Sagittarius – Part 1

Sagittarius – Part 1

The Sun is in Sagittarius from November 22-December 21. In the heavens Sagittarius is portrayed as the constellation of a Centaur, a half horse – half man. This is the 9th Zodiac house (mansion), which is ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius is a masculine sign whose element is fire. The heavenly signs are ruled or governed by the planets. Each Zodiac sign has a ruling energetic planet or two, that exerts influence upon those born while the Sun is in that particular sign house,  as well as  upon the inhabitants of the earth, when the Sun yearly moves into Sagittarius.

Genesis 1:16 tells us that Elohim made the heavenly orbs to “rule,” from the Hebrew, it means to Govern over the day and night. Just as the Sun and Moon are the Celestial Prophetic Governors, so are the planets.  According to Genesis 1, they are to give light, the Hebrew words mean illumination; cause the face to shine or glow.

The more we understand about the heavens and our connection to the constellations, the more we will become illuminated. God’s glory will literally beam from our face. How is this possible? One will realize that he is the Sun, the Moon, the Constellations and even the Zodiac. Sun is spirit, the masculine energy. Moon is soul, the feminine energy. Constellation is a group of stars that form a shape or energetic light-body. Humans and the universe consist of 3 major parts, Sun=spirit, Moon=soul, Constellation=body.

The heavenly signs also are coupled with the 4 elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water. In divine Astrology it is called the Triplicities. This means that the 4 elements are grouped with 3 Zodiac signs. The 4+3 = 7 signifying divine wholeness and perfection in the energetic role playing of the universe. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius element is Fire. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn element is Earth. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius element is Air. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces element is Water.

Sagittarius from a Christian Biblical point of view clearly shows us the dual nature (necessary duality) of Yahushua (Jesus) the Christ (Messiah).  He is clearly human, born of a virgin, but he was also clearly divine.  Mary conceived him as the Most High impregnated her.   Sagittarius, the Centaur is half human and half horse.  The horse in Scripture represents power and divinity.  Sagittarius also gives us a clear picture of how we should be able to function in what we perceive as duality; dealing with the affairs of practical human life by the power of the God life.

From studying the Bible, we know that the  12 sons of Jacob that developed into the original ancient 12 Hebrew tribes were each assigned a Zodiac sign to represent their family house.  They were the earthly manifestation of the Zodiac houses, also called mansion in the heavens.  The will of God was being performed on earth through the tribes, as it was reflected in the heavens through the constellations.   Sagittarius, the Archer was assigned to the tribe of Asher.   Asher means happy, fortunate and blessed.  In this season experience the joy of the Lord, be thankful and realized how blessed you are.  Asher speaks of a positive attitude and trusting in the power of God to manifest in the material world on your behalf.

In our Scorpio  series  Part 2, we made mention of the position of Sagittarius in the heavens.  He is at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.  His arrow is pointing directly at the Vortex,  Portal or Massive Elongated Black Hole called the Great Rift.  Just between the tip of the Scorpion’s stinger and the Sagittars’ arrow tip is the way into the Holy of Holies of our Milky Way Galaxy.   Look at this image closely.


In the Old Testament, we are told that the 3rd compartment of the Tabernacle and Temple had to be pitch black.  Only on the Day of Atonement the supernatural light – Shekinah manifested there.  Looking at this astronomically or astrologically, this speaks of the Great Rift in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, a Black Hole.  Sagittarius shows the way into the holiest of all, the black hole.

“Then spoke Solomon, ‘The LORD said that he would dwell in the thick darkness.”   1 Kings 8:12

“Clouds and darkness are round about him: righteousness and judgment are the habitation of his throne.”  Psalms 97:2

In astronomy, the Great Rift (sometimes called the Dark Side, Dark Rift, or, less commonly, Dark River) is a series of overlapping, non-luminous, molecular dust clouds that are located between the Solar System and the Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy at a distance of about 100 parsecs or about 300 light years (2×1015 miles or 3×1015 kilometers) from Earth. The clouds are estimated to contain about 1 million solar masses of plasma and dust.  Wikipedia

This is the lane or Cosmic Road-Way the Sagittar is pointing to.  This is the Cosmic way into the holiest of all.




