeated law could not correct the faulty DNA programming in humanity. There would be a need for a new programming, that would not be fully activated for 1500 years. He would bring the missing codes and sequencing of DNA communication. This is the liberation of 60 trillion cells. The cellular body is a metaphor for trillions of humans that will have lived on the planet imprisoned in cells. Trillions that would have the old cellular memory interrupted and given a new code of grace to be copied.

The law came by Moses but Grace and Truth by Jesus.

Grandma leaves her mark¬† –http://discovermagazine.com/2013/may/13-grandmas-experiences-leave-epigenetic-mark-on-your-genes

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  1. Interesting parallel ending in change in covenant Levi to Melchizadek priesthood, Change of administration from Mosche to Madhiach, A change of address from stone to fleshly tablets of the heart.


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