Science Behind the Sacred Dance

Science Behind the Sacred Dance

It is Tishrei 21, the 7th day of the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) and I am jumping around rejoicing in my sukkah. The Voice from the heavens of my higher consciousness shouts, “Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men (humans) and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people. God Himself will be with them and be their God.”

What an awesome promise and prophetic word. This is the full realization of ALL that we call GOD or know of as Creator lives in us and we in Him. There is no separation between the two, that’s one of the most important points about the 7th Feast of the 7th month on the biblical Calendar. The acknowledgement and prophetic rehearsal of this biblical holiday is very powerful and aligns us with the will of God being done in the heavens and manifesting on earth. The realization of this Oneness is expressed most effectively in the sacred dance or rhythmic movement in unrestrained worship.

In Leviticus 23, Yahweh told us how we should celebrate this festival. It is a 7 day feast (party) with an extra day added, making it 8 days. This was the most mystical holidays on God Calendar that started on the 15th day of the 7th month. The Moon had to be full, so that we could receive the full effects and influences to empower the realm the of soul. The Sun had to be in Libra, for further bring balance between soul and spirit to have a powerful affect on the physical person.

Many years ago, I was exposed to people that kept the feast, but for some strange reason, they thought they were suppose to sit silently, meditate in their sukkahs (booths) for 7-8 days. I was invited as a speaker among others speakers for the 8 day event. To say it nicely, I guess I kinda shook things up and frightened a few. I was there to party and they were there to sit silently and look sanctimoniously as the speaker gave their messages.

This is our season of rejoicing, even if you think you have nothing to be excited about; get excited. Yahweh told the people they were to dance, spin with violent emotions until they became silly and literally gaga. In other words, be filled and drunk with the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, they were to GIVE Offerings like they had lost their minds during those days. They were prophesying with their gifts, tithe and offerings the super abundance that would be released throughout the years, as this is the 1st month of the year on the biblical calendar.

“Speak to the children of Israel, saying: ‘The fifteenth day of this seventh month shall be the Feast of Tabernacles for seven days to the LORD…and ye shall rejoice (sa-makh means, to be giddy, glad, light-headed, etc) before the LORD your God seven days…It shall be a statute for ever in your generations: ye shall celebrate (kha-gag means, to stagger, reel to and fro, spin, dance, etc) it in the seventh month.” Leviticus 23:34, 40-41

If you don’t see people acting like the verse above in your Church services or gatherings; you might be in a ‘dead church.’ If you don’t experience this regularly, you might be spiritually dead and needing to be revived. The command from Yahweh to these African Hebrew people to celebrate this way was not a culture thing. Apart from the heighten spirituality that comes with totally abandoning yourself in worship/praise, there are tremendous physical and emotional benefits.

Modern science is catching up with ancient biblical spiritual science. Throughout the Bible God instructs, encourages and actually commands us to celebrate in what the ancients call, “the sacred dance.” Psalms 150, 2 Samuel 6:14 Modern Western concept of spirituality omits and do not understand the spiritual and physical dynamics of what happens when you get your body moving in a rhythmic as a group, especially when your Intent is focused toward Him.


Minister Fabian Barbosa in San Diego sent me this first article a few days ago during this Sukkot season.

“The human body releases endorphins for pain relief. They are not addictive but are powerful — in fact, Road to Health reports that endorphins are anywhere from 18 to 500 times as powerful as painkillers made in a lab. The body releases endorphins during periods of physical activity, resulting in feelings of well-being and sometimes, euphoria. While nearly any kind of physical activity has the potential to release endorphins, DANCING is particularly effective.

Another study found that students who enrolled in a waltzing class not only improved health, they wound up happier than those who participated in treadmill and bicycle training because of the body’s endorphin release. In addition, because dancing to music bonds people together, it helps create an emotional high…Improve balance with higher intensity by using Latin or Jazz music..

Psychology Today recommends leaving your inhibitions at the door and focusing on having fun rather than harboring potentially unrealistic expectations concerning ability. It doesn’t matter what style of dance you choose.

According to Road to Health, listening — and dancing — to music you love enhances endorphin production every day. Read the rest of the article here ~~ DOES DANCING RELEASE ENDORPHINS?

Turn on your Gospel, Christian, Spiritual or lively Positive Soul, Hip-hop, Salsa music and dance your way back to health, out of depression. Dance everyday like nobody’s watching. If you are confined to a bed or chair, move your upper body or head. The Endorphins released in your brain are 500 times more powerful that Painkiller. To my pot-head, crack-head and alcohol drinking friends/brethren out there. You want to get high, put the cannabis, crack or alcohol away and tap into Spirit – engage in unrestrained uninhibited worship/praise a few moments. It is proven fact you can release Endorphine, and feel high without killing brain cells you already can’t afford to lose.

