Prophecy 2014 & Beyond- Part 2

Prophecy 2014 & Beyond- Part 2


“I will open my mouth… I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world.” Matthew 13:35

“Do you know the laws of the universe and how the heavens influence the earth?” Job 38:33

January 3, 2014

The heavens are busy prophesying the events of 2014, we can only mention a few in this article.

NASA reported a few days ago that the Sun just flipped out, it has completely shifted its poles. This is not a minor event and all will be affected by this over the next several years. NASA REPORTS SUN’S POLE SHIFT

Read some of the prophetic indications of this that Eye wrote about in August 2013 here ~~~THE SUN WILL FLIP OUT

With Pluto Rising, going retrograde, and direct this year around highly prophetic times, we are being given powerful clues. The layers of what we know of as life, truth, spirituality and science are being pulled back. You have now come to the time where every cover will be ripped off. The vibratory frequency of each year allows us to shift further from the realm of illusions to reality, shadows to light, parables to revealed mysteries. The secrets that Pluto holds of the underworld within and without must be revealed until we know even as we are known. Know thyself.

Saturn entered Scorpio October 5, 2012 and will continue to stay there until December 23, 2014. Saturn, the Father of Time has brought us to this very important cycle to help us reconcile the various versions of ourselves in this karmic cycle. Globally and individually the Father of Time along with the god of the Underworld will be providing us with lessons so that we may be able to take responsibility for our past, reconcile and release it in the present and thereby change our future. “I know the thoughts I have for you, they are good and not evil, to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

The time of postponement is over. The energy of this year will force us to deal with things that we have put off and make hard choices, in some cases the choice will seemingly be made for us. We as a global society are coming quickly to a point where we can no longer postpone moving into new thought spiritually, politically and economically.

2014 is a time of personal spiritual growth. The influences of the planets Uranus, Pluto and Saturn are forcing us to change. We can not have an evolution without an involution.

That which was sealed and closed up over your life is being loosed. Your destiny scroll is being unrolled to be read before all and performed by you. 2014 shall be a time of Spirit seemingly overriding many past choices made, to usher humanity into their divine destiny.

This will manifest on individual levels as quick transitions. Suddenly doors will close that have served their purposes and new doors will be opened. The transition from here to there will be short. Emotional ties, attachments and unhealthy relationships – transitions to stability and inner wholeness.

Eye see “Overrides” and “Undoing” of what has been done, choices and even in legal situations. Eye see contracts that have been signed becoming null and void, undoing what has been done. Eye give you a sign. In the media headlines there will be a legal contract overturned…many shall say this is unfair and goes against the law.

Just the beginning: SUPREME COURT OVERTURNS “BIG FOOD” CHALLENGES – March 19, 2014

This sign that will be talked about and make headlines is only to show you what is happening in the Spirit. Legal contracts, decrees, hand-writings in the natural and spirit will be overturned and undone as the Holy Spirit moves to override all that would stand in the way of your divine destiny. Eye see negative medical reports canceled as healing manifest.

2013-2014 = Biblical YEAR 5774 or AYIN DALET

According to the Hebrew Calendar, it is year 5774, which started September 5, 2013 – Tishrei 1 – Biblical New Year. This energy vibrates to the frequency of 74. The last (2) digits of 5774, 74 is equivalent to AYIN, which has a numeric value of 70 and Dalet, which has a numeric value of 4. Together 70+4=74. Ayin Dalet are two of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alephbet (alphabet).

Ayin means the Eye, fountain. This speaks of insight, the prophetic Eye that sees and intuition. Ayin also speaks of the fountain that flows from the eye prompted by the emotion of love, compassion, joy; fear, sorrows or regret.

Many will be looking for things to work out as they have in the past, thinking that strategies of the old paradigm will work in this one. Ayin warns us to see life and things in a different way if we expect to see lasting changes. Perception is the friend and foe of humanity, it is the blessing or curse that creates your reality.

Dalet means Door, portal. 2014 will close many doors that would divert us from the path and open many doors so that we can reach our full potential. This is also prophesying the opening of the door of human consciousness as we transit from old paradigms.

The portals of heaven will be opened for those that desire to ascend into higher states of consciousness and abundance. However, one must have spiritual insight and be prepared to make decisions quickly, because the transitions shall be quickly. Putting the Hebrew letter together to get a further prophetic message in 2014 – Ayin Dalet=Eye See the Door, Eye see the open Door and my eyes are filled tears of joy to enter it.

Yet deeper is a hidden confirming prophetic clue. 74 or 7+4=11. The 11 shows us the hidden door or portal. 1 1 makes the shape of a portal. The Ayin Dalet energy will wane and merge into Ayin Hey around Autumn Equinox – September 25, 2014 as the frequency is increased from 74 to 75 or Eye see the Open Window.

It is safe to prophesy and say the year 2014 shall be the year of the Open Door and Open Window that has the potential to pour out abundant riches and blessings especially those who are of the household of faith.

Toward the middle of September 2014 shall begin a time of everything being accelerated yet again on the planet, both positive and negative, producing tears of joy and sorrow. A major shift and shaking will take place and the energetic frequency from the effects will increase over the following 6 months. It will be important to have your Ayin open to see and not be deceived or moved by the global turmoil and unrest that shall begin to bubble over during that 6 month period. The Dalet (door) and Hey (window) shall remain open for ascension and outpouring for those that choose to detach from the illusion.


