Don’t Tell Me I Can’t

AUGUST 4, 2013

Do you believe in miracles? I think some people live a life of miracles everyday and it’s not even supernatural. We live in a construct that constantly brain-washes us with the “I can’t”, “you can’t”, “we can’t”, “they can’t” mantras. Most of us receive and believe the brain-washings of our society. Every now and then, some break out of the paradigm of limitations and decide that they will not allow a system of thinking and beliefs to dictate or define their expression of life.

The human spirit is more powerful than any of us can imagine. Once we make a decision, decree or declaration in full faith, the universe will conspire with us to make it happen. Holding that thought, belief, declaration, intent or energetic frequency can be challenging; but if we believe and don’t allow doubt, we can have, be or do whatsoever, we desire. This universal principle works for anyone who dares to exercise it.

Is there something in life that you wanted to do and were told that you could not do? Have you bought into the lie that your race, body size, handicap, age, gender or religion can keep you from accomplishing something in life? Only if you believe it can, it can. However, if there is a spark left for anything in life that you would like to do, that spark can become an inferno. How?

“There is a spirit within man, the inspiration (breath) from the Almighty gives him understanding (perception, discernment, diligence, instruction; confidence).” Job 32:8

A holy Dude by the name of Alan Newton sent us this inspiring video clip. Thank you. You’ll probably want to watch it several times, encourage your kids and grandchildren to watch it even more times. get them brainwashed with the “I can” mantra. Humans are amazing, when we are Being out of our innate divine self.


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We Accept Donations For Our Non Profit Work. Thank you.

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