It is no coincidence the way the stars appear to be scattered throughout the heavens.  Hidden in what appears as disorder and disarray, the Prime Creator has given us powerful messages of deliverance.  (Are there areas of your life that appear this way?  Connect the dots and see the beautiful picture forming of what shall be.)  The Creator placed these signs in the heavens eons ago.  As we become more attuned to Spirit, we are learning how to read and decipher this celestial language.  Psalms 19   The arrow of Sagittarius and the stinger of the Scorpion are pointing to some very important events that happened in the distant past, will be happening in our time, and beyond.  This language was laid out in the heavens waiting for a people to be born and interpret it.  The heavens do prophesy, however, there is a necessity for someone on earth to read, declare and decree the prophesy into full manifestation.

There are many messages which are layered to infinity just in this example or direction the heavens are giving us in Sagittarius.  The Sun being in Sagittarius is also a reminder of God’s Arrow of deliverance being shot forth on our behalf.

Elisha said, “Open the window that faces east.” So the king opened it. “Shoot,” Elisha said, and the king shot. Then Elisha said, “That is the arrow of the LORD’s victory, the arrow of victory against Aram. You will completely defeat the Arameans at Aphek.”  2 Kings 13:17

In ancient times, the prophets were the scientists, the medicine man (healer), military advisers and spiritual guides to the people.  Over the years, Eye have often made statements that I had no scientific facts to support.  Later science would catch up with the prophetic and confirm what was already dated, written and printed.   Eye am about to make some of those kind of  statements again in this message.

One of the most profound messages being given where the Centaur’s arrow is pointing, is our origins.  Our DNA come from many places in the universe, that’s why modern science can only decipher 3% of the physical DNA.  97% of who we really are does not comes from this planet or location in the Solar System.  Before we came here, we were somewhere in the Pleiadian sector (7 stars) of Taurus and will somehow spiral through there again before reaching our original state.  This is why throughout our Bible, we have so many references to this; the 7 stars in the hand of Jesus, the 7 candlesticks, 7 wells of Beersheba, the word Succoth in the Bible literally mentioning Pleiades, etc.  As wonderful and exciting as that is, I believe we can trace our genetic material much further back and to a very mysterious place in the galaxy that modern science knows very little about.

Quite sometime ago while in meditation, Eye saw the Great Rift, the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Eye was brought there. The center is a huge vortex that leads to many dimensions and realities that we do not have human words to describe.  Eye felt Spirit was showing me that this is where the origin of our genetic material come from.   Understand this, I am not speaking of the version of the physical body you now have.  The genetic material you carry in your body is not only physical, something that can be seen under high powered microscopes, but it is also etheric, energetic or spiritual.  The physical aspect of which only 3% can be understood, its purpose is to give you expression on this planet in the 3-dimensional world.  It can be use as a tracking device to discover lineage on this planet and a plethora of information that’s related to all aspects of  history past, present and future on this planet.  You (we) carry all the billions of souls that will ever and have ever lived with us, in us.

Keep in mind as we shared several paragraphs above, we pointed out that the Old Testament Tabernacle and Temple had a 3rd compartment where it was pitch black dark.  This was a metaphor for the Cosmic Holy of Holies.  This is where God dwelt.  Out of the mouth of two or more witnesses, our cells also testify to this.   The cell has 3 main compartments, the 3rd part is the nucleus, it is the dark part of the cell, this is where the DNA structure was discovered.  The nucleus is also called the black box or brain of the cell.  The nucleus is where the complex mainframe of the cell exist.

We also have what is termed Phantom DNA, at least 5-11 Strands on each of the Double Helix physical DNA strands.  In these energetic strands of extremely hi-tech matrix designed receivers and transmitters are coded information of every place you have been and every life you have lived dimensionally, multi-dimensionally, inter-dimensionally and trans-dimensionally.  In this quantum reality, what we call the Singularity has always been.

