Summer Solstice 2016

Summer Solstice 2016

The Summer Solstice of power is upon us. June 20, 2016 is the Summer Solstice. As you may or may not know, energetically from the astrological standpoint, this is one of the most powerful days of the year. The Summer Solstice marks the day with the most daylight hours of the year. This year there is something very different that the heavens are shouting and screaming to us, as the planets move and configure themselves. Due to the energy being released from space affecting the Earth, the ancients have acknowledged this day for thousands of years. It is shrouded in mystery and power. Each time there are astronomical events, we realize that portals are being opened. These doorways allow us access to strong energetic frequencies that can be used with intent to achieve goals. Yet on the other hand, most people are happy that summer is finally officially here.

The word solstice is derived from the Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still), because at the solstices, the Sun stands still in declination; that is, the seasonal movement of the Sun’s path (as seen from Earth) comes to a stop before reversing direction.

Divine Astrology is the interpretation of how energy in space (the planets, celestial bodies) is affecting our planet and the beings on it. We normally expose and prophesy into the works of evil being done on this day, since those on the dark side are aware of the massive amount of energy that’s being released and can be used, redirected or transmuted. Due to the uniqueness of this Solstice, we will read and prophesy into the many positive things on the Light side the heavens are telling us.

First of all, the Moon will be full 29 degrees in Sagittarius as the Solstice begins, making this experience very powerful and Intense, then the Full Moon will move 1 degrees into Capricorn. Keep in mind the Sun will be moving from Gemini to Cancer. This is the 2nd full Moon on the cusp of Sagittarius in one month. The first one was May 21 at 1 degrees in Sagittarius, as the Sun then moved from Taurus to Gemini.

The Full Moon on the cusp of the Zodiac signs are increasing the energetic affects or influences, thus, it is appearing as 4 Full Moons in 2 months instead of 2 – Moon moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Along with all this power and energy in space, the planets are forming a GRAND CROSS in the Mutable Zodiac signs houses. The Mutable houses are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces; they are the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th Zodiac houses. Mutable means liable to CHANGE, Shifting.

The planets are arranging themselves in these 4- changeable-shifting Zodiac house to form a Grand Cross above our heads and ALL will be affected by it. Neptune is in PISCES – Jupiter is in VIRGO – Mercury & Sun in GEMINI – Saturn & Full Moon in SAGITTARIUS. Another big deal is, Mars is stalling or slowing down from its retrograde and will go Direct June 29. What meaneth this?


Without going into lots of detailed explanations and science of the heavens, we will share some of the highlights of what the heavens are declaring.

The Grand Cross in the Mutable Zodiac houses are showing us a clearer path on our journey of Transformation. Everything is being brought to the Cross, or cross-roads and what is not needed will be crossed out. You and the planet itself is Transitioning from that state of consciousness that has existed for the past 4 years. This does not mean that everyone on the planet will immediately express this outwardly. It means that the energetic influence is being released for those who wish to embrace it. This phase of your journey on many levels is coming to an end. Emotions may become very raw and overwhelming, especially if you do not stay plugged in to Spirit over the next weeks. Spirit is bringing everything to the surface. Look at it!!! Deal with it!!! You wont be allowed to transition into the higher realms if you don’t. We can fake it for only so long.

Many of you have been feeling the build up over the last week or so, the anxiousness and not really knowing what exactly it was. Last week for many was a time of acceleration of things falling into place with very little effort on your part…things (circumstances) that have been lingering undone. Pieces of the puzzle coming together. You have come to the crossroads and the heavens are ushering you and for some, forcing you to get beyond this.

The cross is a place of death, finality, putting a period or exclamation mark at the end of events or phase of your life. With all the energy manifesting in all 4 mutable signs at the same time, every area of our lives are being affected. Look deeply within. The PAST is being brought right to your face and must be dealt with. As a result of this, some things might seem surreal or greatly exaggerated. Emotions may seem to be everywhere, all over the board for a while, as the planets move into this tight Grand Cross formation. Once we are released from the energetic planetary teachers of life’s lessons – the transformation resurrection will be just as Grand, if not more.

