Prophetic Events Eye See

Prophetic Events Eye See

“Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.” Matthew 28:20

Yahushua ( Jesus) taught His disciples to observe (watch, be aware, notice; take care of) all the things He had shared with them. Much of what He shared was prophetic events which are relevant to our time.

Eye am an observer of times, cycles, events, patterns, the heavens, and through this observation, often Eye am able to discern and predict what shall be accurately, by the Spirit of the Most High.

Due to the energetic frequencies of mass consciousness in the 3-dimensional world, what we are observing is not always what can be considered positive, but all things will ultimately work together for good. Nevertheless, as prophetic observers, we must declare what is.  As we often teach, Prophecy is often given so that we might change what is coming, delay it or lessen the impact. However, if the energy for change does not at least match the frequency for what is to come, it must manifest. You will find throughout Scripture the prophets prophesied and in every culture; the people were warned to change their mind (repent) to avoid what was spoken.

Eye am going to address several issue and will only spend a short time on them. Eye will share with you what the Spirit said and showed. None of the message is meant to condemn, create fear, or judge unrighteously. Eye am only a messenger.

We are swiftly moving toward more major shifts in consciousness for those who are Awake or waking up.  Get ready for some amazing downloads from Spirit that will cause instant understanding, leaps in consciousness and paradigm shifts.  Eye see this as a growing season and a time for getting unstuck, dead relationships falling by the way side and lots of positive movement.

On a heavier note, the Shift dates on the planet  will be marked by disasters in the outer world,

Eye see that we are moving into another cycle of destructive Storms/Hurricanes and Major Earthquakes on the planet and also in America. For a few years now Eye have been announcing and interceding regarding Unusual Earthquakes on the East Coast (New York to Florida). Eye see that these Earthquakes will create Massive Sinkholes, Rifts in the earth and somewhat Crustal Displacement. Eye can not give specific dates at this point, hopefully as the time draws closer… but there will be a series of them beginning soon.  These are Earthquakes measuring between 6-8 on the Richter scale.

September 21-26 -Watch Dates – Possibly Earthquakes, Fukushima event or another event near a Nuclear facility – Volcano eruption – Sink holes.

September 23, 2014 – The energy for Natural or Man-made Natural Disasters will peak and be most vulnerable. This unsettling energy will be manifesting in many areas of life. Wanning after September 24, but peaking again by October 8-9, 2014 making it a very vulnerable time on the planet with high potential of mass Deaths and Displacements. (Other Shift dates we will possibly mention in future articles.)



A STRONG 6.2 EARTHQUAKE ROCKED WILLOW,  ALASKA  – September 25, 2014  – Shmitah  –






baccus fallen

Bacchus was dethroned by the Earthquake early Sunday morning August 24 after the Sun had moved from Leo to Virgo.  It’s time to clean house.   Bacchus, also called Dionysus is the god of the grape harvest, wine, madness, carnal pleasure and religous esctasy. During the 6.1 Earthquake in the NAPA Wine country early Sunday morning a statue of Bacchus fell.

Eye see prophetic messages.

#1. YOU CAN’T PUT NEW (Holy Ghost & Revelation) WINE in OLD BOTTLES THEY WILL BREAK EVERY TIME. New Wine belongs in new bottles. Get ready for the shaking to break old paradigms as New Wine is poured into open minds and new ways of thinking, a new consciousness. Shake us up!!! Every bottle shall be filled with the New Wine of the Holy Spirit.

“Therefore thou shalt speak unto them this word; Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, Every bottle shall be filled with wine: and they shall say unto thee, Do we not certainly know that every bottle shall be filled with wine?” Jeremiah 13:12

What does it look like when an Earthquake hits wine country?

#2. “Every bottle shall be shaken.” The tilting or shaking of a bottle of wine is necessary for taste and auroma for some expensive wines. It is necessary for the sediments to be moved around and resettled so that it wont lose its taste or auroma over time. Jeremiah 48  The shaking and tilting must come to all of our lives, so that we can be poured out to the nations.

It is yet undetermined how many wine bottles and barrels were destroy and the dollar amount due to the earthquake. Every bottle was shaken.  Jeremiah 48:11-12

#3. Eye see the gods of pleasure, entertainment and false drunken religion being cast down. Look for a sign that will probably manifest in the Entertainment (Hollywood) Industry between October 8-16, 2014- This could manifest as another shaking. (Eye am seeing the potential for a much stronger Earthquake in California by or before Spring 2015)

ICE WATER CHALLENGE FOR ALS – Persecution & Torture Coming

I just heard and saw this for the first time on Face Book, less than a week ago. Spirit within me became stirred even more as I saw celebrities and many others taking the challenge and how this had gone viral. Eye knew by Spirit there was something much deeper and sinister to this seemingly harmless act to raise money for a disease they already have the cure for.

You will have to be able to hear this by Spirit to grasp this because it is pretty far out. The powers that be, behind the scenes do nothing without a reason. Due to the movements of the heavens and time as we know it, everything is being amplified in the universe; thoughts, words, and actions. Each act, thought or word can become an energetic footprint in what we call the etheric or spirit world. If multitudes perform the same act, speech, or thought to a certain number of times, this energy with the emotions released can be captured and used in many ways. Those who understand spirituals or frequency are doing this very thing for negative purposes.