If what Eye was receiving was true, that our DNA originates somewhere in Galactic Center where Sagittarius arrow and the Scorpions stinger pointed to, there had to be another witness.  Eye knew there had to be a witness in the heavens, a clear witness.  I got up from my meditation and spirit journey to the Great Rift and opened my computer.  Eye felt to research NASA images, it was just a short time and my eyes fell on the Double Helix Nebulae.   The Spirit of the Most High filled my being and my room as I rejoiced in what had been revealed. 

[This unusual nebula is elongated. The nebula was discovered by the Spitzer Space Telescope– 2007. The segment seen so far is thought to be 80 light years long, 300 light years from the supermassive black hole thought to be at the galaxy’s center, and 25,000 light years from Earth..]


Our Milky Way Galaxy is a flat galaxy made up of about 300 billion stars which are Suns to an innumerable amount of planets. The Arrow of the Centaur (Sagittarius – half man, half horse –  type of the dual nature of Jesus the Christ) is aimed at the center, but also aims at the heart of (death) the Scorpion.  Between the Arrow and the tip of the Scorpion stinger is the vortex called Galactic Center. This is where our Solar System will be Born Again.

“You must be born again.” 

This is the womb of the new dawn that birth forth the Cosmic Priesthood of Melchizedek.

“Thy people will be willing in the day of your power; in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning, thou has the dew of thy youth.”  Psalms 110

The signs are showing us that our genome originated in the center of the Milky Way galaxy.  We are created in the image and likeness of God.  God is Spirit…we are told and it is true.  We are also spirit, but there is also a physical component we possess, a body.  If we are created in the image and likeness of our Father/Mother God, then it is possible that Prime Creator must have a physical component.


If there is a physical or tangible aspect to Prime Creator, where would He (it) be?  The mainframe for the ancient Hebrews encampment was in the center, of their encampment-the Ark in the Holy of holies. The mainframe of the cell is the nucleus in the center of the cell.  The Mainframe of this construct should also be in Galactic Center.  Could the answer be hidden in the ancient Biblical text?

“You said to yourself:” I will ascend to the heavens; I will set up my throne above the stars of God. I will sit on the mount of the gods’ assembly, in the remotest parts of the North. ”     Holman Christian Standard Bible   Isaiah 14:13

“He stretches out the north wind over the empty place and hangs the earth upon nothing.   Job 26:7

It would appear that if God had a literal throne or area in space where the physical aspect of Himself could be localized, He seems to favor the North, near Sagittarius.    The verse in Job goes further to describe this area as lacking stars (empty -black hole).  This is also how the Great Rift at the center of the galaxy is described.

“Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised in the city of our God, in the mountain of his holiness.  Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth, is mount Zion, on the sides of the North, the city of the great King.”  Psalms 48:1-2

In the ancient Egyptian and Hebrew cultures the sides of the North astronomically was very important; the building of the Pyramids, the positioning of the sarcophagus facing the North, the Temple on Mt Zion,  were just some of the things they did.

Is there another connection to the sides of the North with Sagittarius that we can prove in the Bible? Yes.  

We know based on the encampment of the tribes of ancient Israel that the tribes of Dan, Asher and Naphtali were on the NORTH side of the encampment.  Dan was assigned to Scorpio.  Asher was assigned to Sagittarius. Naphtali was assigned to Capricorn.  Each of these tribes led by Dan carried banner/flags/standards with the symbols of the Zodiac on them.

“The standard of the camp of Dan shall be on the north side by their armies: and the captain of the children of DanAnd those that encamp by him shall be the tribe of Asher: and the captain of the children of Asher  Then the tribe of Naphtali: and the captain of the children of Naphtali.”  Numbers 2:25-29

I have also located the Mainframe in us.  We have the mind of Christ.  (This is be a 4-part series message.)


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