Embrace the Cross and crossing out of that that you do not need anymore. The Universe is trying to get you to create space for something NEW. You must create a space for it to manifest. Create space in your head/consciousness. Stop renting out space in your head for squatting imagines and emotional hurts that can not pay and don’t belong in that space anymore. You are at the peak of a new beginning. This energy is dealing very strongly in the area of RELATIONSHIPS, whether romantic, friendship or business. Go with your inner guidance, the Holy Spirit.

[People who are not grounded, out of balanced mentally or emotionally, or not plugged in to Spirit will be having major melt-downs, even on Live TV]

Mercury seems to have sped up, thus, meaning that everything will be moving faster in the area of communications, relationships, and technology. Venus will be moving into Cancer along with the Sun to help assist with love, healing, and creativity.

The last time events similar to what will be happening over the next several day took place was 4 years ago, it was summer of 2012. Look at your journal or remember what major things were happening in your life around summer 2012. For many is was upheaval, uprooting, unsettling and undeniably painful or shocking experiences. Summer Solstice 2016 with the Grand Cross and many other phenomenal astronomical-astrological events will bring you full circle to close that chapter.

That which was done and manifested negatively shall be Undone. That chapter is closing and Eye see a new clean page appearing. Nothing has been written on it. You write what you will and it shall be and become. As a prophetic exercise, take a clean sheet of paper, preferably without lines, but if you do not have one without lines, that’s okay. Begin to write, Thus says the Lord, write the vision and make it plain. The powers of the heavens are moving to help you create your reality. That which was overlooked shall be discovered and corrected. Eye see paperwork that was at the bottom and lost being found and coming to the top. Eye see computer files that were lost/trash that should not have been and even deleted files reappearing in your favor. Applications, waiting list, get ready for the call, the email…your file has been moved to the forefront. Your case will be reviewed again.

June 20th – Saturn is in Sagittarius whose planetary ruler if Jupiter (the god of abundance, expansion and power). Saturn is there to hold you tightly in his karmic rings of time and remind you of your past. Past failures, disappointments and weaknesses. June 21 – Mercury the messenger god moves in quickly to oppose Saturn, thus, breaking the limitations imposed by Saturn in the realm of time.

You have a 10 day window of amazing opportunities, June 20 – 29, 2016. Mars will go Direct June 29. The heavens will be releasing power and aggression on your behalf, the heavens will go into warfare on our behalf.

Be Aware and Expecting Life Changing events to happen in your favor. Doors that were closed will burst wide open for some. Others will see manifestation of divine breakthroughs long awaited for. Free your mind. The heavens will be stimulating lots of mental activity, which for some might make it difficult to sleep…embrace it and dream with your eye wide open.

Full Moon in Sagittarius at 29 degrees, a Fire sign = Major Shifts, Changes, Empowerment and Development. Mars the fiery planet goes Direct June 29. 29 or 2+9=11 The number 11 is a Master Number; although greater liked by those on the dark side. 1 1 shows us a Portal, Gateway, Open Door. It is repeated at least 2 times during this 10 day period. Spirit says, walk through the open doors.


(On the Solstices Eye always do incantations/prayers to counter what they do on the dark side. This is a mystical form of intercession that becomes really powerful when 2 or more gather in unison. FYI, the southern portal on this day is where they summons the demons from. We can close it or at least limit their entry. At the same time use this incantation or create one to bring forth the prophetic reading above for your individual life).

“We summon the Angels of Gemini, Mercury, Moon, Cancer and Sun, To work with us, until full manifestation of that which we desire come- (repeat 7x with passion, authority and visualizing)

From the celestial equator, we summon the Sun of Righteousness eternal Light, To bind the principalities and demons of the night- (repeat 7x with passion, authority and visualizing)

We seal the portals of the south from which they seek to come, And declare in Jesus name, It’s Done! It’s Done! It’s Done! (repeat 7x with passion, authority and visualizing)

Transition for me is now taking place. Transformation, power and wealth comes by His glory and grace. (repeat 7x with passion, authority and visualizing)

The past has no control over me anymore. I am free to walk through the open door. (repeat 7x with passion, authority and visualizing)

On the Mutable Grand Cosmic Cross I die to the old me. To be resurrected in love and victory. (repeat 7x with passion, authority and visualizing)

The Angels of Love, Justice and Light, Attend to these words, as they take their flight. Amen. Amen. (repeat 7x with passion, authority and visualizing)”

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