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I have used TRIBEOSCOPE in my self esteem classes for Youth Employment since 2009.  After reading through the book it has helped me in my own healing journey, it helped me find PEACE in my passed life and helped me lay it to rest. TribeOscope is very Prophetic! When reading the negative Personality traits to each person in class, and how it pinpoints each person’s personality is truly AMAZING! It has picked up personality traits on troubled youth countless times!  The good thing about it is, many youth are not ready to share some of their challenges they encounter, however, when they heard or read them in TribeOscope,  the young people opens up….. and healing begins. When reading the Positive Charecteristic Traits to the youth I’ve had comments like: “I can feel those words! Thats so weird! ” “That made me feel good inside.” Where did you get that book,  where can I get one?” “It’s like those words are alive.” I witnessed many of the youth weep, as I read the words to them. I had one youth looking at things on my desk and picked up the TribOscope book and ask it this was the book with the “living” words.

Rhonda from Saskatchewan, Canada


  Tribeoscope  is a powerful book that really peaked our interest.  It was amazing how accurate it was for my wife and my characteristics.  What really blew my mind was how my sons followed the characteristics that was mention in the book for their months of birth.  Everyone we have let read this book said how it was dead on with their character traits.  This book is a must read!

Ministers Louis & Delitra Harrigan – Alabama __________________________________________________________________________

TribeOscope is more than a remarkable book, it will literally read your mail.  It is written with a biblical perspective and it will tell you what the heavens have declared over your life.  My wife, Rachel and I turn to it on a weekly basis to help  keeps us highly motivated.  We allowed friends and ministers to see the book, they all wanted to keep it,  because it was so accurate for their lives. Now that TribeOscope is back in print and in e-book format; hundreds of our friends will be blessed to purchase a copy. Thanks to Prophet John Lewis and the Wholly Spirit for production of this life changing masterpiece!!

The Thibodeau’s – Louisiana


My experience with TribeOscope has been a blessing.  Upon reading it I found the book prophetic and inspiring to discover who I am.  Upon further reading of my family’s traits, it allows me to be understanding on how I relay information.  
When I finished reading the book I realized what I thought I knew about the stars, I was off.  It also allowed me to realize how the stars point to Jesus Christ.  What happens in the heavens declares what will happen on the earth.

Dennis – California

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