Rare Black Moon Rising

Rare Black Moon Rising

Shalom Sun-gazers and Moon Watchers. Where do we start? The heavens are so busy telling their stories of what was, what is and what will be to all who will listen. As Eye eavesdropped on the heavens, we can only share bits and pieces in this article. Moon watching is a practice yet observed today, even with all of our modern technology. In Israel, and other Semitic nations there are assigned Moon Watchers. The influences of the Moon and understanding it goes back to the beginning of humans on the planet. The Moon has always been used to determine sacred times and seasons on the planet. The New Moon is preparing us for the 7th Month on the Biblical Calendar, that’s partially happening in the 8th month (October) on the modern Calendar this year, due late observance of Passover in this leap year.

All human beings are affected by the Moon. Women especially are affected by the Moon and their menstrual cycle is intimately linked to this celestial body. The Moon regulates your menstrual cycle, can trigger ovulation and fertile times, affects your emotions and affects the way people behave and view the world. Women are connected to the Moon by hormones, blood and emotions. It also affects or influences the nervous system and brain wave of all. The Moon represents the sacred feminine energies.

A Black Moon is a rare event that happens when there are (2) New Moons in the same month. While watching this New Moon event, I found a hidden clue in counting the days. September 1 was the first New Moon of the month in Virgo and September 30 will be the second New Moon- in Libra, which creates a Black Moon. The 2nd New Moon of the month is always more powerful. However, since this New Moon is falling at the end of the month, bringing it unto the 1st of October – it appears as a Rare ‘Double’ Black Moon, since another New Moon will rise in Scorpio October 30. “Double Black Moon” is probably not a scientific term, it is the only way I can describe it – I am not sure if most Watchers are even aware of the rarity of this event.

From Bible times to now, we yet understand the evening as the beginning of another day. September 30 New Moon tonight, is October 1, as it will be in the East and other parts of the world. Another New Moon will appear October 30 – just before Halloween. This event is rare in several ways. Each time events happens in the heavens, they represent major shifts on the planet for humans. These shifts in consciousness happen whether you are aware or unaware of the events. However, when you are aware, you can observe them with intent, directing this energy and receiving the full effects of it.

This Black Moon is important for many reasons. It comes on the Eve of Rosh Hashanah- the Biblical New Year (Feast of Trumpets), which will begin Sunday evening at sunset. It also marks the beginning of Muharram, the Islamic New Year.

Tonight’s Black Moon Rising is in Libra, while the Sun is in Libra the Scales of Justice. Here’s the word of the Lord from the eavesdropping on bits and pieces of the stories of the heavens:

Eye see the influence of this Black Moon Rising has the power to AMPLIFY whatever energetic state you find yourself in. If you have chosen to walk in love and compassion, there will be many opportunities to express that and be that, over the next 33 days. Challenges to revert to selfishness, fear and holding offenses will be there to test you repeatedly, but remember Love wins. Extreme sensitivity in areas that were not much of a concern, as emotions are building to crescendo around October 15-18.

The urge to make things right, do the right thing and bring closure to doors you were responsible for opening are some of the thoughts and emotions that will fill conscious people. Pay back money that you owe others and watch the universe replenish it. Take a second look, realization of what you may have contributed to disorder in your life. You have this window between now and the end of October to change the course of your life and the lives of others – TAKE IT!! A false balance is an abomination, but a just weight is His delight. Delight yourself in the Lord by getting your life, words, emotions and actions into balance. The Power of forgiveness will bring the desires of your heart and great joy.

Black Moon rising is exposing lots of turmoil in the soul, see it, deal with it or be stuck not moving forward. The cry for justice for yourself and in the lives of others is becoming louder and louder, because it is the cry of creation. The decan (sub-constellation) Crux the Cross will be rising during this Black Moon, reminding us that everything, absolutely everything must be taken to the cross and left there as a sacrifice. Every thought, imagination and reasoning contrary to Divine Thought must be crossed out at Golgotha -the place of the Skull (carnal mind).

This time is about Freeing you…from the opinions and control of others. Dial in to Spirit, become and do your dreams. Black Moon energy is the power of New Beginnings, as the New Moon appears twice in the same month. Old things are passing away and look, all things are becoming new.

Those choosing to bask in negativity, this Black Moon and the October 30 New Moon will AMPLIFY the negativity you choose to live in within you. Fear, hatred, injustice and violence in this country and the world is about to take a major leap…like off the charts, setting NEW records. The unfulfilled and anxious feelings many are having will become overbearing, forcing them to created hurt and pain for innocent people; setting off a chain reaction of hurt begetting hurt and pain begetting pain.

Black Moon rising will continue to expose the dysfunction in us individually and in our society. The Sun is in the symbol of Justice. The cry, “No Justice – No Peace” will not go away, but rather get louder until it is clearly heard. Protest (which is not a negative thing) and Social Unrest will increase. Agitators will force the hands of others; chaos and disaster will fill cities streets until this nation appears to be geographically located in the Middle East for a time. Eye hear a news reporter comparing this to “Arab Spring.” Out of this increasing and long season, the Scales of Justice will become somewhat closer to even. The phase of energy we see rising now, plus, influenced by the power of the Black Moon, will have come full circle by June 2019, many changes will have been made as well as many sacrifices. Black Moon is rising and so is Crux the Cross constellation, victory will not come without sacrifices.