Look how hard your brain is working to keep you happy


Divine Intelligence in the form of Protein is working hard in your brain to make you happy.
What you see above is a Myosin Protein dragging an endorphin along a filament to the inner part of the brain’s parietal cortex which creates happiness. Happiness. You’re looking at happiness. Imagine living on a high frequency in the Spirit, so high your brain is filled with Myosin Protein dragging and running with endorphines.

Have you ever seen someone on “crack,” “LSD,” or “PCB”? They are bouncing off the wall. They get shot by someone or the police and keep running, they feel no pain while under the influence of those drugs.

“Endorphins are a whole class of NTs, so it is not just one kinds of molecule (like dopamine is) but a variety of molecules with similar ‘shapes’ and (usually) similar functions. The endorphins are a type of molecule called ‘peptides’, which means they are larger molecules and related in structure to proteins.”


Ok, I have shown you what happens when you dance, endorphines are released, they are God’s natural Painkillers he has placed in your brain. For most of us, I believe if we’d simply follow Biblical Prescriptions (worship/praise, dancing, shouting, positive outlook), there would be no need for Pharmaceuticals, street drugs or long-term “plant” dependencies. The Creator wants you “high” – “stoned” – “drunk” everyday. The only good Christians is a Stoned Christian.

I used to work the streets doing outreach ministry and preaching on street corners. I hung out with the homeless, drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes and literally was threatened with death by pimps for taking their women off the streets back in the day. It’s nothing like seeing the forgotten, rejects, and social outcasts transformed by the power of Jesus and rejoicing in Him. Do you remember…? The word “dope” was used back them for hard drugs. Why “dope”? It’s because drugs trigger Dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is another natural chemical in your brain the Creator blessed us with that makes you feel high, happy and opens you to an alternate reality (spirit-world). It is not necessary to use poisonous chemical (drugs) to activate and raise your dopamine levels – to get high, buzzed or baked.


“Many of us already know that our moods are produced by, and vacillate according to, a complex combination of neurochemicals in our brains. There are four big ones – for our purposes, we’ll call them the SEEDs – Serotonin, Epinephrine, Endorphins, and Dopamine. Each of these mood-determining neurochemicals comes into play when we exercise in any way at all. I’ll run through them quickly for the neuro-curious, but keep reading for my suspicions as to why hooping may deliver them in a near-perfect prescription!

And let’s say I add to that neurochemical, engaged, and creative dancing frenzy … the most ancient, spiritual, and encompassing symbol of all time. Let’s imagine that I’m dancing inside, outside, within, without, and with … a circle. Aren’t I pouring the best of what my brain can chemically produce into a feedback loop that, across cultures and time, universally reflects unity, wholeness, and return to self? My magic 8 ball says “All signs point to YES!” Read full article ~~~ DANCING WITH DOPAMINE & SPINNING WITH SEROTONINE

What am I saying in all of this. The Creator instituted “set times” which are given to us in the Bible. “Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favour her, yea, the set time, is come.” Psalms 102:13
You have everything within you to be happy, joyful and live a pain free life, depending on nothing but the Spirit-Intelligence God has already placed in your body and brain. This Intelligence is activated through music, singing, and dancing. We were designed to live ‘high’ in the Spirit, that high energetic frequency that takes us away from this world of illusion and connects us with the Most High. Choose to BE HAPPY.

“Don’t drink too much wine. That cheapens your life. Drink the Spirit of God, huge draughts of him. Sing hymns instead of drinking songs! Sing songs from your heart to Christ. Sing praises over everything, any excuse for a song to God the Father in the name of our Master, Jesus Christ.” Ephesian 5:18-20 Message Bible

“And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit;” Ephesian 5:18 KJV

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  1. The Creator wants you “high” – “stoned” – “drunk” everyday. The only good Christians is a Stoned Christian.

    Lol get high and drunk in the Holy Ghost

    Praise God

    Psa 139:14
    I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

    Amazing the Divine intelligence but the protein is leading endorphin the word I say let it be on earth as it is in heaven. Let It Be on the inner earth (body) as it is on Earth.

    That is amazing as the heavens declare and we align ourselves so we praise and worship and as we praise and worship in their physical bodies within our body the protein strolls as is dancing and in a good mood. God’s Divine intelligence is so awesome.

    • Amen! We gotta stay ‘high’ like the Most High. 🙂

  2. This post gives ” light” and understanding to a complete set of issues that some have had to ” giving God a ” crazy praise” well David praised God in in the dance and all was well . I thank you for your revelation of what dance does for the physical body and the spiritual one ! Always be blessed and know your work for the kingdom is needed and enjoyed . Blessings !

    • Yes! with all that’s within us.


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