Prophetic Overview & More

Prophetic Overview & More

In this writing, we want to take a prophetic overview of things EYE have prophetically revealed recently and up to several years ago,  which are manifesting today.  Does Yahweh Only see what appears as good or positive?

“The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding both the evil and good.”  Proverbs 15:3

How can one manifest true sonship (spiritual maturity) and deny the realities of the 3 dimensional world?  You can’t.  Does that not render one irrelevant?  Did not the Pattern Son address the current and coming issues of His day?  There is a strong delusion and deception today plaguing many in the Body of Christ.  It is a Fear of acknowledging the realities of the 3 dimensional world in which we are yet very much connected to.  One can not bring about Change to things they fail to acknowledge.  It is erroneously  believed that by addressing or exposing uncomfortable social issues, disasters or calamities; it will magically make them worse.  (Thus, many prefer to focus on themselves have chosen to assume the position in the image below and not even use the awesome power of prayer.)  Commons sense, true spirituality and history teaches us just the opposite.  Creating awareness has always brought about Change and will continue to.  One of the prophetic functions is to bring about change through creating awareness.


“Cry loud, spare not, lift up your voice as a trumpet..”   Isaiah 58:1

A person traveling down a road in a vehicle at a high speed sees a sign on the road, “Clift Ahead,” the big bold letters are designed to prevent him from disaster.  Wouldn’t it be stupid to blame the warning sign for creating the disaster?   So it is with the prophetic gift.  The EYE See is a warning sign to possibly prevent or soften the impact of what IS ahead.  Howbeit, the Prophetic EYE does have the authority to manipulate or create signs when necessary.

The ‘necessary duality’ of the 3 dimensional world is training for how to function in other realities, the 4th and 5th dimensional worlds.  The appearance of good and evil, light and darkness are tools for developing discernment and maturity.  The refusal to acknowledge or address them is a sign of spiritual immaturity.  (However, we know that in the Ultimate Expression, light and darkness are both the same.)

 “For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat…  But strong meat belongs to them that are of full age (spiritually mature),  even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.  Hebrews 5:12, 14  KJV

“Or do you not know that the Saints shall judge the universe? And if the universe is judged by you, are you not worthy to judge small disputes?  Do you not know that we judge the Angels? How much rather those who are of this world?”  Aramaic Bible

Light shinning into darkness does not and cannot increase the darkness, if enough light shines in it completely consumed darkness.

The Eye is the lamp of the body…let your light so shine that other may See…”  Matthew 6:22, 5:16

Do not underestimate  the power that lives inside you.  The ability to create, uncreate and recreate is at our disposal when we believe.   The Spirit is yet searching for men (mature ones-male and female) to Stand in the Gap, to Warn of destruction and Change it.  Ezekiel 22:30


In January EYE saw their would be a Mass School Shooting in March 2015 leaving many dead.  We announced it and posted it in February/March.

“EYE SEE a Major School Shooting  Plan –   There will be many fatalities…UNLESS there is divine intervention.  There are several shootings being planned in various parts of the country and most will likely be uncovered or stopped before the shooters fulfill their goals.  However, Eye do see that one have the potential to be extremely deadly.  Begin praying over your area, the schools that your children, grandchildren, relatives and friends attend.  Send Light to expose, disrupt and defeat the plans of murderers.”  Excerpt from THEY SHALL PROPHESY – 3/10/15

Did it happen?  NO!!  Was there a plan for it?  YES!  Shinning prophetic light on the hidden dark plans of the enemy and prophetic prayer intervened and uncovered it.  Read the story March 13, 2015  SCHOOL MASS MURDER PLOT UNCOVERED

On April 26, 2015, EYE announce that there were (2) more School Shootings planned.

“REGARDING  The  Prophetic Word about the planned Mass School Shooting…we are not out of the woods yet.  There are  (2) more with serious plans for a bloody massacre soon.”   Excerpt from OVERCOMERS CONFERENCE 2015

April 27, – 1 day later. Read it here ~~~ Heroic Teachers Take Down Student Preventing A Massacre



In our March 10, 2015 writings,THEY SHALL PROPHESYThis is what EYE saw (There are other events in the article besides the ones listed here that EYE saw.)

We are also moving into a phase of Earthquakes over 7.0 globally

3/30/15 – 7.6 Earthquake Strikes New Guinea

4/25/157.8 Earthquake Strike Nepal – Over 5500 Dead

Since late 2014, EYE have been seeing Massive Earthquakes on both our coast.  I believe prayer and intercession have thus far minimized the recent Earthquake – in Connecticut & West Coast.

4/24/15  – 6.1  Earthquake Strikes British Colombia-Rattles Washington, Idaho, Montana


In 2011, EYE announced publically  who would be the next President, we had also mentioned on many occasions that after President Obama, we would have a female President in 2016.  We have also stated many times that Hillary Clinton would run.   Here is a prophetic question and answer we posted in early 2012.

“When will America be ready for a female President?  2016!!”   Except from NEPTUNE RISING PROPHECIES 



*** In our March 24, 2015 Prophetic Publication, SOMETHING’S BIG IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN..PEOPLE PRAY  This was and yet is a call to prayer.  I believe that some things have been dealt with in the spirit…or postponed…that would have manifested this month of April…but May is upon us.  I feel the events in Baltimore, Missouri and New York could have been much worse.  Through meditative prayer and intercession what the enemy had planned has been only Postponed for now.

*** In our December 31, 2014 Prophetic Publication, 2015 YEAR OF THE SHEEP & OPEN HEAVEN  – EYE revealed the Protest and clashes that would take place in April between citizens and police.

“Whenever Uranus becomes prominent in the heavens, expect Protest, Change, Creativity and Individual expression.  There is nothing new under the Sun…It is 2015, but we yet carry the baggage of unfinished business into this new year, if it has not been properly dealt with.  There is yet a lot of unfinished business with our Law EnforcementEye see, if the changes are not made and some form of  reconciliation does not come by May 2015, there will be massacres in the streets of cities throughout this countrya shift in energy will take place by April and Pluto does not plan on moving from the square peacefully.    There are those being prepared and preparing themselves to be martyrs (as they see it).   Eye see heavy weaponry, bombs and missiles being used on the streets by civilians as they rage at the oppressors.   Events happening between March and April will determine if this word will be postponed…”    Excerpts from 2015 YEAR OF THE SHEEP & OPEN HEAVEN

[To better understand the energetic dynamics of what’s happening in our country and globally, study the complete article.  You will see that we are yet carrying over racial and other baggage from over 80 years that the universe is shouting at us that must be dealt with properly or continue to repeat the cycle-each time getting worse.]

Revolution is uncomfortable, intense, forces change and sometimes violent, but necessary.  2000 years ago a revolutionary stepped onto the scene to address the religious, social, political and financial issues of the 3 dimensional world, his name was Jesus (Yahushua).  Did you forget how we came to be called PROTESTANTS??!!

Here are a few videos below.  Warning! Coarse language.  If you don’t suffer from the mental illness called  Alethophobia (fear of hearing the truth), watch it.


Pray for your world, pray for your nation, pray for your community.  There are dark forces operation that want to push this to the point of our cities becoming a full blown war zone.  Let there be Light.

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