Sagittarius – Ara the Altar Part 3

Sagittarius – Ara the Altar Part 3

The Sun is in Sagittarius until December 21 and ARA, a constellation in the shape of an Altar,   the 2nd constellation of Sagittarius is rising.  ARA , the Altar will be rises from December 2 – December 11.   Sagittarius is a fire sign and we feel the influences of its passion permeating the planet in Protest and Awakening, as Black, White, Hispanic, First Nations and Asians are protesting for justice.  I am sure that many of the status quo Christians of the 1500’s were uncomfortable with the Protesting and demands for change in their day.  Had it not been for Martin Luther and those that stood with him against the tyranny and murderers of the Roman Catholic Church, we would not have come out of the Dark Ages and formed the Protestant Movement.  Many of our religious freedoms we experience today is because others were willing to Protest and pay the ultimate  price with their own blood.  Don’t the forget the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre of 1572, up to 30,000 French Protestants were murdered by Roman Catholic assassins in one day.  We stand with those who stand for Justice and Change.

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In our messages dealing with Astro-prophecy or Astro-theology, we try to show how everything  in the universe is connected and that the Voice that brought all things to be shares his purpose and plan in holy books, mythology, the heavens, earth and even in our physical body.  In part one, we discovered that the arrow of the Sagittar is pointing to an exact location in the Milky Way Galaxy, the Great Rift, an elongated Super Massive Black Hole and it’s direction is on the sides of the North.  The tip of the Scorpion stinger seems to also be in agreement with this direction.  In the Bible, it gives the location of the throne of God, some debate it to be literal, some say it is symbolic.  Nevertheless, the direction North is given and Sagittarius is definitely aiming at something in the thick darkness at the center of the Milky Way galaxy.   We also discovered that an unusual nebula appeared in this region in the shape of the Double Helix DNA strand.  The heavens do prophesy.

great rift 2

In Part 2 – we found out the power of pRaise and the importance of expressing emotions during our worship or devotional time.  The message of Sagittarius’ 1st decan, Lyra the Harp is so important that the Creator literally put a harp in your brain, at least your Fornix is in the shape of Lyra the harp and the Sagittal Plane.  The lateral portions of the body of the fornix are joined by a thin triangular lamina, named the psalterium (PSALMS) or Lyra Davidis (HARP OF DAVID).


Ara is the heavenly altar created by the gods of Mount Olympus to celebrate the defeat of the Titans (giant demi-gods).  The smoke from the altar was said to pour out and created the Milky Way.   Ara is also  where CENTAURUS aka SAGITTARIUS sacrificed Lupus the Wolf.   Ara was also known as the altar that Noah built after the flood when the Ark rested on Mt Ararat.

Ara means to burn  or glow; the root word means ash.

From Genesis we find mankind feeling the need to build altars.  An altar is a place of death and sacrifice; it is also a place of  life and blessings.  Life is birth out of the struggle of death and separation and the blessings are rewards of what has been given away.

The Greek myth seems to follow the story of the Bible.  There was a conflict with the Nephilim in the book of Genesis.  They were demi-gods, half human and half angel (Elohim-gods), they were titans, giants of great stature.  The counsel of heaven agreed that they must be destroyed before all creation became contaminated with  Nephilim genetics,  thus, God sent a great flood.  Noah alone and his family were spared in the Ark.

“Then Noah built an altar to the LORD, and he sacrificed burnt offerings…And the LORD smelled the pleasing aroma and said,  Never again…”  Genesis 8:20-21

In the constellations of Ara, the Altar appears upside down.  We get the message that something is ended, the sacrifice is over.  Yahushua (Jesus) is the fulfillment of all the animal sacrifices.  He became the Lamb of God to take away the sins of the world.  According to Genesis, it was gross sin and violence that caused the old world to be destroyed.  For 3000 years after Noah’s Flood altars were built and sacrifices were made in hopes to appeased an angry vicious God. 

