Shall We Keep On Looking…?

Shall We Keep On Looking…?

Deception, fear and confusion seems to be the choice weapons used against humanity from the beginning of what we know of as time.  No matter how far a person tries to remove himself away from what we may call God, religion or spirituality, he is sure to run into Him – it again and again.  No matter how far a person try to remove what we call God, religion or spirituality from the human experience, He and it will find you again and again.

Truth can not be silenced by tyrants, dictators or religious leaders, it will whisper it’s messages through the morning breeze.  Truth can not be quelled or replaced by modern technology; science itself will unknowingly testify of its existence.   Philosophy and humanism with all of its arrogance can not explain away Truth as some debunked theory; their own rhetoric entraps them, as they try to dismiss the Unexplainable.

Yahushua (Jesus) told us 2000 years ago when His disciples asked him what would be the signs of the end of the Piscean Age, “Be careful that no one deceives you.”  That was the first thing he said, he warned about a spirit of great deception that would lead to fear and confusion.  This is being played out in every aspect of life, we see this especially in our American politics…but my main concern is what I have noticed among the Believers over the past decade that has increased. 

I am sure that each of our spiritual encounter is different, but I have been disturbed and yet wonder how someone who has had an experience with Him can deny His ever existence.  There is a movement that seems to be growing and growing in deception.  These are people that once testified of life changing experiences with Jesus the Christ, but now seem to question if He ever existed.  Actually some boldly preach that He never existed and that He was only and allegory, a fable, a myth.  Furthermore, all the Biblical historical characters were allegories, in their new founded revelation based in deception.  Run from those who preach/teach such deception, less you become contaminated.

In our search for true spirituality and truth, if pride and self service is the motivation for “revelation knowledge” deeper truth, one will easily fall into the trap of deception and confusion.    Eye can hear the voice of Rabbi Paul reverberating through the portals of time shouting, 

“O ye Foolish 21st century Christians/Believers/People, who has bewitched you, put you under a spell to control and confused your mind, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes (personal experience) Jesus Christ hath been openly set forth and crucified among us?  This is a spiritual work that started with your faith, do you now think you can finish it by works, knowledge and denying your own experiences from the past?  Do you think you can add to what has already been done?”   Galatians 3 (Order of Melchizedek Version)

While John the Baptist was in prison waiting to get beheaded, he heard about all of the miracles Jesus (Yahushua) was performing. He sent his disciples  and told them to ask a very specific question:  “Are You The Messiah That Was Prophesied About, Or Shall We Keep On Looking For Another One?”   Jesus answered by performing more miracles.   Matthews 11

Many years BI (Before Internet), I was led to the library to study world religions.  I was kinda being a bad boy,  the church I was a part of was very strict and we were instructed not to even read other religions literature.  Of course, the leaders meant well and tried to protect us from deception and confusion.  My research was to not find out what we disagreed on and how I could better debate and refute their belief, as I had skillfully done in the past.  I was looking for the similarities and guess what, I found them and lots of them.  Since Light had come, I had to change my theological stance, which I had no problem with.  “If we walk in the Light as He is the Light, we have fellowship one with another.”  However, I found that with revelation comes isolation…but the exciting part is, it also brings divine manifestations. 

Many years ago I sat with Buddhists for fellowship and discussion on spirituality and came to realize they did not worship the pot belly Buddhist statue as many Christians believe.  The statue served as a reminder of the potential of enlightenment and spirituality in all of us.  I further learned that many of the miracles Jesus performed were in fulfillment of ancient Buddhist prophecies given by the Buddha (Enlighten one) himself, nearly 500 years before Christ.   Here is one such prophecy that’s been tucked away in the Buddhist Museum of Asia.   Here again is the answer to John the Baptist question and further proof Jesus was not an allegory, fiction created by Rome or any other man.  It’s a Buddhist prophecy.



For those of you who might have struggled with the  beautiful heavy accented reading of the holy text, below is most of it in text format for you to read.   Shall we keep on looking for another…?  I think not. It is only through Jesus (Yahushua) the unending karmic cycle of reincarnation can be broken…Being born again from above – of water and Spirit.   If you listened closely, the Buddha even prophesied about the coming of the Holy Spirit to fill all.


During the same era of my searching and research I sat with many religious groups, seeking to understand the truth of what makes us all believe …. in that Great Spirit.  While living in Saskatchewan, I went to the neighborhood Indian store to buy spices and food to prepare my evening meal.  On the walls of this shop were huge paintings that looked as if they came straight out of the book of Revelation.  I lost my appetite for food, as the shop owner and I became engulfed in  fellowship over the meanings of the paintings.  He share what they meant in Hinduism, as I share from the Christian prophetic perspective.

I came to find out that my understanding of the 30 million gods of Hinduism was a bit off.   But even more importantly to me were the prophecies given 3000 years before Christ.  Many years ago I read the Vedas (Knowledge), holy books of Hinduism.  The overall message was the same message of the Bible.  God, Satan, good, evil, fallen humanity, judgment and the prophecy of someone coming to save humanity and return us to our former estate.  Of course, the names are all different, being it is written in Sanskrit, older than the Hebrew language.

Who is the Son of God that was prophesied about 3000 years before the birth of Christ in the ancient Vedas – It states that Isha Putra  would be called Isha Masiha (Jesus Christ/Messiah) –  Isn’t that exciting?!!  This same Jesus (Yahushua) Isha –  Messiah – Masiha was prophesied by name in the Sanskrit language 3000 before he was born.  Here again we answer the skeptics and those who feel they have evolved to some high and lofty level of spiritual understanding.  From (2) ancient religions that predate Christianity, we have them prophesying of the literal Messiah.  Shall we keep on looking for another?  I think not.

It is a conspiracy fact that there are those that want to further Divide people of Faith in their attempt to literally do away with God and holy books (Bible, Koran, Vedas, etc).  Christians against Muslims, Muslims against Judaism, Hindus against Buddhists, etc.  This is a well planned strategy to create disguised religious wars based in Politics.  There is an attack on all religious figures; Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, etc.   Man want to set himself up as the only god…But He who sits in the heavens will have the last laugh.  Psalms 2

(Keep in mind we are not promoting any “religion,”  especially not modern day western Christianity.  It is Truth that set humanity free and that Truth is one called Jesus, his Hebrew name Yahushua.)


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