Phoenix Factor

Phoenix Factor

The heavens are filled with wonder, subtle messages and sometimes not so subtle messages.  Icelandic photographer Hallgrimur P. Helgason captured the aurora borealis forming a giant phoenix bird.  The luminous bird appeared to be rising above the icy grounds of Iceland and taking his flight.

The phoenix is considered to be a mythological bird that existed in Eastern Africa and seemed to never die.  The beautiful bird’s life was cyclical regenerated at the end of each long cycle.  According to legend, the large bird  was covered with royal colored feathers of red, gold and purple; it had a beautiful crest of feathers on its head.  Some described it with bright yellow-golden legs, with rose colored talons and bright blue eyes.  Some descriptions were similar to a peacock in appearance. With all the beautiful detail descriptions in many cultures, could not this magnificent bird have actually existed?  Could not this myth have been based in historic facts that were somehow lost in legends and became myth?  Someone must have seen it.

Some East African myths say this fascinating bird lived 500, 700 to 12oo years before it was reborn.  Hebrew traditions say this bird lived 1000 years before being born again.  At the end of the long cycle of this birds life, he would fly about modern day Ethiopia and pluck the most aromatic plants and compile a huge magnificent nest and sit there in the middle.  This special nest was not what he would live in and enjoy as his home, this was to become his elaborate spice filled funeral pyre.

Just before the  moment of transformation, he would become completely still and burst into flames.  Some legends report the the phoenix would appear to eat the fire, thus, today he is also known as the fire-eating bird.  The fire would burn high, hot and bright until the bird could no longer be seen.  It would appear as though he had become one with the fire that appeared to have consumed him.  As the fires subsided, there was nothing but smoke from the burning plants and branches of this elaborate nest that could be seen.  But for a great distance the wind would carry the sweet aroma from the various spiced plants, there was no odor of death or dying flesh.  


Once all the fire was gone and the smoke was dissipating, there could be seen emerging from the ashes a new  baby phoenix stretching it’s royal colored wings.   But how could this be?  It indeed was a miracle.  In the midst of air stained with the lingering aroma of sweet spices, this mysterious bird would take his flight that would last at least another 1000 years.  

The event  over Iceland is filled with prophetic implications, so much so, I don’t know where to start without staying up all night and possibly transforming this article into a booklet.  The re-posting of the phoenix images going viral is only amplifying it’s energetic affects, as mass consciousness think about it.  I will start with a personal experience from many years ago, where I was challenged to find the “Phoenix Factor,” during a very challenging time in my life.

Without going through the details, I was torn between leaving the country.  I was ending a Cable TV show and having to let go of many things I thought I needed or that I thought may have defined me to some point.  My world that I had created was literally being turned upside down and torn apart and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.  Have you ever been there, at least once?

It had been  months since I heard the Voice and simply opening the Bible to read was a task.  My prayer and meditation time had become filled with fear imaginations, as I entered into this strange unfamiliar place.  Have you ever been in a place where you could not pray for yourself or read the Word and the prayers of others seem to hit the ceiling?

I was living in Seattle at the time and after a disturbing phone call on a certain day, I found myself at the library, not really remembering even driving there.  To be specific, I found myself in the Self-Help/Psychology section unconsciously pulling a book off the shelf I had never seen.  I remember it as if it was yesterday, because the experience was so intense.  I remember my mind being overwhelming with many thoughts, “How did I get here?  Why am I here?  What am I doing getting a book, I can’t even read the Bible?”

It has only been about 3-4 times in my life, where I can remember being literally carried away by the Spirit and finding myself with my hand on a book I knew nothing about.  As I sat at the table, I looked at the name of the book, it was called, “The Phoenix Factor,” I could not even tell you who the author is– until I just researched it (Karl Slaikeu).  I only opened the book and read the preface, or part of it.  The author related  a legend of the phoenix bird  and encouraged the reader to find “The Phoenix Factor” in challenging circumstances.  That was all I needed to read, nothing extremely earth shattering or profound.  It was maybe a paragraph or so and something broke within me as I began to weep in the library.   Spirit filled my being and told me, “You must be born again and again and again and again.”  (Some of you that have heard me speak over time or heard some audio files will remember this story or at least me quoting what Spirit said to me).

Isn’t it exciting how the Most High speaks and can use anything or anyone to get His messages to us?  He could have had someone call me or given me a verse out of the Bible.  Be open and have an ear to hear the Voice that comes in many costumes.

The life I had created and all the people and things that I had allowed to define me had to DIE.  He told me I had to go through that fire and offer the sweet sacrifice of praise, while I sat of my funeral pyre and burn, just as the phoenix offered the aromatic plants. 

Here is the Word of the Lord to some of you:  “Some reading this message have been in dying season in some area of your life, spiritually, emotionally, relationship, physical illness or financial challenges – just die to it…let it die.