The altar’s true purpose as a place of worship and changed had lost it’s original intent.  Through the prophet Isaiah, God told the people that he was tired of their bloody sacrifices and the stench of their offerings.  He made it clear that their worship was in vain because their hearts were far from Him, it was their hearts that he wanted.  They yet did not get the message and old habits are sometimes very hard to break.

In the Book of Kings, we find a very powerful and positive use of the altar.  Elijah challenged the Baal religious/political system led by Jezebel and Ahab.  They had murdered many of the prophets of Yahweh.  Elijah built an Altar and boldly said,

“If God be God serve Him and if Baal be God serve him.  The God that answers by fire, let Him be God.”  1 Kings 18

Ara serves as a reminder of the power of the altar when used in faith.  It is a place of separation, the ego does not want to die.  It is a place where one ministers to God before ministering to men.  Where are the Elijah’s of our time who are not afraid to challenge to false system?  There are very few real Protestants in the original meaning of the word left.  Much of our generation have been hypnotized to just go along with everything or just “rest in God.”  Did not the Prophet Malachi say, Elijah would come and turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers?

Here are the names of the brightest stars of Ara.  Ara means “the altar”.  The upside down Altar represents your life that’s been turned upside down and poured out before the Almighty God.    This is the place where we alter our life and the life that you now live becomes a sweet aroma.  We celebrate ahead of time, the victory over the Nephilim seed that’s yet in the earth.  

If the carcass of an animal is left on the altar without it being set on fire, it will began to stink and anyone near will be able to smell the rotting flesh.   If we do not present our bodies a living sacrifice daily on the altar and allow the fire of the Holy Spirit to consume it, the foul stench of carnality will bring defilement.

The 2nd brightest star of Ara is BAU.  From the Egyptian language, Bau means, “he comes.”  This is the coming of Christ or manifestation of Christ in greater measures of our consciousness.  The Prophet Malachi states “he will suddenly come to his temple.”  He comes to a prepared place.  The altar of your heart or building a literal altar reflecting what’s in your heart – prepares you for the fire to fall.

The 3rd brightest star is Al Mugamra, in Arabic it means, “the finishing.”    This is the realization that the work of Christ is Finished.  Oftentimes, we have quoted, “It is Finished” and used it out of context.  The work of salvation is finished, we are complete in Him, it was finished before the foundation of the world in God’s mind.  However, Yahushua (Jesus) the son of God had to come and demonstrate it in the 3 dimensional world.  He finished it, His part.  

Does that mean that you and I have nothing to do but fold our hands and wait for a rapture, or to be transfigurated as so many believe?  NO!  We must not be idle, but must finish our part.  Everything we do is from the perspective of it’s finished, but we all have our part to act out as Jesus did.   Paul spoke about finishing his course.

“Occupy (keep busy, doing business) until I come.”   


We have discovered that Sagittarius is in the North.  There is a little known Scripture in the book of Job that give us lot of light on what astronomers call the Fornax Phenomenon.  We will only be able to slightly touch on this mystery, there are books within itself waiting to be written on this subject.

“God is wise in heart and mighty in strength...He commands the sun, and it does not rise;
He seals off the stars; He alone spreads out the heavens,  And treads on the waves of the sea; He made the Bear (sub-constellation of Cancer), Orion (sub-constelllation of Taurus), and the Pleiades (7-stars on the shoulder of Taurus),  And the CHAMBERS OF THE SOUTH;”     Job 9:4,7-9

Since God made these constellation, shouldn’t His sons seek to understand them?   What does Fornax mean?  Fornax,  a faint constellation in the Southern hemisphere lying between Cetus and Phoenix; the Furnace, a small southern constellation south of Cetus and Eridanus.   From Latin fornax means the Furnace.  With understanding of the meanings of the names of the constellations mentioned and the symbolism, the chambers of the South is the heavenly (celestial) hell.  

