Sagittarius – Draco Rising Part 4

Sagittarius – Draco Rising Part 4

The Sun is in Sagittarius until December 21 and DRACO, a constellation in the shape of a Dragon,   the 3nd constellation of Sagittarius is rising.  DRACO, the Dragon will be rises from December 12 – December 21.  Each of the Zodiac signs have (3) sub-constellations of energetic expressions, called decans or faces.  The Zodiac is interwoven throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  The Old Testament Tabernacle and Temple consisted of a frame work of 48 boards overlaid with gold.  Exodus 26 & 1 Kings 7  The 48 boards represented the 48 ancient Zodiac signs, also throughout the Tabernacle and Temple were engravings or statues of Cherubim.  The Cherubim are the (4) faces (man, ox, lion, eagle) of the fixed Zodiac signs that form the Cosmic Cross forever fixed in the heavens.  The Bible is the best selling book on Astrology and the occult; occult in the real meaning of the word.


In our last article, we shared the second sub-constellation of Sagittarius, ARA the Altar and the chambers of the south.  To better understand this series, you might want to first study  SAGITTARIUS – Part 1   SAGITTARIUS – LYRA Part 2      SAGITTARIUS – ARA Part 3

“That He would show you the secrets of wisdom, that they are double (two-sided)  to that which is….”  Job 11:6

Dragons have believed to be associated with something sinister or negative, but as we see in the ancient wisdom verse, there are two sides or expressions to every story.  In this article, we want to focus mostly on the positive or light side of this story written in the heavens.

With Draco rising between December 12- 21, the energetic frequencies of wisdom is being  exerting upon the planet.  Absorb it and allow it to activate the hidden wisdom within.  This is a time when secrets are revealed and direction is given to those with the need to know.  Understand this; the secrets,  wisdom and direction does not come without a test.  If you pass the test you are granted the rite of passage to proceed further.

Draco rising is telling us that we must be responsible and protect that which is sacred.  Evaluate the people and things in your life, that which does not edify your vision and purpose must be set aside.  Abundance and blessings are just ahead as Jupiter, the Father of rain looms high and rules Sagittarius.



Draco is Latin for dragon.  In Greek mythology, the dragon Ladon guarded the golden apples in the land of Hesperides.   Hesperides are nymphs who tend a blissful garden in the west of northern Africa.  Ladon was a hundred headed river god of northern Arkadia, in the Peloponnesos (southern Greece).      He is said to have battled with Hercules and lost.  His battle with the Titans (Nephilim) got him thrown into the heavens. The knotted dragon is near the Pole Star, near the center of the Zodiac, the point of true North. (Star image of Draco)



In the book of Genesis chapter 3, we are introduced to a large reptile called the Serpent, later in Revelation this same serpent is called the Dragon.  He is in the Garden of Eden around the Tree of knowledge of good and evil.  He seems to have been the keeper of knowledge and wisdom.  Due to the Serpent beguiling Eve and imparting knowledge that humans were not ready for, he got kicked out of the Garden of Eden.   As we can see, the Greek mythology is very similar to the biblical account.   Hercules is a type of Yahushua (Jesus) the God-man that defeated the serpent-dragon.

This raises lots of provocative questions that we will not take the time to answer, but only pose.  Did God not know that the Serpent was in the Garden?  Didn’t the Serpent tell the truth about their eyes becoming open?  Shouldn’t God take responsibility for what happened in the Garden?  If He does, wouldn’t that mean that ultimately nothing would be lost?

The serpent or dragon is a symbol wisdom and prosperity in many cultures.  Even Yahushua (Jesus) said,

“Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” 

The heavens tell many stories and the characters represented as the constellations many time play multiple roles in the great scheme of things that’s working toward the Divine Purpose & Plan.  The discerning eye and mind of the one seeking Truth must learn and understand what Eye call the Law of 2.  This is the necessary duality that the mature initiates comes to realize.  This is where the 2 are actually one, in the sense of what appears as both are working for the same Divine Purpose and Plan; even though they may appear opposite.