The fire has not come to consume you but to transform you,

Burning bright and hot to enhance you-

Not until the death of the old is mourned

And that which was pleasing and familiar is gone-

Burst into flames and become one with the fire

Eye Am that which appears as the all Consuming Fire-

The Everlasting Burning on your funeral pyre

As soon as you let go, fulfilling your truest desire-

Out of the heat and smoke allow the sounds of gratefulness and praise to ascend

Out of your pain, disappointments and even sin

Sweet aroma filling your being

Totally transformed from what you have been seeing

Out of the ashes you shall arise anew

Clothed in scarlet, gold, purple and royal blue-

Look upward, prepare for your flight to begin

It was not the end, you are being born again and again-

The fire can not kill you and you really can not die

Like the Phoenix, you rise to soar into the sky.”



Due to the tilt of Earth on its axis and our subjugation to the 3rd dimension, everyone born on this planet or comes to this planet and exist in the 3-D world are touched by opposition.  It is just the frequency of the space time this physical forms occupies.  The oppositions or challenges come in various forms.  On an esoteric level, these challenges are seen as lessons that prepare us for  ascension and living beyond the 3 dimensional world.

The oldest book in the Book of books, called the Bible is Job.  Job lived a dream life of opulence, he had it all and was very generous.  Yet in the back of his mind, despite his connection with the Most High, he was aware that someday he to would experience harsh lessons that only life in the 3rd dimensional world could provide.  And so it was, in one day he lost everything he had accumulated, including family.   As if that was not enough, he was stricken with a terrible painfully tormenting disease for about 9 months.

The Divine Court had been in session, and ha Satan filled with jealousy over Job’s commitment to the Most High and his spiritual awareness, he made a wager against Job’s integrity.   Satan was sure that Job would turn his back on the Most High if he lost family, material wealth and health.  Job chapters 1 & 2

Satan was not aware that Job had seen the phoenix, been his student and understood the metaphor of the phoenix.  All those whom Job had helped deserted him.  Even Mrs. Job deserted him and told him to curse God and die.  Three of the wisest religious counselors came and pointed out all the things they thought was wrong with Job that caused this suffering to come upon him.  They were so shocked at how bad Job looked, until they sat for days starring at him speechless.

You got to hear this.  Job did not suffer privately in a nice house or elaborate tent behind colorful silk curtains.  His houses were all destroyed and his vehicles (horses) were all gone. He suffered publicly in the town square, or on the outskirts of the town for all to gawk at, criticize, judge, make fun of, shame and come to their own assumptions about.  He was the headline news as others reported on his deteriorating condition daily and speculated why. Have you suffered publicly?

“Job took a piece of broken pottery to scratch himself as he sat in the ashes.”    Job 2:8

Job knew something.  Job had seen something in the class of the phoenix.  Job assumed a prophetic position and posture based on the rebirth of the phoenix.  His posture and position he sat in was prophesying, “I Will Rise Again,”  “I Will Be Reborn.”   Others misinterpreted his position and thought for sure it was his end.  Have you ever been misunderstood while obeying Spirit?

“If a man dies, will he live again? All my appointed days, I will wait until my change (metamorphosis, transformation) come.”  Job 14:14

Job could have sat on nice cloth,  soft leaves, or plants; while he picked and scrapped his burning, pulsey boils  and tumors  with broken pottery.  He intentionally and prophetically sat in ashes with his skin on fire,  burning  and itching as a prophetic declaration that his old life was dead and gone and he was waiting for the new one to emerge.  Just as the phoenix sat burning until the reborn phoenix emerged from the ashes.

Notice what it was that Job used to scrap his burning itchy oozing smelly  boils with, as the flies surrounded him.  Flies are always drawn to corruption and stench, only to exploit it and feed off of it.  Have you had to deal with flies  in your life, while being turned inside out?  What did Job use to scratch himself with?    It was broken pottery.  Hallelujah!!  Thousands of years later  Prophet Jeremiah was told to go to the Potter’s House and watch him work a work on the karmic wheel.  The vessel was cracked and broken and had to be remade again and again; until it was perfected/complete-whole.   The Most High said, “Can not I do this to you?”  Jeremiah 18

Job was prophesying with the broken piece of pottery that he would be remade again and be made whole.  His critics, his accusers, and haters did not know that it was God’s left hand on Job.  They did not know that the Most High allowed the suffering to bring glory.  While they tried to get him to curse God, turn his back on the Most High and just give up and die, here is what Job said.

“Though he slay  me (allow me to die), I will yet trust in Him.”  Job 13:15

“I know that my Redeemer lives…even after my flesh is decayed, yet in my flesh I shall see God.”  Job 19:25-26

Job believed in the power of regeneration.  Have you seen what Job saw?  Have you seen the phoenix rising?  Have you heard the message of the phoenix?  The sign has been given in the heavens, and at this moment being popularized worldwide.   Can you find the Phoenix Factor in your situation and allow yourself to be born again? The Phoenix energy is filling the planet.  It is resurrection life, immortality, it is the power to overcome and be born again- again.

Since Eye believe and know the book we call the Bible is not just a book translated and mistranslated by man…but there is a technology hidden beneath the surface of the words – Eye knew the Bible must speak about the phoenix.  Eye also knew that somehow it had to connect with Job.  In my research this is what Eye found. 

