Summer of Chaos….

Summer of Chaos….

With all the killings daily increasing in our “Christian Nation,” many have become numb. It is expected, it has become almost like a reality show. Just last week, we watched the Live Streaming of Philando Castile, a young Black man being murdered by a police officer, he was shot about 4 times for obeying the officer’s command to produce his ID. He was pulled over because he had a “wide set nose” similar to a man that had allegedly committed a robbery somewhere. (The first police story was a lie – saying that he was pulled over for a broken tail light). His girlfriend Live Streamed his murder for the world to see. Even the Governor of Minnesota stated, “Would this have happened if those passengers, the driver were white? I don’t think it would have.”

Just a day before, we watched the videos that were not confiscated by Baton Rouge Police of the cold-blooded murder of Alton Sterling. While pinned down, shot at close range several times, he was murdered. Before people started video taping, the police had time to go back to the station and make up an alibi; even though their murder of mostly Black and Brown people had been witnessed by people in the community. It didn’t matter, they were not held accountable. Now that everyone has cell phones with video, the murders can be filmed, millions watch it and ignorant heartless people yet pretend to not be able to discern what they have just watched. And, of course, the police go back to the station, come out with a story and are yet exonerated and praised by the majority public for a job well done.

There are so many of these murders and mass murders that we as a nation have really no time to process or grieve the national tragedies. This alone is adding to the mental illness and dysfunction of our society. Without proper grief, actually experiencing human emotions of sadness, depression, hurt, and even anger…we have become desensitized and less human. Others have taken a more dangerous approach of just pretending nothing is wrong; deceiving themselves in thinking this is somehow spiritual.

My mind goes back to many years ago when I lived in Memphis, TN I must have been between 11-13 years old. There was a nice young man everyone knew in the neighborhood, he was hearing impaired and possibly early twenties or late teens. He came out of a store running, as he often ran or jogged. Police saw him running and assumed since he was black, coming out of a store and running, he must have stolen something. The officer followed him with his weapon drawn and yelled for him to stop several times, as people nearby yelled to the officer, “he can’t hear.” The officer aimed and blew the back of his head off. The community was shaken and of course the officer was not held accountable for his crime of murder. The only thing that has changed is, they have no problem with taking innocent black lives that doesn’t matter to them, even while being filmed.


I had just watched the murder of Philando Castile and was praying about it. As I spoke with someone about it, I shared what Eye had seen. Eye saw guns pointed toward policemen heads, Eye heard the word “INTIFADA” and Spirit reminded me of a word Eye gave over a year ago. (Intifada is an Arabic words that means, shaking off, rebellion; oppressed people rising up with weapons). Unless major changes are made soon…people will not just be pulling out their cameras to film police brutality and murder, they will be pulling out their guns to Prevent It.

Prophetic word given over 1 year ago. ~~~~ “Eye hear “snipers” planning their positions around the country. Eye see copy-cats bringing escalation and Fear. A cycle of retaliation and revenge for bloodshed. This can be postponed if people pray.” OPEN SEASON FOR KILLING UNARMED BLACK MEN

After hearing that word and Spirit reminding me of what Eye had seen, I posted this messages below on Face Book a few hours or so before the sniper killed 5 policemen and injured many others.

“This is around the 114th -115th Black Male murdered this year by Police…and many Black & Brown folk yet think the possible threat is Islamic terrorism in this country.. Who are the terrorists that daily antagonize, harass, terrorize and murder black & brown people in this country? Will it take an Intifada for it to stop?”


(Eye heard this word late March 2016 and posted it 4/4/16)

“I will not go into great details, but this is very important and needs lots of prayer. Out of the blue, while walking across the room to pick up something off the floor last week, Eye began hearing people in the Spirit talking and planning. They were considering and weighing what affects they would achieve by assassinating a high profile Black Leader (not the President). They have seen how Blacks reacted to injustices over the past few years, how the protest does not escalate to the level of violence the evil ones want to achieve. Now they are planning a larger target. Their intent is to have this country in chaos before or by the end of Summer, with blood of Americans flowing down the streets…

For example, if they kill someone like Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam – they will reach their goal.

Eye see an attack coming…that sinking depressing feeling in the pit of my stomach. I am praying they are not successful…but if there has to be a sacrifice – Pray with me that it is Not Farrakhan.” Posted in ~~~~~ Temple of Baal In the USA

(Today while in meditation, Eye heard, they are yet floating that ideal and trying to choose a target. Prayer can possibly uncover their plan or stop it.)


Take a look at his name, Micah Xavier Johnson. Micah means, Who is like the LORD. Xavier means a new place or house. X means Christ. Johnson means son of the beloved or son of favor. Micah X and Malcolm X. Due to time restraints, I will leave these mysteries to you and the Holy Spirit to unravel.

The evil ones are busy and will used any situation possible to further divide the people of this country. Will you fall prey to them? Do you realize that SILENCE is VIOLENCE? They want to use a Race War to destabilize this nation. The ones behind it are the same ones behind destabilizing the Middle East, African nations and Europe.


Shouldn’t we just love those criminal police offers, hold them in the light and love, forgive them and believe they are “alright” now?

The love that I received from the Father and what I understand of the Scripture requires and demands Accountability. It takes a stand against injustice, reproves it and loves truth. I am my brothers keeper. Here is what Eye heard Spirit say:

“Love covers a multitude of sins…but NOTHING stays Covered forever. Everything that’s been covered must be uncovered in this day of revealing…Spirit is calling for Accountability. Every cover-up will be exposed.”

The covers must be pulled back in this nation, otherwise, the Universe will continue to throw it right in our faces. Once circumstances are dealt with properly, justly and we corporately become our brothers keeper-holding those who commit crime against civilians accountable…we will probably be able to move forward.

There is a well thought out plan for a summer of chaos. They believe if they create enough chaos, they can impliment the next stage of the New World ORDER. They want this chaos to carry on into the fall, escalating again around the time of the Presidential election.

Choose to be love…smile lots at everybody. Go out of your way to get to know people, touch and embrace people. Fear is being ramped up by the media and lots of scared white people. Allow God’s love to cast out all fears and torments. Be AWARE!! Stand firmly for TRUTH and Speak out Against injustice, but don’t be apart of the chaos. Pray for our Nation. Also, the evil ones are planning on unleashing a “super virus” before summer ends. I believe prayer can stop it.

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  1. Proverbs 21:3
    To do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.

    • TRue.

  2. Thank you for confirmation, at prayer tonight God gave me everything you said. Prayers can shut down the evilness, remove the distractions, and God can change the hearts of man. BUT GOD.
    Sis Katrina Adams
    Faith Tabernacle Gospel Fellowship International Church.
    Mpls, MN.

    • Yes, Amen

  3. Couldn’t agree more than what you just shared.
    last night whilst in prayer and meditation the spirit spoke to my wife
    “Only the enlightened ones can stop the chaos going on in this nation by the power of prayer”

    Yes we must show the God kind of love but also stand firm for the truth .
    And don’t allow ourselves to be carried away by the Spirit of fear.
    Love is stronger than fear.
    Take time to prayer for the things that is being revealed through the prophet of God . For there is yet still power in the name of Jesus.

    • Amen Pastor.

  4. Please look into the event #reset2016 it seems very suspiciously setup with virtually no security and seems like it could be the intended setting for a ritual false flag sacrifice of sheeple or high level christian influencers. it is set for 16.7.16. this Saturday.

    • Thanks


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