Songs of Ascent – Part 1

Songs of Ascent – Part 1

This is the 8th day of Tabernacle/Sukkot, the Great Day and we are rejoicing and singing the Psalms of Ascent.  This has truly been a blessed season of rejoicing.  We have returned from our conference in San Diego, CA where we had a glorious time feasting on Him and experiencing His Power.  The kingdom of God is not in word (revelation knowledge) only, but demonstration of the power of the Holy Ghost.  “These signs shall follower those who believe.”  I believe and we saw and experienced the supernatural signs.

The Book of Psalms is one of the most favorite books in the Bible for Believers and non-believers. This was the hymnal for the Old Testament Church as well as the New. This book was actually divided into 5 books, or sections, divinely inspired and put together. The first 5 books  of the Bible are called the Torah (teachings of the law), which are parallel to the 5 divisions of the Book of Psalms.

This book teaches us Worship, Wisdom, and Warfare. It exalts the Creator and declares that all creation, even nature must praise Him. It also speaks about blessings,  sin, evil, justice and judgment, and of course, the coming Messiah. The Book of Psalms was written by several prophetic psalmist over a span of 1000 years, 73 of the psalms are attributed to David; the beloved psalmist of Israel. This Prayer Book opens with a benediction, “Blessed is the man,” and ends with Praises and Glory to God.


Toward the end of this great book are 15 Psalms (songs that were sang with musical instruments), Psalms numbers 120-134. These were called Songs of Degrees or Ascent. They are short, but carry very powerful mystical messages for those who have an ear to hear. While we wont have the time to deal with these psalms individually in this writing, I would like to share some information and revelation about why they were named such.

We will be looking at the principle of Ascending. As stated earlier, the Book of Psalms has 5 sections. The Songs of Ascent are in the 5th section, which corresponds with the Book of Deuteronomy; which means, Words, or repeated Words.

We know that Yahushua (Jesus) the Christ came as the Living Word 2000 years ago, but we are expecting and experiencing a Repeat, Second Coming of the Living Word literally and also materialized in our flesh, (Words). With the full revelation of the Christ in us, we will be able to move on out of this wilderness of limited expressions, into Fullness.

Why were they called Songs of Ascent?

(1) The psalms were written prophetically  for spiritual pilgrims, a people that were not satisfied with their current state of being or expressing a limited measure of God. The songs foreshadowed those  that would not make a religion or denomination out of their experience and camp there. They were written for those who are moving from glory to glory; ever ascending to higher heights and dimensions of Spirit.

In Deuteronomy 16:16 God commanded the “called out ones” to appear before Him 3 times a year. The Feast of Passover, Feast of Pentecost and the Feast of Tabernacles (In-gathering). As most of you know, that represents our 3 major experiences with and in God. Most of the Believers today only know about 2 experiences, (Passover=Salvation and Pentecost=Baptism of the Holy Ghost). Thank God that there are some of us, who are beginning to understand and experience Tabernacles=Fullness.

As Israel “went up”  to Jerusalem to observe the Feasts, they sang these 15 songs on the way. Each song represents a higher dimension in God. The New Testament tells us that we are being changed from one degree of Glory to another. As we come together during the feasts of the Lord, there is an Acceleration and a Release of Christ within us, the hope of Glory.

(2) The Book of Ezra deals with the return of the captives (called out ones), after being exiled in Babylon for 70 years. Ezra 7. According to Ezra chapter 2, there were 42,360 of the captives that returned to Jerusalem. History says that the captives sang the 15 Songs of Ascent as they journeyed back to Jerusalem. I can imagine they must have sang each of them (Psalms 120-134) 100 times as they came weeping and rejoicing to their homeland.

The Babylon (confusion) of Religion, Economics and Politics are Fallen. The cry is being made, “Come out of her my people.” There is an exodus taking place, the true Church has been held captive long enough. This is the Shmitah, year of Release. Eye can hear the Spirit crying out, “LET MY PEOPLE GO!”  Religion as you see it today is rapidly coming to an End.

The trumpet has sounded, the alarm is heard throughout the land, it’s been decreed in the heavens by the Watchers and soon you will see a manifestation in the Earth. Just as the Berlin Wall fell seemingly overnight, so shall it be with Babylon in one day, she shall be dealt with.