There is a word in Hebrew that translates to what we call “phoenix,”  it is the word “chol.”  Chol means the bird that lives forever…(it is also slightly mistranslated to mean- numbered as the grains of sand – yet giving the concept of innumerable-immortality)

Here is what the Word says in the Jewish Publication Society 1917 – Translation of the Tanakh (OT Bible):

“Then I said: ‘I shall die with my nest, And I shall multiply my days as the phoenix…”  Job 29:18

Job stayed committed to the Most High in the midst of his 9 months of suffering.  He knew that he would be reborn.  His deliverance and rebirth came as a woman gives birth in the 9th month.  He prophesied longevity for himself in the face of being terminally ill.

“So the LORD blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning; and he had fourteen thousand sheep, and six thousand camels, and a thousand yoke of oxen, and a thousand she-asses…he was blessed with sons and daughters…After this he lived 140 years. ”   Job 42

The heavens are shouting that it’s time to rise out of the ashes.  Your latter days shall be your best days.  You have not seen abundance, prosperity and the goodness of God poured out yet.  You have not seen the Spirit poured out yet.  Your eyes have not seen, your ears have not heard, neither has it entered into your heart.  Your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren shall be blessed.  You are in the season of generational blesses and wealth being passed down to establish the kingdom in the earth.  You are in the season of spiritual awakening on the planet.  

Allow the fires of the Spirit to consume the old version of you and emerge as a new creation.  Gratefulness and joy are the states of mind and attitude that will cause rapid ascension.  Rise like the phoenix in wholeness and health.  Rise like the phoenix  with awareness and wealth.  Strength renewed and youth restored, rise.

Images of the Phoenix in the heavens below:

(I was recently informed that the phoenix images were actually photographed prior to 2/24/16, but the photographer was recognized for his work just a few days ago and the photos are going viral now. Thnx E. fisher)

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  1. Hi there,

    I like your posts.
    Compliments for all the insights concerning space.

    Kind regards,
    E Fisher

  2. Last month as I was deciding to leave a company I had high expectations for and start a new one I was contemplating a name for the business and the thought Phoenix rose out of me. For a while I thought of using the “Phoenix” in some dimension as a business name. So I looked up the Phoenix and saw it as one that continues to rise after death.
    I did not chose the name Phoenix, but I did turn my ear to hear what Spirit may be saying to me.
    I am still listening, as I realize I am dying to many areas and being born again.
    Even in the area of the prophetic which I have flowed in for years I since a death so there can be new life.
    I am reaching to hear Spirit’s voice in this new place.
    Out of the ashes I rise.

    John, thank you for this timely message and please pray with me through this season of transformation

    • Thanks woman of God for sharing. You are in my thoughts and prayers…continue to RISE..

  3. What an inspiring message from the Spirit. May your future be Eternally Blessed.

    • I receive that Dale and yours also.

  4. Praise God. I can totally relate in some way and what happen in my life. God speaks in supernatural and doing supernatural. As I go through in trials, tribulation as if I am going through the fire but after that I just praises God in singing dancing in giving. Thank you John

    • Bless you. Get ready to soar.

  5. This has been happening to me over the past several years. I don’t hear His Voice anymore.
    I rarely ever feel the unction to pray. I don’t read the Bible anymore. When I do pray, I don’t
    feel like I made a connection. I feel lost and dead inside. There might be an ember left. I
    just don’t know. I’m walled in and can’t get out. Everytime I try to spread my wings, they get
    clipped. Things I long to do in this life just don’t seem to be happening, I’ve given many of
    my dreams and plans back to the Lord to be burned up on the altar. I used to have spiritual dreams and visions even going on trips in the Spirit. Not anymore. So I know what you are talking about. This article on the Phoenix gives me hope. I’m looking forward to changing and serving in the Kingdom. I want my personal relationship back with Father.

    • Bless you my sister, praying for you. Here’s a word: “This hope will not disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” Romans 5:5

  6. This has spoken to me at the perfect time, wow God has such a way speaking to us the perfect message at the perfect moment in our lives, Praise God. I began fasting today,and already God has restored my vision, and given me a clear vision of my identity and my purpose yet again. even stronger and better than before. I have felt a complete shift in my reality, i feel no limits, I pray to God that he keeps it this way and protects me from my negative inherited thinking habits. Little by little I feel like I’m getting closer to that Christ-self were all striving to be, Our True Selves.

    • Thanks for sharing and inspiring us even more. blessings

  7. I am so pleased that you allow Spirit to you you in timely ways . You need to know this particular “word” had been such a blessing to myself and others I have shared it with . Sometimes I get caught up in my issues and feeling sorry for my self , looking backward at what’s past .Trying to analyze and make sense of what has been . God uses you in a timely way to give answers to questions that change the course of ones thinking ! Praise God . Keep doing what Dpirit leads you to do . Thank you . Blessings to you and the boys .

    • Thank you.


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