Saturn’s Influence

Saturn’s Influence

We are moving into another very critical time and space on the planet.  The prophetic art of understanding times and seasons gives us the ability to position ourselves to benefit from the blessings of the universe and also to prepare for the unpleasant things coming upon the land.  While we realize not everyone feels a calling to the ministry of intercession or light-work; we can all be aware.  The purpose for this article is to make you aware.

On November 6, 2015  ,   Eye gave you some Watch & Prayer Dates.  The dates are November 24-28, with November 26th being the high point.  We often post dates as a sign to confirm the spirit of prophecy, to warn, and to create intercession.  There are so many dynamics at work on the planet specifically at this time, unfortunately, most of them are malevolent in nature and if most knew what was really going on, they simply would not believe it.  Top scientists have acquire a level of technology beyond what most can allow themselves to even imagine.  The ancient Hebrew Prophet Daniel declared 2500 years ago, “knowledge (technology) shall be increased.”

“But you, Daniel, keep these words secret, and seal the book until the end times. Many will travel everywhere, and knowledge will grow.”  Daniel 12:4  God’s Word Translation

Today, November 24, 2015 brings us to the beginning of a massive energy shift building on the planet, that peaks on November 26.  This specific window will be open until November 28, and then began to wane. However, the effects will be long-lasting beyond November 28; as the residual energy take on many forms.

This energy can be used for “breakthroughs,”   moving beyond the limitations imposed by your own thinking or others.  Clear out the old energy and the old beliefs that limited you and caused you to feel stuck.   This is the official ending of a 3 year cycle many have been in.  Let it End!!!  Give yourself permission to move on to fulfill your destiny.


In the outer world, which is a reflection of mass consciousness, this energy will begin to manifest in  destructive manifestations through nature.   This means, you are about to see Major Events happening on the planet seemingly one after another.  Pray for our world and all the people.

Saturn in Sagittarius will Square off with Neptune in Pisces November 26 during the full Moon in Gemini on the cusp of Taurus, among many other movements of the heavens we don’t have time to mention hear.  The energy from these forces building will Unleash Major Storms…Winter Storms over the next few months.  Extreme Snowfall and Hail Storms.  Major Water Events (Flooding) and Tsunami events.


11/25/15 Category 3 Hurricane Forms off the Coast of Mexico –

11/28/15 Flooding, Snow & Ice Storm 9 Fatalities –

11/Eye see that we are also moving into a phase of a series of Major Earthquake registering over 8 and possibly up to 11 on the Richter scale-  Series of Powerful Volcano Eruptions.  The Watch Dates only set the time for this cycle to begin, but not limited to these dates.  

(41 Earthquakes hit the planet in 24 hrs since 11/24/15)

11/25/15 (2) 7.6 Major Earthquakes within 5 minutes apart strike Brazil & Peru – 

Eye see the heavens prophesying  increased religious tension as Saturn (Satan) antagonizes Neptune (religious faith, ideologies).  We are already seeing this with the increase violence against Muslims, as they are falsely blamed for the terrorists attacks orchestrated by non-Muslims seeking to accelerate WW3 and implement the New World Order.  This persecution against Muslims and other religions will intensify through the Fall of 2016, creating hate, extreme violence and senseless acts of mass murders.  The evil ones will continue to use this energy to advance their plans for WW3 and creating a false need for a New World Order.  They have tried many False Flag Events involving Mass Murder disguised as Islamic Terrorism, but have been prevented.  However, soon one will go through.  The purpose is to create more hate and FEAR,  hoping to force the American people to agree with more wars (human sacrifices-disguised as religious wars)   Saturn will not move from “squaring off” with Neptune in Pisces until after September 10, 2017.  


/(This energy is also manifesting to uncover racial tension – Saturn is forcing humanity to deal with the issues hidden deep in the /heart.  Everything must be brought to the surface to give us the opportunity to change it or remain stuck in old limited paradigms.)


Take Notice And Learn a Prophetic Parable of the Heavens:  Saturn (Satan) is squaring or opposing Neptune (God of the sea).  Where is Neptune now stationed?  In the Zodiac sign house of Pisces, the Fishes!  Where do fish live?  In the sea (Neptune’s realm).  What Zodiac Age are we ending?  The Age of Pisces-the Age of Religion, Faith and all the Good things that came from it.  “I will make you Fishers of men.”  Each Zodiac Age last just over 2000 years.  The Zodiac symbol of the Christian Church is the Fish (Pisces).  Christianity & Islam were birth during the Piscean Age.  Saturn (Satan) is squaring them off against each other as we end the Piscean Age and transit into the Age of Aquarius.  The evil ones intent is to destroy Faith in the Almighty and raise up humanism as the next great religion.

The heavens do not lie, they tell the future story when we understand how to read them.  They also give us a chance to Change It.  We do not have to experience the full impact of the coming persecution of against both Muslims and Christians being orchestrated by the same wicked zionist.   The plan is to further divide these (2) groups and create more distrust and hate between them.  The evil ones know that if they stood together, their humanistic New World Order does not have a chance.  Unfortunately,  most Christian yet can not identify the real threat and enemy, thus, they choosing to remain in blindness, assist their captors and seek the destruction of an ally.   ARE YOU AWAKE YET???!!!!