“Light and darkness are both the same to him.”  Psalms 139:12

My mind goes back many years ago to when I lived in Seattle, WA.  I had come home from my second job and crashed on my bed.  As I laid there resting, my ceiling disappeared and a  coin began to fall in slow motion.  I watched it with my eyes opened as it fell, but never reached my face.  In almost slow motion I watched the head and tail turn falling until my ceiling returned and the coin was gone.  Several things were revealed in that experience, but the most important message for me was God is One, like the coin, but out of that One can appear that which is considered both positive and negative.  This appearance of duality is necessary for spiritual development and our evolution.  Hidden within this are the secrets of wisdom, which are double to what is.

Did dragons ever exist?  Yes, and they yet do exist.   Dragons were and yet are perceived to be the protectors of throne.  This ancient belief is so rooted in our 21st century that the Queen of England has a statue of a red dragon next to the throne she sits upon.  It is called “the Queen’s Beast.”    History, that became legend and mythology is filled with stories of dragons in basically every culture.  They were the keepers of sacred wisdom and protectors of humanity, the Bible also speaks of them.

We not only have the stories in every culture, but the heavens also announce this.   When looking at the map of the heavens, near the Ecliptic North Pole is the  coiled dragon, Draco.  Exactly in the center of the great wheel within a wheel of the Zodiac is a constellation called, CEPHEUS, the Righteous King.  Cepheus is the ultimate celestial Christ, the Son of God of the Zodiac.  This constellation is in the shape of a man sitting upon a throne with the scepter held high.  Situated exactly 90 degrees apart around the throne are the 4 beast or beings, the face of a lion (Leo), the face of a ox (Taurus), the face of an man (Aquarius), the face of an eagle (Scorpio)

“I looked up and a door opened in heaven…I saw a throne and  One sitting upon a throne.  And there were 4 living being around the throne, the first had a face of a lion, the second a face of a calf, the third a  face of a man and the fourth a face of a flying eagle…” Revelation 4

The Apostle’s vision was astrological.  He describes the same thing that Prophet Ezekiel had seen.  The book of Revelation is showing us the coming importance of understanding how the heavens will play and is playing an important role in the 21st century.  Below are 2 images of Cepheus, the King of the Zodiac, who orders the heavens and call forth the stars in their seasons.


cepheus 2


draco cepheus

If you will notice on the map of the heavens that DRACO is at the Right hand of the King and appears to be the closest constellation to the Celestial Throne.  Draco is the protector of the throne on the sides of the North, near the center of the great wheel within the wheel.

Why would the Creator position Draco the dragon the closest to the throne?  Each of these celestial constellations have several counterparts that manifest in the heavenly and human realities.  For example, there are 9 known classes or races of what we call the Angelic in Biblical theology, which are extraterrestrial biological entities, meaning they have what is equivalent to a  physical body.  There are thousands of other races that we do not know about.  These highly evolved beings can manifest as etheric or as spirit moving through various dimensions  The highest race of these beings are the Seraphim, they are the closest to the throne.  If they are the closest to the throne, they should look similar to Draco.  They must be what we consider reptile in nature.

Seraphim is from the Hebrew word seraph meaning, Flying serpents, fiery serpents; flying dragons.  In the book of Isaiah, the Prophet has an encounter with them while beholding the throne of God and his life is changed. He comes to the realization that he is no different from the people he is sent to preach and prophesy to.

Draco rising brings us to the realization, “Woe is me, I am undone.”   It is the realization for the need of full manifestation of the Almighty Christ through the finished work of the cross.  It is the place of purification to be re-commissioned and given specific directions, this is what happened in the life of Isaiah.

DRACO & 666

We are sharing this message on various levels and showing the secrets of wisdom that confirm and compliment each others.  There is a literal constellation, the 3rd expression of Sagittarius, called Draco.   The Bible and other sacred books bear record of other worldly beings called angels, which are similar in form to the celestial dragon near the celestial throne.    Astronomers tell us that over 5000 years ago,  due to Earth’s precession Draco’s brightest star, THUBAN, was the Pole Star-true North.  Thuban means subtle.  The focal point for Earth was centered on Draco and the Draconians (Reptilians) that had come to this planet.   Yes, we are saying that beings living in the Draco constellation, possibly from a planet in the Solar system of Thuban came here. We can not say for sure when they arrived, which could have been tens or hundreds of thousands of years prior to the Genesis 3 account.  This highly advance Reptilian race was the most subtle, wisest, intelligent and cunning.  It would appear that not all Draconians were in agreement with Universal Counsel and laws, thus, we have events taking place on this planet that created chaos.

