MP3 Bundle – 3 Messages Pack With Parts 1 & 2 of each – ONLY $11.11

MP3 Bundle – 3 Messages  Pack With  Parts 1 & 2 of each – ONLY  $11.11

This series of Powerful Prophetic Messages are from our New Year’s Overcomers Conference 2015 in Minneapolis, Minnesota – Host Pastors Floyd & Mae Beecham. We are suggesting a small donation of Only $11:11 for the series – because everyone need this anointing in your home, car, office. Eye feel Spirit will open some portals (11 11) on your behalf .

MIRACLE MONEYThe Holy Spirit changed the message I had and told me to prophesy ‘MIRACLE MONEY’ on the first night. Spirit confirmed the Word with signs, accurate prophetic words, and unrestrained spontaneous Prophetic Praise/Worship – releasing new choruses birth by Spirit as the glory fell on us. You will not be able to sit still, as you realize Abundance Is Your Portion. You will feel His power and crave for more.

PARABLE of the 10 VIRGINSThis Parable is coded with Metaphysics, mythology and astrology. Allow your mind to be stretched and grasp the mysteries of this Parable Jesus spoke. Again, there was a mighty manifestation of Spirit in healing, deliverance and enlightenment. (We also shared some prophetic words for year 2015, some of which have already begun to manifest.)

TREE OF LIFEThe Overcomers in the Book of Revelation were given access to the Tree of Life. Isn’t there a part of your Brain scientist called the Tree of Life? Spirit brought forth the message in a very practical way and ministered to the many young people that came out…some were baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke alien/angel tongues. Be an Overcomer in 2015, spiritually, emotionally, financially and physically.

(We made these messages in 2-parts so that you can easily burn them onto CDs).


MP3 Bundle - 3 Messages Pack With Parts 1 & 2 of each!

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April 18, 2015


  1. I just paid for the mp3 bundle. I didn’t realize you don’t receive it with the payment (like an ebook) but it actually gets sent to the address. LOL! My parents are going to freak out when they see what looks like New Age material in their mail for their son. (They are unbelievers.) Hopefully, they don’t get upset. It’s only $11.11.
    We’ll see what the Father has in store for them as well. It’s going to be an interesting conversation.
    Besides that little issue, I can’t wait to start listening to the MP3s and hear what I have been missing out on my whole life.

    • Haha, maybe they will enjoy the music. It might just be what they worries.


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