Winner of the Sperm Wars

MARCH 15, 2012


I need you to use your imagination to grasp the depth of this thought and truth we are about to put forth. Long ago, before you were born there was a mighty war, the battle was very heated, intense and filled with friction. This battle was really all about you.

The warfare had at least 2 main people that started it, on a rare occasions there is one with an assistant. This type of warfare is best and most effective in close combat. Somewhere; a bedroom, hotel room, in the bushes, on the washing machine, or the back seat of a car, your parents engaged in lovemaking and at the same time there was a war going on.

A healthy adult male can release between 40 million and 1.2 billion sperm cells in a single ejaculation. Each of those seeds, sperm cells are codes with specific information; not one is the same. They are engaged in a mighty battle that only one can win. This is called the sperm wars. Millions dies with one goal in mind, that goal is to be the first to penetrate the egg.

The short battle seems to last forever, each sperm cell knows there can be only one winner per egg. One survives that massive battle and becomes the winner out of potentially 1.2 billion; all the other sperm cells must die. Did you realize that you were born a winner? You are here as a result of winning the sperm wars provoked by your parents. You survived the odds of 1.2 billion. That makes you very unique and special.

THOUGHT: If you can survive the gruesome sperm wars, penetrate an ovum, survive the gestation of 9 months in a foreign environment, transform yourself from a zygote into a body human and make an exit through a very narrow hole; you can succeed at anything. The hardest part, you have already accomplished.


Your DNA is programmed for $ucce$$; otherwise you would not be here. That seed, one out of potentially 1.2 billion is you. Yes, you are the seed and everything in the universe is based on the Seed Principle. That’s why seed must be released; to be transformed into a totally new energetic expression.

There are no losers born on the planet, the Power of the Seed assures this. It has the ability to transmute itself into whatever form of energetic career or lifestyle that the programming deems successful. The male sperm is the smallest cell in the human body and the female egg is the largest cell in the human body. Consider this smallest seed, it has the codes of 23 chromosomes that’s going to be in charge of making billions of choices and decisions that affects will be limitless. Don’t underestimate the power of the seed, no matter what form it comes in.

Here’s a good exercise. With a smile on your face and with emotions, repeat, I AM A WINNER about 7 times. Doesn’t that feel good? Go ahead, do it again if you want. A simple exercise like that can lower blood pressure, stress levels, stabilize insulin level, and release wonderful healing hormones throughout the body. Why? You are affirming and agreeing with your genetic record that declares you a winner.



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