Revolution Now!! by Dennis Grimes

Revolution Now!!  by Dennis Grimes

Over the years I have been blessed to have some divine encounters that turned into long term relationships/friendships with authentic people.  Many years ago, I was invite to speak at an Explosion de Gloria (Explosion of Glory) conference in San Diego, California,  hosted by Apostle Abram Rodriguez.  One night, out of the hundreds of people gathered at the Hotel conference room,  Spirit drew my attention to a young man there after I had ministered. He was on the other side of the room from where I was sitting.  There was a stirring in my belly that  I had something for him from the Father, but with everything going on and all the people, I didn’t see how the connection would be made.    After all the hand shakes, hugs and good byes,  the driver was there to pick me up and in the back seat was the brother that the Spirit spotlighted earlier.  I quickly learned that Dennis was Apostle Abram’s nephew, he was from the Juanen’o Indian tribe in California.

I have had the opportunity to mentor Dennis over the years and be a big part of his life.  He affectionately calls me Papa John.   During the School of Prophets conferences of 2013, Dennis played the violin and assisted in opening the realm of the prophetic nightly.  He is married with (2) young  children near the ages of mine-he loves the Lord.   Here’s a photo of Dennis prophesying on the violin as Eye ministered in personal prophetic words – June 2013.  Dennis shared this message below with me a while back.  Be blessed and inspired by it. 





I know that as our nation will see a great revival pouring out into the nations, I have to say does America need a revival? Yes it does. It comes with a great move of the Spirit called Revolution. The definition of revolution is “a sudden or momentous change in a situation”. This Revolution is about love and judgement! We are coming to the point to where we are truly coming into the days of Noah spoken of by Jesus (Matt. 24:37).
Jesus proclaimed, “Do you suppose that I came to give peace on earth? I tell you, not at all, but rather division” (Luke 12:51). Jesus’ whole ministry was about division. That type of division spoken about is revolution. As a result of revolution division happens. The revolution that causes division is: right versus wrong, good versus evil, merited war versus unmerited peace, love versus condemnation, and liberty versus captivity. The war that has been proclaimed since that day is of a spiritual nature and not just a physical war that the Jews were seeking at that time. The peace that is spoken about in the bible is of the mind, will and emotions.
Revolution must not be confused reformation. Reformation was about change. Reformation was good but did not complete the job needed for today. The reformation that God used Martin Luther brought out the truth that salvation is by grace alone and not by good works. The Roman Catholic church still has such an oppression on the people and teaches a works-based salvation that it never liberates the believers. The Reformation birthed modern Protestantism.
For a little while now certain members of the Church have been crying out to God for revolution. Some are recorded on tapes and CD’s. I would like to quote a song portions of it were born out of the Spirit on the track:

“Can you feel it coming? Can you feel it stirring? Can you feel it shaking everything? This is the generation. There’s a people standing. There’s a voice that’s crying out. There’s a banner that’s being raised for righteousness. This is the generation. This is the hour! REVOLUTION! We’re taking ground. No we won’t bow down. Let the trumpet sound!”
There’s a people coming now. There’s an enemy on the run. There’s a Church emerging with a fire of love. This is the hour! This is the generation!
Enough is enough. For too long the world has been changing the Church and the Church must go out and change the world. The message is about mercy and compassion to a dying and oppressed world. The world has had its fleshly counterpart revolutions. Stand up and say “A JESUS REVOLUTION!” We take back the moral ground that was taken from under Our feet. We declare a war on the fear of man, materialism, greed, sexuality, love of this world, an addiction to sports, entertainment and fashion. Church are ready to say “It’s time to be addicted to the love of God and the work of God”? Father we declare tonight that we hold nothing back from You. We ask that You hold nothing back from us. Send us out. Touch us so we can touch a dying world. We lift our voices now and we cry out for revolution. Your Kingdom come with power! Shout out the name of JESUS!


We will fight to the death! Worthless idols we detest! Let the armies and the Lord “HOLINESS TO THE LORD!”

We will fight to the death! Worthless idols we detest! Let the armies and the roar “HOLINESS TO THE LORD!”

Those prayers have been heard and now the time has come that they are being answered. The God and Lord of Heaven have been waiting to release this new glory on the Bride of Jesus. Because of religious natures in the Church He has had His hands tied for a long time.
No one sought for this sudden change until recently. Many have asked for change but not enough. It only takes a spark to set a fire. The spark has been caught. God’s will and desire for this generation will not be hindered by any man. No man on earth can stop what is happening. This is a God thing and not a man thing. For the secret plans of God are being released to the body and are manifesting.
This revolution will turn the Church upside down first. The restoration of the mindset of the first century Church is manifesting in the twenty-first century Church. It is still Christ’s body just a different set of individuals. Same Spirit in operation just a different season in God’s plan. Do you declare a war on dead religion? Do you want a Jesus Revolution? KINGDOM COME WITH EXPLODING POWER, COMPASSION, LOVE, GRACE and MERCY!

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