Ara the Altar is a part of the southern chambers of the heavens.  Chambers are the houses or mansions of the constellations (Zodiac).  The constellations play multiple roles in the heavens, they are a reflection of the many roles we play.  At this point Ara becomes the Altar of Judgment.   Judgment is not a bad word, this is where decisions and hard choices are made.   At this point on your spiritual path, there can be no more playing around.  The southern chambers have many blessings and mysterious powers to offer, for those able to receive.

[Behold, I show you a mystery:   As we shared in Part 1 of Sagittarius series, the tribe of Asher was assigned to Sagittarius.   The tribal leader of Asher during their northern encampment in the wilderness was Sethur.  This is mentioned in Numbers 13:13.  The name Sethur means hidden; occult.  He was one of the 10 spies sent out by Moses.   Sethur is the only name in the Bible that has the numeric value of 666 in Hebrew.   Notice his name is given in chapter 13, verse 13 of Numbers-  In Revelation chapter 13, we are introduced to the number of the beast (666).  There are no coincidences.  We are only connecting the celestial and earthly dots.] 

Along with Ara in the chambers of the south is a  series of  (6) other  faint star constellations, the Fornax Phenomenon with little light.  These ancient constellations are barely ever mentioned but they hold deep mystical truth.  Those who called themselves, the Illuminati and  high adepts in  spiritism, performers of conjurations, CERN techno-occult physics, and those interacting with dimensional world beings and demons, use this time of the year while the Sun is in Sagittarius – Ara and Draco rising to perform many amazing successful feats.  For those who practice dark occultism, there are specific seasons they summon demon helpers to come through portals, and they come.  The dark energy of this season leading up to the Winter Solstice is more easy to manipulate. (Should light-workers sons and daughter of God be using this same season to counter the works of evil? Did not the sons of Issachar know the times and seasons and knew what to do?)

Do you remember the mythology states that Ara was built by the gods to  celebrate the defeat of the Titans, which the Bible call Nephilim?  Once the Titans/Nephilim were defeated, where did their spirit go after their flesh died?  Did some of those spirits get banished to the chambers of the south?  Could this be why Satanist and those who practice the dark arts are able to conjure high entities while the Sun is in Sagittarius and Ara is rising?

Just to dangle a spiritual carrot in front of you: there are special seasons  one can summons specific angels also and they will come.  Only that which is real can be counterfeited.  (someday in the future we will have to do a lengthy study on angels and the constellations they are assigned to).

Before some of you disagree or un-righteously judge me, Does not your Bible say that an angel came down at a certain season (time) and troubled the water?  John 5  (That specific certain time was while the Sun was in Libra) –   As we often teach there are times and seasons governed by the heavens for things to be done on earth.  Should not the sons of the Most High be building altars or making our heart an altar for the fire and blessings of God to come? 

“From Issachar’s descendants there were 200 leaders who understood the times and knew what Israel should do. Their relatives were under their command.”  1 Chronicles 12:32

Here are the names of the hidden barely known powerful faint constellations-:

COLUMBA – This is the celestial – DOVE of Noah, that can be faintly seen in the heavens on Argo the Ship (Ark) constellation.  

PHOENIX – the Fire Bird of death, resurrection and immortality.

MONOCEROS – the celestial Unicorn  near Gemini

FORNAX – the celestial Lake of Fire at the end of Eridanus (River of judgment) constellation in Taurus.

TRIANGULUM – A Triangle or Pyramid shaped constellation, below Andromeda near Pisces- moving north.


The first place in the Bible where it clearly states an Altar was built was in the new world, after the Flood.  Noah built an altar and offered sacrifices before Yahweh after he came out of the Ark.

Ancient Etymmologies of Isidore of Seville states that ARCA (Ark) and ARA (Altar) are related words.  If this is the case, the Ark was a giant Altar floating and all it’s inhabitants were a living sacrifice unto God.  This would be foreshadowing what the sacrifice that God really wanted looked like.  To take this just a bit further, this would hint at the Ark of the Covenant.

