SEC Votes To Freeze Money Market Funds

SEC Votes To Freeze Money Market Funds


The Securities and Exchange Commission voted 3 to 2 to adopt a set of new rules for money market funds, a $2.6 trillion industry where ordinary individuals and sophisticated institutions alike park their money. The rules come after years of debate among regulators and lobbying from Wall Street.

The delays to withdrawals that funds will be able to impose during crises could introduce new problems, said Kara M. Stein, an S.E.C. commissioner. At the agency’s meeting on Wednesday, she argued that sophisticated investors would be able to sense trouble brewing and move to withdraw their money before the delays are imposed. Investors, she said, would have “a strong incentive to rush to redeem ahead of others,” creating a run on the fund and potentially on other funds as well.

“Ultimately, this contagion could freeze the wholesale funding markets in much the same way as occurred during the recent financial crisis,” said Ms. Stein, who voted against the rules.  Read more here ~

Are You Awake Yet??!!   Can’t you see the red flags everywhere?  The vote to Freeze your Money Market Funds is a nice way of telling you they are about to confiscate, steal your money right before your eyes.  This is the “Bail In”  that we have been mentioning over the past year.  The government is too broke to bail the banks out again, so those who have not exchange their paper money that’s tied up in Money Markets, IRA, 401k, etc to Gold, will be bailing the banks out with their savings..bail in.  Watch this short video interview:

I am not a financial adviser, but we do not suggest you transfer your savings into any Paper Money Account.  Everything in Paper, the Banks can steal.  We strongly suggest you Roll Over your Paper Money Market Savings into Affordable, Usable 24k LBMA Karatbars Gold Bullion.  This is the highest quality of Gold on the planet, the type that has been used to settle debt and insure wealth for over 5000 years.

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Act Now!  Don’t allow your money to bail them out with a bail in.

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