Solar Flare Word Confirmed

Solar Flare Word Confirmed

During the dawn of the New Moon of the 6th month Elul (August 25, 2014), Eye was engaging the Spirit realm.  Each New Moon is a new beginning and portals are many times more easily accessed during certain movements of the heavens.  Eye was shown things – mostly coming world events and told things regarding the  importance of this month of  Elul 2014 and Elul’s of the following years.  At the end of my experience, Eye was taken to the surface of the Sun and told to seal this word and confirm it by releasing Solar Flare.   I posted this overview of what was spoken and shown on Face Book August 26, 2014:

“Eye heard Spirit say this ELUL, the 6th month that we have just entered on the Biblical Calendar will be like none other. Eye see that it is very important that you position yourself steadfast in Spirit & Word over the next 30-40 days. Keep your Eye open and watch for there will be many clues and revelations being uncovered for those who desire to see. There will be shifting (governments changing their positions) and shaking (earthquakes), the war efforts are increasing. As you see all of this, know that it is time to prepare for the next phase or next level of what’s about to be birth in you. Out of the turmoil, distress of nations and chaos, will I bring forth my Peace, but it must began with My people. Your King is moving about you and in you in a greater measure as of this day, Elul1. An increase of Spirit energy is flooding the earth nowEye will give you a sign and will demonstrate it with a Solar Flare during this period. (The King is in the field).”
Anthony Moise from Dubai, UAE messaged me this morning  9/4/14 -“Prophet John here is a confirmation on your Solar Flare word”
The energy in space affects everyone on the planet, our heart determines if it is positive or negative.  The Corona Mass Ejection was directed toward Earth,  it should be hitting the planet today and over the next few days with mysterious plasma particles from deep within the Sun.  Absorb this light energy and make it apart of your being.  Eye was shown many years ago that the Solar Flares of this time period we are living in would interact with our DNA and assist with our transformation.
If you are familiar with Sun gazing, do some an hour before sunset or an hour just after sunrise over the next few days.  (Do not gaze for an hour, only several seconds during that time with intent, according to your experience and level of comfort in sun-gazing).  “If your Eye be single (healthy) your whole body will be filled with Light.”
Through Sun-gazing, especially a few days after a Solar Flare erupts on the Sun, our atmosphere is filled with light particles that we can more easily be taken in directly through the eyes, thus, stimulating the pineal gland (3rd Eye) and other glands.  Many years ago Spirit gave me this Scripture-  “To those who reverence my name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings (literally flares/rays from the Sun). ”  Malachi 4  So we see that during this awesome time when there are signs in the Sun, Moon and stars; there is literally healing or particles of radioactive energy from the Sun that releases healing in the physical body and longevity.   We have preached this for many years and modern science is recently suggesting the same thing.
We often interpret the energy in space that affects the earth.  More than a decade ago, when Eye started to do space weather or prophesy about space-weather, the angels taught me  that whenever there is a Solar Flare directed toward earth that energy affects humans, animals, plants, weather and everything on the planet.  Over the years we have interpreted the energy accurately and posted many events before they came to be.
The energy from this Solar Flare is confirming the  word/vision given to me, but is also going to be the trigger for some extreme manifestations in people’s attitude and weather patterns over the next several months-some of which we have already mentioned in prior writings. 
Eye see this energy affecting negative people who are borderline disturbed, mental disorders and psychopaths will be acting out more with violence and rage.  This will also manifest in the ever expanding  war theatres around the world.  You will see world leaders seemingly “go off” with threats and rants.    Riots, Protest & Rage as more incidences happen involving police and citizens. 
Eye see  a plan being hatched to kill a politician (not the president).
Without going into details, we encourage people to prepare for EXTREME weather.   Eye see strong winds soon to blow across the nation, Tornadoes, Hurricanes.   Eye am yet seeing another Extreme winter of Cold, Ice & Snow-affecting USA & Europe with big swaths of land under ice/snow.  Before Spring 2015 is over, this nation will have seen (2) big Earthquakes, earthquakes on both East & West coasts.
BOMBO GENESIS STORM – November 2014 –

5.1 EARTHQUAKE STRIKE OFF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA COAST – (This could have been much worse)  January 1, 2015 –

Eye only serve as a messenger, an interpreter and forecaster of what EYE see.  The Lord will do nothing (allow nothing to happen on the planet) before He reveals it to His servants, the prophets.    As always, we know the power of prayer and intercession can change things and or lessen the impact of things.   
Catch the energetic wave from the Sun and ride it to a greater place of Light.
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  1. The solar flare looks like a huge HEART! With a Man of Light in the center of it…..His left hand raised.


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