Proof of a literal Draconian influence yet remains today and most people on the planet have fallen victim to it.  Where did Draconian Law come from? It had to have come from those who brought it here.  It is a law that requires heavy punishment for very small offenses.  It was popularized by the Greeks over 2700 years ago.  But there were other nations using this same law prior to this, even though not calling it Draconian Law.  The Draconian Law was also called, the Homicidal Law.   It allowed a person to be murdered for the smallest offense by stoning, beheading, hanging, crucifixion, weapons, etc.  The Draconian Law found it’s way into all world religions.  Was not the Law of Moses Draconian, Homicidal??    In this great country of America, we practice the Homicidal Law and murder children, minorities and others with no accountability.

Researcher Chrichton Miller explains that the constellation Draconis (the Dragon, or Serpent) lies above the latitude of 66.6 degrees. Astronomer David Pratt confirms this: “The north ecliptic pole lies in the constellation Draco, and has the equatorial coordinates 18h (270°) RA, +66.6° decl. “
Here we find the astrological or celestial parallel for the number of the beast that Revelation 13 speaks of.  The heavens do prophesy and there can be nothing on earth that the heavens have not already foretold of.  There can be nothing in the Bible or other sacred books that have not already been recorded by the heavens.
“I stood upon the sands of the sea and saw a beast rise up out of the sea…Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666.”   Revelation 13:1,18
As we stated earlier, the characters of the divine Zodiac can play more that one role to fulfill the Creator’s ultimate purpose and plan.  At this point, Draco the dragon represents that Old Serpent, the Devil of Revelation 12.  He deceived the whole world through his cunningness for thousands of years and the residuals of his deceptions are yet affecting the planets.  But before we go further in that direction, you must understand something.   THUBAN (Alpha Draconis) is no longer the Pole Star, the star of direction to True North.  Due to the Precession of the Equinox and the shifting of the heavens, Thuban is now under the foot of CEPHEUS the King of Righteous, the King of the Divine Zodiac, the One who sits in the center of the celestial wheel within a wheel.   Scroll up and take a closer look at the map of the heavens,  it’s under his feet.
This is an astro-prophetic picture of what Jesus said,  “You shall tread on serpents.”  In reality all negative influences are under our feet.  Around 500 AD, the heavens began to prophesy this as Thuban slipped partially beneath Cepheus on the throne.  Polaris in the Zodiac of Cancer and sub-constellation Ursa Minor (Little Bear) became the North Star – This points to true North.  We covered in our first articles why North was important, and why the Scripture says God dwells on the side of the North.  The North star or Pole Star points to Yahushua (Jesus), signified by the celestial Cepheus on the throne.
Every spiritual revelation must have a basis in something literal.  The entity or energy called Satan has to be more than the carnal mind.  The carnal mind just happens to be a vehicle which allows that negative energy to flow through.  What part of the brain does Satan manifest himself through?  Is it not the Serpent/Dragon Brain?  The medical term is called, the R-complex or Reptile Brain.  It is the oldest part of the human brain, it does not think, it only acts and reacts.    This is where all the base emotions come from.  Modern psychologist say  these emotions can be summed up in the 4- F’s –  FEAR, FIGHTING, FLEEING & FUC#ING.  Unfortunately, a great deal of our society choose to live in that lower state most of the time.
Once humans are operating in whole brain synchronicity, the R-complex or Serpent Brain will become the Seraphim, fiery flying serpent/dragon within man again, unleashing unlimited wisdom and knowledge.  This was demonstrated in part on the day of Pentecost as the tongues of fire fell on the heads of the 120 gathered in the Upper Room.  The Upper Room represents the place of Higher Consciousness.
Take a look at the Wikipedia image of Draco or the serpent in your brain.  It is not far from the throne, the Pineal Gland.  We are beautifully and awesomely made to reflect the amazing Zodiac.  It’s all in you.




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  1. Thank you again! Excellent article (again)!

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    • Affirmative! That’s an excellent way of looking at it and explaining it.

    • Excellent! Thanks for reminding me, I need to do that.

  2. Am I correct in thinking that knowledge is neutral? When I read about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,it occurred to me that the knowledge is knowledge,that it is what it’s used for that determines the distinction between good and evil.Hence it is called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Am I on the right tract?
    Thanks you.



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