Paranormal, Little People & Alien Life

Paranormal, Little People & Alien Life

It’s been quite a while since I wrote or commented directly on “Extraterrestrial” or “Alien Life,” besides sharing some of the abundance of information given in the Bible occasionally. This is a subject that I have been intrigued with since a child. There has always been a knowing within me that there has to be others out there. I suppose this innate knowledge was cultivated by my love for reading ‘Enquirer Magazines’ growing up.

I clearly remember being in my early teens years standing in the middle of the floor on a Sunday night stunned watching the news. There had been many minor accidents on Union Ave. (Memphis, TN) that evening during good weather. People were excitedly reporting that a UFO flew over, swooping down quite close to traffic. This caused a series of accidents, as startled people took their eyes off the road to look at the craft. I have had many sightings, especially, as a young adult and nearly always while in the presence of other people.

Unfortunately, it is taught in Christianity that all these beings are demonic. Just as with the human race, there are some evil people and some some good; so it is with many of the alien races. We have a problem with their appearance and demonize them. Consider, some of these being are thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands of years old-based in Earth solar cycle. Also, consider, the 1st rank of the angelic look like serpents/dragons-they are the closest to the Throne Room. They are the Seraphim. Being able to discern will be necessary to avoid deception or entertaining angels unaware.


Since we are on the subject, I will share excerpts from a few encounters. I was living and ministering on the Crow Indian Reservation in Pryor, Montana (near Billings). Finally, I was in a community where talking about UFO’s, aliens and other out of the norm things wasn’t weird. We’d often sit until late in the night sharing paranormal stories. I met so many people that had encounters in those days, abductions, etc. It was actually in Montana where I had most of my encounters/sightings in my early adult life.

Again, it was a beautiful summer Sunday evening. I was preaching at the Tent Revival, some of you reading this can relate to the move of Spirit; especially, on the Rez in Tent Revivals. My other Mom, Theo, felt an uneasiness in her spirit while we were totally out of control, in the Spirit. She went to the tent side open flap and prayed toward the mountains where her son and nephew were hunting, knowing within that something was wrong.

We got back home that night to find her teen-age son and nephew in shock, the nephew was not able to speak for some time afterward. They testified of while sitting loading their rifles and waiting for a deer, they felt a slight heat above them and a humming sound. They looked up and a Mothership was parked directly over them. They said, “It was bigger than the school.” After praying with the younger brothers, my curious adventurous mind went into overdrive.


It was yet early, another minister friend and I agreed to go walk, looking for the UFO…at night…in the Pryor Mountains..rattle snake country…plus, through “the Little People” sacred land (ancient powerful civilization of tiny native-looking people living in the mountains, rarely seen by outsiders). We’d hope the Mothership or a smaller craft would yet be in one of the crevices or to at least see it. We walked praying in tongues loudly literally all night. Of course, we were mindful to leave an offering (offerings are normally meat, fruit, tobacco) for the “little people,” stating we meant no harm as we traveled through their sacred land.

Sun was rising, we had not seen a UFO, not even in the sky. However, we did have a good all night and morning prayer meeting – praying in tongues energized us. If I remember correctly, once we decided there was no need to look any further, we had about a 6 hour or more walk back. There had been very little talking to each other or speaking in English, besides asking and yelling at the Father to let us see or find the craft. In the back of my mind, I was probably more concerned about not disturbing the Little People.

(On a side note: The Little People are less than 2 feet tall in height, but very powerful. They are real and their mummified bodies have been found. They are the ancient Keepers of Sacred Wisdom and supernatural powers in Indian ways. Here’s an example: Crow elders told me this story long ago. I don’t remember the year, but many years ago the government wanted to further break treaties and build a railroad through sacred Crow Indian land, specifically the Pryor Mountains section where the Little People were mostly known to be. Through much protest, legalities, the Natives were yet going to get steamrolled again by the government. The Little People became aware of the “white man’s” plan and stopped it dead in its track (literally). Without protest, lawyers, or petitioning the government. As they had started to build the railroad, suddenly, workers started mysteriously getting sick and dying; the more they persisted with new worker -the more suddenly died. Well, that railroad stands incomplete til this day, as fear gripped the hearts of the workers.)

