Should we take the Bible literally or is it only a Book of allegories, metaphors and symbols to be interpreted spiritually? The Apostle Paul encouraged his followers to rightly divide the words of truth. Many so called “progressive or new thought” believers, seems to think that it’s just a Book of metaphors. Many of the fundamentalist tend to be literalist and fear judgment for trying to decipher mysteries in spiritual sense.

Could it be that the ancient sacred text does record literal events that did happen but are used as metaphors for deeper spiritual experiences today? “Now all these things happened to the Old Testament believers as an example and for our instruction and learning at the end of the age.” 1 Corinthians 10:11

Could it be that the Prophets did prophesy actual literal events that would take place in our time, but would also have symbolic meanings? I think so, however, if we only spiritualize the Book of Revelation, we will probably miss out on the Creator’s timing of what he is doing in the earth. If we only literalize it, we’d probably miss out on the deeper levels of prophecies and how they affect our life individually.

“A false weight is an abomination, but a balanced weight is his delight.” Proverbs 11:1 Here is a perfect example of a Scripture that encourages us not to be out of balance, but also deals with greed, stealing and lying.

For many years, people interpreted the prophecies about the Moon turning blood red as a metaphor for something else and not to be taken literal. Now that it is literally happening, we have not only Christians talking about this phenomenon, but people of other religions and of those who have no religion.

In Revelation 16, the prophet records the angel of the waters pouring out a vial on the rivers and turning them blood red. That can’t be literal. How could that happen? It has to mean something spiritual, says the out of balance progressive thinker.

The signs are happening all around and it seems like most are yet asleep or their blindness is so great, they can not see. Do you know what time it is?? It’s late, really late; but it is also very early. For some it is the end of time and for others it is the beginning of a new day.

Our siStar Winifred Hewitt sent us this news article: The River Lotwil in Bern, Switzerland turned blood red and the scienctist have no clue what caused it. It sure would take a lot of dye to turn a river blood red. Couldn’t the angels have technology to turn large bodies of water blood red literally? Is Revelation being fulfilled literally all around us? Then, what about the esoteric meaning?


There are hidden meanings in the rivers and places for those who have time to research it.

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