“It’s already done, says the Lord. The ax is laid to the root, it’s already dried up. The roots have been destroyed, the trunk and branches shall wither away. Now behold the plantings of the Lord which shall not be moved, they are planted by the rivers of My Spirit. The redeem of the Lord are returning, they are coming singing songs birthed by my Spirit, which causes them to ascend in Me. Return unto Zion, with everlasting joy and gladness, for this is a day of joy, not sadness. Rejoice at the fall of Babylon. Rejoice as you ascend up to Zion, says the Lord!!” Hal–le-lu- Yah!!


(3) In the Court area of Solomon’s Temple there was a stairway that had 15 Steps, parallel to the 15 Songs of Ascent. The 15 Steps led upward, from the Court of Men to the Court of Women. “Wisdom, she cries out from the high places.”  Proverbs 8   This is the ascent of all creation, the court of women (female) represents, returning to the origins of creation and the return of expressing our full creative abilities.

“O my dove, that’s in the clefts of the rock, in the Secret Places of the Stairs, let me see your countenance, let me hear your voice; for sweet is your voice, and your countenance is comely.” Song of Solomon 2:14

One of the “Secret of Solomon’s Winding Staircase” is the connection of the divine masculine to the divine feminine within. An aerial view of Solomon’s Temple would have revealed the imagine of a man sitting, the dome being the head. The secret places of the winding stairs represented the Double Helix DNA strand and all the secrets it hold. The stairways consisted of 15 steps.

In the mysterious verse above, the Bride shares what the Bridegroom said to her. He lets her know that her true identity is concealed in the “secret places of the stairs.” This is a 15 step program/experience, summed up in 3 major encounters, which was revealed only during the Feast of Tabernacles.   The  stairways were hidden from public view.   ARE YOU AWAKE YET??!!  

The release of the fullness of the Holy Spirit (dove), is the activation of your dormant DNA – that unknown 97% of you that scientist call, “junk or junk DNA.”  It is in those secret places of  JACOB’S DNA LADDER  where our true identity lies and the unlimited power of creation.  Just as the hidden secret stairway was not accessed and revealed to the public until the Feast of Tabernacles, so it is with the revelation of the secrets of our DNA.  It is in the 7th Feast, the 7th Age and the 7th Day that we have come to, where we are now able to begin to decipher the codes of the 97% part of us we know little about.

The Levites stood on the steps starting the 1st day of Tabernacles and each day, till the end of that Great Feast. They sang and played instruments, as other men danced below before the women for 8 days.

It is said, “He who has not seen the rejoicing at the place of the water-drawing ceremony, has never seen rejoicing in his life! The all-night dancing and rejoicing took place in the large women’s courtyard of the Temple (the men in the courtyard below, the women on an elaborate balcony that was especially erected for the ceremony), while upon the broad circular stairs that led up to the men’s courtyard, the Levites stood with “harps, lyres, cymbals, trumpets” and many other musical instruments. The Levites provided the musical fanfare and spiritual songs that kept Jerusalem wide-eyed till dawn, as they stood upon those  “fifteen steps that led down from the courtyard to the women’s, that correspond to the fifteen steps.”  Wikipedia

Eye remember hearing a modern gospel song that says, “When I think of His goodness and all He has done for me, I can dance, dance, dance, dance, dance – all night- all night.”    We live in modern times and people have become so sophisticated and proper, they want a religious or spiritual  experience without deep E-motions = Energy in motion (movement).  Their experience is dead, they are twice dead (many of them), their words sound good, but have No Power or Anointing to deliver others.  They have deceived themselves to believe that Father-Creator prefers their experience to be quiet.

Energy in Motion (movement) or Emotions are a vital key to unlocking and unraveling the 97% of who we are.  Excitement, laughing, dancing, shouting, and clapping activates powerful chemical within the brain and DNA that can lead to transformation.  We were given this pattern throughout the Bible, other holy books and all indigenous cultures understand the power of the dance and strong emotions that enhances our spirituality.    We have a very clear picture given during the 8 days Feast of Tabernacles, where God specifically told the people to rejoice.  The Hebrew definition of this word Rejoice literally means, to become giddy, silly, light-headed, dizzy and Gaga.  The word Celebrate means to reel to and fro, to become drunk; to spin (dance) with violent emotions.  Leviticus 23:40-41   Of course, there are very few places where people actually practice biblical type of worship today, due to the ego and us being “self conscious.”   Many have allowed these very powerful weapons of praise and unrestrained worship to be taken from their arsenal.  No wonder why there are so many depressed, discouraged and disappointed Believers – the joy of the Lord is your strength.  Praise and worships are vehicles of Ascension.  pRAISE.