Now on an even more sinister note.  Over the years, we have written about Saturn and the connection with the dark side.  In mythology, Saturn represents the entity we call Satan.  It is the beautiful planet with rings that we all learned about in grade school.  Saturn is the 6th planet from the Sun and the 2nd largest known planet in our Solar System; based on revised history and science of the cosmos.  Saturn has 62 known moons and 9 rings.  It’s mass is 95 times that of Earth.

There is a perpetual giant hurricane at Saturn’s North Pole.  It is 60 miles deep and over 20,000 miles wide, with an embedded pyramid/triangle formation.   The giant pyramid itself is larger than Earth.  There is something else most unusual about this cloud cover so called, “White Spot,”  it has the perfect shape of a Hexagon, it is 6-sided.  

The hexagon is used in black magic occult.  To “hex” someone means to cast a spell on them, deceived them; put them under your control.  The 6 sides or 6 pointed star is Pre-Hebrew – Pre-King David and goes back to Saturn (Satan).  What nation uses the 6 pointed star on their flag that has put a hex on the whole world?   Many Church proudly and ignorantly wave that flag.  Many Christians under the spell of the synagogue of Satan ignorantly wear their symbol, agreeing with the deception and pledging to remain under their control.  That powerful deceptive occult symbol is now called the Star of David, but had nothing to do with David.  It is very difficult for people that have been bewitched and under a spell to hear the truth.  Spells, hexes can be broken.

I believe the swirling cloud cover over Saturn is a portal to things unimaginable and some of the ancient creatures that were once on Earth, but  are now in planetary prisons under chains of darkness.  I am not alone in this belief that Eye have written about many times over the years.


Some of the smartest people on the planet also believe this.  As a matter of fact, the dark occult scientists at CERN are turning up the Large Hadron Collider from 14, 40 TeV (Trillion Electron volts) to 1148 TeV as I write this article.  From November 23-December 13, CERN will be accelerating and colliding particles.  Their focus is on Saturn, they seek to open the portal where the giant hurricane covers the giant pyramid  and bring in more entities.  These entities are possibly trapped in the giant pyramid greater than the size of Earth, cloaked by a perpetual swirling clouds. 



Why is this period so important?  Without going into much details, those who understand the dark side of the Kabbalah and dark occult mysticism know – when  the Sun is  in Sagittarius it is one of the most favorable times for conjuring evil forces.  (As that is true for the darkside, so it is for the Light workers, call upon your angels.) Everything in the universe is governed by the movements of the heavens.  This information is actually conceal in your Bible, this Book contains all the occult secrets.  Some of this mystery is hidden in the names of the sons and grandsons of Asher.  The Tribal Leader of the tribe of Asher was name Sethur.   The tribe of Asher was assigned to the Zodiac sign house of Sagittarius.  (See our book TribeOscope for details)

Sethur means hidden, occult… it has the numeric value of 666.  It is the ONLY name in the Bible with the gematria of 666.   Is not the cloaked number at CERN 666 also?   Sethur is mentioned ONLY once in the Bible.  He is the son of Michael (Who is like God.?) which is another mystery.  

“Of the tribe of Asher, Sethur the son of Michael.”     Numbers 13:13

Did you notice the other hidden clues?   The Book of Numbers (numerology)   13:13       Where else do we find the same number 666 in the Bible?   Ezra 2:13    2 Chronicles  9:13       Revelation 13:18    Is it coincidence that the ONLY places where the number 666 is found in the Bible, the chapters and or verses have the number “13” in it?   Is it also coincidence that CERN will end this round of experimenting on December 13?   NO!!  None of this is coincidence or conspiracy theory, it is well planned conspiracy facts.  They are very much aware of the movements of the planets, they are astro-physicists.  If they are successful, there will probably be some type of Plasma Burst looking similar to the Northern Lights- Aurora Borealis, but will be viewed around the world.  Perhaps the cover story will state that it is related to a solar flare.

Keep in mind their focus is on Saturn and Saturn in mythology is a type of Satan.  The Greeks called him Cronos, the Romans called him Saturn.  It is mid December that the festival of the Roman Saturnalia is celebrated, “tis the season to be jolly.”  It was a season of partying, rejoicing due to the abundance (materialism), drunkenness and wild sex orgies. It was the celebration of Saturn (Satan), while the Sun was yet in Sagittarius, just before it moved to Capricorn.  The Christmas season and Christmas became the replacement for a Satanic holiday season and the way it is celebrated today has not changed.  By the way, Jesus was born during the feast of Tabernacles, not in December.

Eye have mentioned many things in this article.  You that know how to pray and believe in your prayers can help us change and soften the impact of these things.  If you have not ordered our bookTribeOscope yet, do so it will definitely help you to understand that the Bible is also a Book of Divine Astrology.  TribeOscope reveals prophetic information about you individually, but as you understand it better, you will be able to use it as I do to decipher other mysteries.

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