Ice Water is a method of Torture, it is called Clean Torture. It is one of the six authorized known interrogation technics used by the CIA. It has been used by the Germans, Soviets, British, Israelis, etc, and even the Chicago Police in the 1920’s. It was used to interrogate and extract confession and named the “ice-water cure,”  today it is renamed the ice-water challenge.


 #1 “Eye heard the Spirit say, ‘they are massaging and softening the psychology of the American people for events they have planned in the coming future. Because of the participation of so many in this mind-control ice water challenge and the subtle brain-washing (pouring ice water on the head), the collective consciousness has been affected. Many will go along with the torture of American citizens. Human rights, constitutional rights and common sense is being washed from the consciousness of many, as their hearts turn ice cold. “The love of many waxing cold.”

The repeated images of dignitaries, presidents, celebrities, preachers, friends and people from all walks of life purporting this act as a good thing, something to help others and challenging others to participate; is basically preparing the minds of American people to feel good about reporting or making up any information for the State about a friend, family member, religious leader or anyone. It’s your duty.

Those who are “awake” are being targeted. Many religious people and Christians are being targeted, they will be falsely arrested, falsely prosecuted in days to come.  A large segment of the American people will have been brain-washed (ice-water poured over the head) to such a degree, by this time that they will see this as something for the good of the people.  A great number more will be too afraid to speak out. What you have seen in other nations is coming to America.

The evil ones live by an unspoken code, they can not do anything to the people unless they tell them in advance. They make these things known in symbols which carry great powers. By this, they relieve their conscience of wrong doing and feel justified in their actions. However, most people will not be able to interpret their symbolic actions and coded words.

Within the next 8 months world events will have accelerated and this nation will have experienced many changes. The signs and handwriting on the wall will be much clearer, as this nation is pulled into more war arenas and internal unrest.”

{Keep in mind Eye am only seeing and prophesying into the events that will be afffecting mostly those strongly connected to the 3-dimensional illusionary world. Spirit will be moving on and in the hearts of those who have totally set their affection on things above.

Here’s an excerpt from a brother/friend Anthony Moise revelation: “ALS – Since this abbreviation is propagated lets use its Hebrew corresponds determine hidden meanings. First lets us the English version of it which would be Aleph, Lamed, Shin or ALS translated means “God’s will into descending flame.” Remember the scripture “In the last days I shall pour my spirit (water) upon all flesh, and they shall receive information (dreams and visions).” Acts 2

Peter in that chapter says that when the 120 were baptized (submerged) by the spirit (water) there appeared tongues (voices/messages/angels) of fire on their heads. We know that in the scripture spirit is water, so as the picture of a man pouring water on the earth symbolizing the Aquarian Age will manifest in FIRE as in Acts 2” — Amen Anthony! – We are expecting the cool refreshing outpouring from the Aquarian man’s pitcher of living waters.}


#2 – Weather Events.   As stated above, those in control of this country and the world always gives clues of what they are doing or going to do. Eye see they are using this Ice Water challenge to warn of an event much sooner than the coming torture stated above. Energy of the masses repeatedly acted out with emotions can be used to create physical manifestations.

Eye see a subtle warning of a coming “water event,” flood waters over the heads of many. (This could be the water event Eye have spoken of and prayed about for the past few years that Eye saw that could have manifested in May 2014-but I believe the prayers of the righteous prevented it so far). I am not for sure if they will use weather modification/manipulation technology to create these coming weather events or not.

Eye see also a subtle warning of another EXTREMELY COLD Winter in the Ice Water challenge. Eye see a big problem with Ice Storms this year and the coming unusual size Hail failing creating much destruction in the near future.



*** What is the hidden story behind the increasing trend with tatoos, body modification, body art over the past several years? Those called by the name of the Yahweh should stay away from all of that, even the so called “positive tatoos.” Eye see this as a doorway to negative energy and entities, demons and a signal to summon negative influences to attach itself to you as darkness increase. If you already have tatoos and have not prayed over them, closing every portal or connection to darkness, do it now and it will happen.

*** Eye see the evil ones are again ready to move forward with a Strike on American soil. The prayers, intersession of the righteous light workers have disrupted the plans for previous attacks. This attack will not come from a foreign Muslim group or a domestic Muslim group, as the 9/11 Event did not. It will come from within; Mossad and CIA forces that now go by the names ISIS or ISIL.

Eye see this nation is being dragged unwillingly by Zionist, those who are really in control into more wars that will continue on for years.

*** Several years ago Eye shared a visons of an anointing being released from on Spirit that will literally instantly remove and reverse tatoos and body modifications. This will be a great sign and wonder. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, do not desecrate it with graffiti and things linked to the negative occultic world.

As the Seers and Prophets of old wrote and spoke, we do this as we have for many years, by the spirit of prophesy and encourage awareness and prayer over all these things. We have seen the power of agreement change things and cause prophesy to fail, as in the days of Jonah. We have also seen the grace of God at work to protect from maximum impact.


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  1. Very enlightening and very much appreciated.

  2. At the beginning of your “Ice water challenge” article, you mentioned that ALS had a “cure”. Would you please send me the references you used to make that statement?
    We have loved your blog for years. Looked to the next time you return to Indianapolis, IN
    Jim and Marilyn


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