“The Greeks called the front of the torso from the neck to the stomach the thorax; this is what we call the chest (arca), because in that place is a hidden (arcanus), that is, a secret thing, from which other people are shut out (arcere). From this also a strong box (arca) and an altar (ara) derive their names, as if the words meant ‘secret things’”

In other words the Thoraic Cavity or System is the Altar.  Your rib cage house the hidden or arcane knowledge of God that’s hidden in your heart.  This is the chamber of the south in your body, the heart has 4 chambers.  You have 2 lungs that’s apart of this complex system.  Here we see the Rib cage (the outer covering of ARA), the 4 chambers and 2 lungs as the 6 faint constellations that make of the “chambers of the south.”   (Keep in mind that the human anatomy plays various role in unlocking the mysteries of heaven and earth)


Arcane means hidden, secrets only known by few.  Arcanus in Latin, the medical term Arca derived from arcanus is CHEST. 

“Be not carried about with various and strange doctrines. For it is a good thing that the heart be established with grace; not with foods, which have not profited them that have been observing them.
We Have An Altar, whereof they have no right to eat which serve the tabernacle.”
   Hebrews 13:9-10

The writer of Hebrews is exhorting the Believers not to worry about what type of food or animal to be offered on an altar.  The Messiah had already fulfilled that by becoming the Lamb of God.  Now each of us have an altar, that’s the altar of our heart and we can partake of our own spiritual sacrifice, if you identify with the Order of Melchizedek. Under the Aaronic Order, the Levitical priest had no right.

 The heavens declare the glory of God and so does the human body.  You are literally a living epistle reflecting literally everything written and hidden in the Bible.  Offer upon your ARA Confessions,  Praise, Thanksgiving and Prayer. The Ara of your heart serves as a portal to the supernatural and multi-dimensional worlds.  

Enjoy the presence of ARA the Altar- allow your praise and worship to ascend as incense from the arcane places and secret chambers of your heart, using the air of your lungs to force it out of your mouth into the atmosphere. Capture ARA’s energy rising December 2-11.


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  1. This is deeeeep, Prophet; Glory to God
    Aside,Please and please, dont “Just dangle a spiritual carrot in front of ” us. If “the future we will have to do a lengthy study on angels and the constellations they are assigned to” can be nearer and quicker, we will appreciate it. We may need to know their functions and if p[ossible name. Who say we have to die ion ignorance when THE FATHER HIMSELF has raised up him that will teach HIS people.
    AGAIN, peace unto you

    • I agree ! I do enjoy reveled knowledge from this man of God . Continue as God wills.

  2. Shalom

  3. As I consider the evidence that you have presented, my belief in Yahweh and in an actual Jesus is deepened and my heart leaps for joy.I think about the definition of what Faith is as presented in the Bible…..”Faith is the evidence…….”……..This is Faith staring us right in the face ….isn’t it?

    My actions or response speak louder that words to our Father……I open my heart and my mouth in reverend worship and praise to our God…..and I learning how to love others as I love myself.
    Thank you .

    • Thank God and thanks for studying with us.

  4. Man of the most high God..This is deep and I believe the deep within us is calling out for the deep hidden inside of you. After all didn’t Jesus say..”Out of the belly(aka deep will flow the RIVERS Not just one river of the LIVING not Dean WATERS?

    I believe that body of Christ aka the church is at place of stagnation full of religion and doctrines of man.
    It is time to see and manifest the FULLNESS of the CHRIST WITHIN. This only comes as we continue to progress in the deep things of God.
    Enough of salvation messages every week…enough of the milk..time for SOME STRONG MEAT AND BONES. We are blessed to have you .
    May we continue to draw from the deep that is within you. Hallelujah!

    • Shalom- thanks Dr. Fraser. So true. Bless you.



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