In Chinese astrology there are (5) elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal), an element is assigned to one of 12 animals in 12 year cycles. (Technically, we are yet in the year of the Black Snake technically until January 31, 2014)

Because we can, Eye release on earth sign manifestations involving horses and wood products to begin to make headline news as we approach the date and after to confirm the frequency of heaven…This will also be reflect in the Stock Market.

The Horse speaks of speed, momentum, beauty, strength and power. The wood or tree speaks of something growing, potential, stability but yet flexible, with hints at the material realm and humanity-human nature.

Again, another confirmation 2014 things will move quickly, with the speed of a stallion, transition will be quick. One key word is “Cooperation”. In the year 2014, we must learn that we need each other. In order for goals to be accomplished quickly, it will require team work. While there will be many elements in the world of illusion to create strife.

The year of the Wood Horse prophesy that through team work, cooperation; blessings, prosperity and abundance will be released quickly to for material need. Cooperate with what Spirit reveals and ideas He give. The potential for big things, in spite of the economy or belief about the economy is tremendous.

In Chinese zodiac, Horse is the 7th sign. 7 is the number of perfection, completion and what many call luck. That 7 vibration is not only in ancient Chinese astrology for this year. Based on our Gregorian calendar we also see that in the year 2014 or 2+0+1+4=7. If you trust is in economy or fiat currency you will probably be disappointed. However, if your trust is in the One who says, the silver and gold belongs to Him, you will walk in victory in 2014.


Eye do not see a lot of good news to report regarding overall weather globally for the next several years. As we have stated since “Neptune Rising” article of February 4, 2012, we have entered into a unique cycle that will last until year 2025. (Of course there are beautiful days, weeks, between the extremes).

Eye see more Extreme weather. Summers Hotter! Winters Colder! For most places Great Floods (rains) & Unprecedented Snow and Ice Storms.

Eye see strange cloud formations that we are not used to that will produce strange weather…the name of the clouds will be new to most ears. It will be like a name mixture. This type of system will produce “winter in summer effects”. (Sounds strange to me also)


Eye see a strong potential for major Water Events, while the Sun is in Taurus. The area most vulnerable is Europe, late April to mid May 2014. This event will most likely be preceded by an Earthquake. [The impact can be soften and the energy can be delayed through prayer/meditation].


Eye yet see the Financial System crashing, the Banks must fail. Eye also see a time of prosperity and abundance in the midst of economical uncertainty. The righteous that be wise and those that be wise shall thrive.

The transfer of wealth from the hands of the evil-doers is coming in several forms and stages. Upheaval and stability shall be manifesting at the same time. Delayed does not mean denied and the hand of the LORD shall be strong against the adversaries in year 2014.

You will see “key” people removed, some never to be seen or heard from anymore. It looks like by or around May there will be another major financial scandal. Eye see major leaks are about to come forth that shall develop into a stream of information that will bring embarrassment to many.

Eye hear the Lord saying, Be clear with your intent and make sure your motivation is not fueled by greed. Examine yourself and be sure that the words coming out of your mouth is the truth of what’s within your heart. For this is a time when many shall be consumed by greed. But they who trust in the Almighty shall be as Mt. Zion which can not be removed.


There is a strong potential for another war to start between March & May. This could be the escalation by Israel with provocations or attack in Syria or Iran.



April will be a very dangerous month, with acceleration of current wars…higher death tolls and new Terrorist Targets. [THIS IS BEING FULFILLED WITH ISIS,ISIL,IS]

(Civil War has begun in Ukraine in April – Various major death events worldwide in April – South Korea Ferry with 476 people, mostly high school teen-agers capsized April 16 Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Planetary Shift as Pluto went retrograde – FERRY SINKS-MORE THAN 300 DEAD

The state of Israel shall enter into a new cycle – the 1st phase of its own destruction will will be played out over the next several years until it cease to be recognized with the status it currently has. The current regime must be destroyed.

The arrogance and wickedness of it’s leader shall cause him to make some decisions and statements over the next several months that shall create isolation and anger from the nations. Pluto is stirring up the hidden things of his heart and Saturn will demand a time of giving in account for the deception and murders.  



This is prophecy out on a limb: This Pope Francis 1, will not die of natural causes when he passes on. Today while in meditation – Eye saw that there will be an Assassination Attempt on the Pope. Eye saw the word ASSASSINATION. This does not necessarily mean he will be assassinated, however, Eye feel there will be some type of attempt within the next 18 months. There may be news or rumors of sorts within the next 5 months.


Eye see that there will be more unveiling of space technology to the public over the next few years. This technology is not new, but has been kept under wraps.

Eye see something similar to the world wide web (www) internet. This, for the lack of better name could be called the Galactic Wide Web (gww). There is an energetic frequency throughout the galaxy and maybe the universe that has the ability to provide communication like the internet, but from planet to planet. It is being experimented with now, it is known by a small group of people and it is somehow connect with free energy that flows throughout the universe. I am straining for words to describe what Eye am seeing because it is so advance.

There are ways to communicate with various alien races via technology similar to the internet and holograms. There will be an article or interview in the media that will allude to this or question the possibility most likely before the end of the year.

Those that fly about in our atmosphere are de-cloaking their crafts, expect detail footage and photos.

Part 1 of this prophetic word for 2014 can be found here ~~~ PLUTO RISING – PROPHECY 2014

Make it an awesome year. Pray about the things we have mentioned. Check out our new website. WEALTH BUILDING & GOLD ACQUISITIONS


In the mean time turn up your volume, give yourself some space to move around and make this prophetic declaration. “It’s A Brand New Day!”


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