Ok, I think I want to be bad here for just a moment, blame it on my humanness. Perhaps, we could summon the Little People, give them a big offering of tobacco, food, etc and tell them to focus their supernatural powers on those building the Dakota Pipeline and stop it. hmmm)


Several years later, I was traveling through Flathead country (Flathead Indian Tribe), north of Missoula, Montana. A caravan of people from Crow (Pryor), Fromberg and Billings, Montana were following me during that summer of miracles. There had been many notable miracles performed in the Reservation and non native community, specifically the German community. Many young people were turning to God, coming from a life of drugs, alcohol, suicide attempts, etc. I was privileged to baptize and disciple quite a few mostly young adults that year across Montana.

One night while on the beach of the beautiful Flathead Lake, I had a strange thought. As we laid on our cots talking about aliens, UFO’s and staring into the heavens – Eye heard from within me that if I call them they would come. I told the other brothers, we prayed a short prayer commanding them to appear and just focused- within 3-5 minutes, there were at least 10-15 crafts flying as if they were putting on a show for us. They flew up, down, zig-zag, stopping, fast and slow. We fell asleep watching the show. The next day when the sisters, who were sleeping in the motor homes and campers heard about it, they questioned why no one went to get them. It was as if we were so mesmerized, we could not get up. Unfortunately, I have not experienced the grace to summon them on demand since that time.

I think that most people are aware by now that there are lots of civilizations out there. It is possible that most are much more advance technologically and spiritually than we are. There are an estimate of nearly 300 billion galaxies out there in the universe. Each of those galaxies have 100-300 billion Suns of Solar Systems, which means a body of planets orbiting them. In our Milky Way Galaxy alone, there are an estimate of at least 200 billion Suns. Yeah, that’s billion with a “B.”

Only Prime Creator God knows the number of planets, those with life and those without life at this time. Just think about that for a moment. Absorb that thought. There are about 10 planets that’s a part of our solar system, counting Planet X aka Nibiru.

Not only that, there are civilizations existing all around us in other dimensions on a different vibratory frequency that vibrates at such a high frequency that the human eye can not see it…yet. They live beside us, in the same space, just on a higher frequency. The Anonymous video below stirred up lots of memories and I think the government is purposely leaking lots of information recently. For example, the Nazi helmet found on Mars and other images in the past 6 months. Not to forget all the activity going on at the South Pole (Antarctica). The Larsen C Ice Shelf – the Rift that will probably expose the Inner Earth civilizations. Antarctica had record breaking temperatures in February – the ice is melting so rapidly that Pyramid are not visible on that frozen land. Who built them? Everything hidden is being revealed.

Anonymous: NASA Is About to Announce the Discovery of Intelligent Alien Life – be inspired by this info:

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  1. I’ll be honest I don’t know what to believe because unfortunately some of the “alien” messages were demonic in nature.
    I agree that there is good n bad in every group.

    With that being said either way- are we to preach the gospel to them.
    Yet I feel they know in some way Jesus.
    Are we to help them-all of creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God?
    And do we have dominion over them also?

    U come to our planet- and or from another dimension- everything that creeps we have dominion over?
    I’m not taking About enslaving them.
    But we are created in God’s image n likeness.

    Sorry I know something is about to happen I just want to prepare everyone.

    • Lots of good questions Eric. More than I can answer here, but you are on the right track. Some of the messages are demonic and unfortunately many confuse inter-dimensional beings with “aliens”- this is where lots of deception and confusion has come from..Some of the inter-dimensional beings are of the Nephilim that existed during Noah’s time and after-
      We are to preach to those that need it-or manifest Love. However, many have been sent to preach to us, ie angels/messengers giving Apostle John on the isle of Patmos and others throughout the Bible messages- they brought messages to the prophets.
      Many of the sons of God are those not from this world- all creation is waiting for them and us- to restore it. Remember Genesis 6 & Job 1 called the angels/aliens sons of God. Creation is waiting for full disclosure-and we ourselves.
      Perhaps, we have “dominion” in the way you described it over those who come into the earth atmosphere. Enjoy the Journey.

  2. Thanks! I Will pray about these things and let Holy Spirit be Holy Spirit. Keep posting these things. At least you are more Holy Spirit free to do and share these things and not religiously closed minded about these creations of God. Keep up the good work!!!


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