Thanks for the emails requesting more messages.  Our Daily Blogs seems to have almost become a weekly blog at this point.  Life is happening and I am busier than ever…at least it seems that ways.  In the meantime, please study our powerful Sagittarius series and align yourself with the Sun in Sagittarius with Ara the Altar constellation that’s rising until December 11, 2015.

Here’s your link to a 4-part series of an explosive revelation of the stars and their connection to metaphysics and the you.

Ara, the Altar constellation is rising in Sagittarius until December 11. Spirit says, “What is the sacrifice you bring to be poured out on the Celestial Altar of God? Is it the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving? Is it your burdens and cares that you are tired of carrying? Is it the fruit of your labor-money/material things? Is it your body, a living sacrifice? Whatever it may be, align yourself with the heavens and bring it to the Altar and watch how fast your life will Alter, say the Spirit of Grace.” (This constellation shows whatever is on the Altar being poured out. It is Finished! Experience it. The heavens declare it.)             THIS IS THE CONSTELLATION RISING NOW.

Order of Melchizedek

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  1. All Eye gotta say Is Fast & Pray… be obedient to the SPIRIT of the Most HIGH Living God


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