Strong emotions excites the codons (chemical messengers) that move up and down the DNA ladder, showing us the way of descending and ascending.  The thoughts associated with the energy in motion (E-motion) will determines what the codon (chemical messenger) will speak into your DNA and Chromosomes.   If your E-motions are birth out of thoughts of gratitude, thanksgiving, joy and extreme worship – the messenger codon can only promote messages of Life and Light.

This is the path that the Levites and priest took during Tabernacles, they represented the codons ascending on the secret places of Solomon’s stairways.   The codons are also the angels on Jacob’s DNA Ladder (winding staircase). Genesis 28   We see this mystery of ascending and descending demonstrated during the Feast of Tabernacles in Solomon’s secrets of the stairs. Jesus, Himself declared that He was Jacob’s Ladder, the Original DNA Template strand that allows Him to multiply or replicate Himself infinitely. John 1:51


The RNA is a single helix, but the DNA is the Double Helix Strand. The secrets of wisdom are double to what is. There were actually (2) winding staircases in Solomon’s Temple. It was a replica of the human anatomy, the human DNA and the phantom DNA that exist on a higher frequency and barely seen under microscope.

“Don’t you know that you are the temple of the Holy Ghost?”

The technology that went into this Temple far exceeded the technology of pagan temples. According to most research, it not only had 3 main compartments (Court, Holy Place, Holy of Holies) but it was also 3 stories-compartments. It had huge arches and an elaborate balcony. This is why there were (2) winding staircases – double helix DNA, that held the secrets of body, soul and spirit being completely restored to express the ultimate Temple worship and BEing. (15×2=30, Initiation, Maturity. In this are the double secrets or two-sided meanings of the 15 steps)

“The door for the middle chamber was in the right side of the house: and they went up with winding stairs into the middle chamber, and out of the middle into the third.” 1 KINGS 6:8




Each step was assigned a song from Psalms 120-134, 15 songs and 15 steps for 8 days. (15 x 8=120 -Outpouring) The Psalms or Songs represents a specific sound or frequency that each secret step emits in this Tabernacle experience. The sound is unique to the experience of your ascension as you vibrate with a joyous attitude. Each “base” or step of the DNA strand has a specific frequency, when combined with others bases, there are unlimited possibilities of frequencies or songs the body human sings. These are the Songs of your Genetic Ascent.

During the procession in Solomon’s Temple, at step number 10, the ancient priest would stop before finishing the next 5 steps. There are many mysterious of why, we will only glaze over one. The secret steps are also parallel to the mystical Hebrew alphabets, gematria, astrology and the energetic or etheric body.

The 10th step represents the 10 letter of the Hebrew alphabet, YUD or Yod. This letter holds the sacred keys to the names of God summed up in YaH-WeH. The 5th step after the 10th, holds the mystery of the 5th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, HEY. Together we have the masculine and feminine God Goddess concept merged together in ONE. Yah = Masculine, WeH = Feminine.

During the Feast of Tabernacles there was a procession, an honoring and acknowledgment of the female by the Levites, only in this feast was this done. Why?? This speaks of the mystical union of male and female, Christ and his Bride, the two becoming one. This speaks of the spirit and soul operating on the same level, not one above another. John in the Book of Revelation called this experience the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Revelation 19

Another way of seeing this is, as Adam and Eve before the transgression and deception. The word Levites comes from the name Levi, the ministerial tribe to Israel; which means to join, make one. For over 6000 years soul has been lowered beneath spirit, Eve has been beneath Adam, female has been subordinate to male, (especially in eastern concept). However, it’s time for oneness, this can only happen, as we acknowledge and honor Eve (Divine Feminine). This must be realized in us first. There is a fine line between subordination and submission. The Bride can only become ONE with the Bridegroom when she submits and allows Him in. The power of Submission is where the Power lies.

“O my dove, that’s in the clefts of the rock, in the Secret Places of the Stairs, let me see your countenance, let me hear your voice; for sweet is your voice, and your countenance is comely.” Song of Solomon 2:14

To help you get  into the proper atmosphere for the 8th day of Sukkot/Tabernacles, we have included this video.  It’s an oldie but yet relevant. Turn your volume up, move your body.   Be filled with the Energy of the Almighty as you think on His goodness.

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