Individually, refuse to remain stuck. A window to transcend has been opened, shake off the heaviness of hopelessness, doubt, fear and negativity and soar through it. Everyone must come to the Cross-road (Crux).

This triple affect of 3 New Moons in roughly 60 days ending in Scorpio the sign of death, also shows the potential of many people crossing over through Violence, Natural Disaster and Accidents in the next 33 days.

Eye see Air & Vehicles of Transportation are most vulnerable for Mass Causalities.
Eye see Terrorist Attacks would be most successful in causing Mass Carnage between now and November 23.
Eye See Displacement of people through Natural Disasters.




HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS EVACUATED – HURRICANE MATTHEW – FLORIDA (EAST COAST) – 10/8/16 (Power of prayer softened the impact of what EYE saw)


Eye show you what Eye see, but as we have demonstrated many times – prophecy is not only given to show us what shall be, but to sometimes give us an opportunity to change it or soften the impact through prayer/intercession/meditation. (Change this!)


HELP FROM ABOVE – Uranus (the Greek word for heaven) comes closest earth, and in opposition with Earth October 15, in Pisces (represented by religion, imagination, spiritual power). Right in the middle of the Black Moon influences (which are not negative but amplifies whatever is in us), the kingdom of heaven (Uranus) comes to Earth. This will be a highly energetic time as Spirit is stirred within. This is one day before the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot 2016), the season of rejoicing. Capture the moments and use the influence of heaven to assist in praying in the ‘will of God’ be done on Earth as in heaven (Uranus). Let there be Peace, Love, Unity & Prosperity.

Uranus will be in Pisces. Uranus is the planet of Awakening. It is the ruling planet of Aquarius. Pisces represent the Age of Religion, imagination and belief – the Church Age. An awakening is about to take place in those yet stuck in the Piscean Age (Judaism, Christianity, Islam). Eye release the spirit of wisdom and revelation knowledge to flood the true seekers of Truth. The Holy Spirit will shake things up. He is about to shake up the theology of leaders that influence the masses. Eye call them to publicly come forth and denounce error, traditional religious teaching and carnal doctrines that bring divisions. It may be weeks or months before you see the public manifestation of this. Uranus (heaven) is shaking up and opposing the earth (carnal) realm.

(I am going to step out in faith and release a sign – An Earthquake, above 4 on the Richter Scale between October 13-17 to manifest)


May the realms of heaven, the supernatural invade earth, opposing all ungodliness. May heaven and the realm of the supernatural invade and superimpose itself upon you, your household and all you do.



During this time of the year we move into the darker energy cycle, which does not necessarily denote something negative or evil. Energy is energy, until we assign a name and intent to it. Spirit is spirit, we determine by our motivation and actions what the manifestation will be. “Darkness and light are the same to Him.” Psalms 139:12 The Creator is the Author of Divine Balance, as is illustrated in the seasons of the year divided by Solstices and Equinoxes. The Fall and Winter months are literally and spiritually, the darker half of the year, holding the secrets of power and the supernatural. It is not by coincidence Yahweh instituted the high feast days of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot after the Fall Equinox. This has always been an exciting time of the year for me.

There were 2 Eclipses in September. Not only is this the darker part of the year, but we have the Black Moon energies opening portals to the spirit world. As we get closer to the days, the veil gets thinner. Since we actually have 3 New Moons and Black Moon within 60 days, the spirit world is Amplified. For those of us who work with the Light, even in the dark; this means your senses will be greatly heightened. Prophecy, dreams, visions, spirit-travel, OBE, revelation knowledge, powers to work miracles, healing, all the gifts, which are given by the Spirit are enhanced.

For those who understand spiritual practices, as portals open, especially during this part of the year, understand that the door is opened wide. All types of manifestations can and will be coming through into our world; yes even demons. Many of them will be moving about. There are others that work with the Dark in the dark that also understand the times and the seasons. While the angels await and are anxious to minister on your behalf and grant your request, there are also demons anxious to hinder and challenges your angels. Prophet Daniel understood the times and seasons, he was also a master astrologer-but the principality of Persia intercepted his angel and held up the answer/request for 21 days. Daniel 10, Daniel 5:11 These are not mere myths or allegories, the spirit world is real and those who honor it will be honored. Sometimes you have to do battle with the principality that’s fighting your angel. The angels and spirit assigned to help us sometimes actually need our help so they can do their job. Can you hear that?

This is a time for covert (dark) spirit work/warfare. It is season for spiritual cleansing and covering yourself and household. It is a season of generosity. Enjoy this awesome season.


BLACK MOON MANTRA (Speak multiple times with emotions and intent)







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    I love this declaration! Praise YAH and HIS KINGDOM.

  2. Thank you Prophet for this powerFUL word!!

  3. As soon as Hurricane Matthew started last week , I thought of this message , amen

    • Yes, it is so unfortunate the loss of life and property. I am sure it would have been many times worse had not Father revealed before hand and people started praying. I don’t know if you are on Face Book, Eye also post prophetic words and Astro-prophecy there that sometime we don’t put on the website. For example, 6 days before the Pacific Northwest Coast Storms that’s happening now, we warned specifically and call for intercession. Like US on FB – https://www.facebook.com/AgeToAgeMinistriesInternational/?ref=bookmarks


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