Parable of the Bamboo

Parable of the Bamboo

Everything in the universe seems to be based on the Seed Principle.  Have you learned to plant a dream? Have you ever had a dream, or goals that you made and you were committed to in the beginning, but somewhere along the line you lost that commitment to it?

If a dream has been truly planted, it must be nurtured and kept in the environment where it can grow.  It does not matter what the dream is; spiritual, physical, financial, relationship, etc.   Be inspired by this short video clip of what can happen when the art of patience and faith is exemplified. You may have waited long for the manifestation, but once it comes, it might just grow faster than you ever could have believed. Your life can literally change over night.  Don’t be afraid to dream Big. Dream on, dream until your dreams comes true.




In this parable of the Chinese Bamboo, we realize that some species of  Bamboo does not take 5 years to grow.  Is your dream worth the wait?


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