Sistine Chapel Virtual Tour

Sistine Chapel Virtual Tour

Come join us on a tour of the Sistine Chapel this Sunday morning. We can appreciate the art, even though the characters looked nothing like Michaelangelo’s wonderful rendition. Turn up your volume and experience this 3 minutes guided tour.

If you’d like to take your time to tour and experience the choir more after the 3 minutes tour,¬†click the link below the video. Stay as long as you’d like and experience the choir. (Use your mouse to navigate, left click hold while moving around the Chapel).

I’m feeling this, I need to take it slow, give me more – Please click the link below:

PRAYER REQUEST: I had a dream/vision last night 2/21/15 – Eye saw a VOLCANO ERUPTION -soon. Eye saw, it appeared as a dormant volcano that woke up, it appeared near a city/town. Eye was taken there, but I don’t know for sure if it was in USA. Eye saw stones, rocks and ash fall on the town/city. I was running with the people to bring them to safety, it will happen in daylight hours. [Eye saw that prayer/meditation can limit the impact of this eruption.]

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