The Coming Age of Mutants & Manifestations

The Coming Age of Mutants & Manifestations

It was almost 6 years ago (March 3, 2011), I was instructed to prophesy and write a message called, ‘The Kingdom of Uranus (heaven) is at hand.” In that message posted on the website, Eye highlighted March 11, 2011 as being a day for a global event to take place and that an Earthquake over 8.0 on the Richter scale would happen causing Crustal Displacement and Islands moving out of their place. Eye also saw several Volcanoes Erupting and many other things. Eye had been speaking about that date for about 2 months prior in gatherings and to individuals, encouraging others to pray. March 11, 2011 Japan experienced a 9.1 Earthquake & Tsunami, Crustal Displacement, plus, 3 Volcanoes erupted in various parts of Asia that day. These events happened 8 days after Spirit said to sound the alarm.

In 2012, during an interview, Mitsuhei Murata, the former Japanese Ambassador to both Switzerland and Senegal, explained that the ground beneath the plant’s Unit 4 is gradually sinking, and that the entire structure is very likely on the verge of complete collapse.

According to the Secretary of former Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, the ground beneath Unit 4 has already sunk by about 31.5 inches since the disaster, and this sinking has taken place unevenly. If the ground continues to sink, which it is expected to, or if another earthquake of even as low as a magnitude 6.0 occurs in the region, the entire structure could collapse, which would fully drain the cooling pool and cause a catastrophic meltdown. This would be bad for the whole world. That was in 2012.

There has been a Media Blackout regarding the truth of what’s really happening. Here are some things we know for sure. It has caused a global catastrophe. The catastrophe is on-going and getting worse. The Pacific Ocean is contaminated and the contamination has reached the West Coast of the US and Canada long ago. Some fish and other sea life have mutated. Much of the seafood is contaminated with very high level of radiation, yet people are eating it. Most people have forgotten that Fukushima ever happened. Radiation level can be picked up in the air and ground across the country…these are consistent rising levels of radiation. There have been numerous earthquakes since March 11, 2011 in that area of Japan, many deaths and cancerous tumors have been confirmed to be direct results of Fukushima’s Meltdown.

***February 5, 2017 – “Breaking News!! Fukushima Reactor #2 is in trouble and Radiation Levels are unimaginably high. The facility’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco), said atmospheric readings as high as 530 sieverts an hour had been recorded inside the containment vessel of reactor No 2,…

The recent reading, described by some experts as “unimaginable”, is far higher than the previous record of 73 sieverts an hour in that part of the reactor.

A single dose of one sievert is enough to cause radiation sickness and nausea; 5 sieverts would kill half those exposed to it within a month, and a single dose of 10 sieverts would prove fatal within weeks.”

My intent is not to create Fear or to make light of this on-going disaster, it is serious. However, the way my mind works is kinda funny sometimes. There are prophecies in the Bible about the return of pre-historic monsters, creatures, and giant reptiles. Isaiah 27, 34, 43 – Art often imitate life and sometimes Hollywood gives us a glimpse of what shall be. We have pointed out this form of predictive programming many times over the years. Just a thought: What was the name of that famous science-fiction horror film from Japan that was made and re-made many times? The story line goes something like this: Radiation has leaked into the ocean and a pre-historic creature is empowered by it. He mutates and becomes a giant terrorizing, violent dino-lizard of sorts. Yeah, that’s it, GODZILLA.


I have always love science fiction and somehow knew that a lot of what was purported to be fiction was, or one day would be Fact. The X-Men movies have always struck a chord with me.

Eye saw them as prophesying what some term as the “manifested sons of God,” or “humans awakening to their divinity.” One thing that has been missing by the religious/Christian community is the realization that what is happening will not only affect “Christians.” God is pouring out His Spirit, but we should not limit what we call Spirit to manifestations we see in a Church setting. As this Great Spirit or Christ Consciousness permeates the planet indiscriminately; not all will choose to use their abilities to uplift and enhance humanity. The rain falls indiscriminately upon the earth, it causes the grass to grow, flowers to bloom and fruit to mature; it also causes the weeds and thistles to grow.

There are so many tools or ways being used to awaken the consciousness of humans, plants and animals on the planet. We have stated for many years, the planet and all it inhabitants are in the process of receiving a complete DNA overwrite. This great task could not be done all at once, the release of power and energy would kill humans; they would literally vanish from the 3-dimensional world to become one with Universal Energy again. The planet and animals also could not handle the release at once; the planet would simply disintegrate into billions of tiny pieces.

Here a little and there a little, the process is taking place. Since the early 1990, it was revealed to me that the Sun and Solar Flares would be a part of this transformation. Today, scientist agree that the Solar Flares and radiation affects human consciousness and DNA; which can affect what we know of as the body human and our reality.

As bad as the Fukushima explosion was, Chernobyl, now Reactor #2 and other future incidents will be; the Creator will use the radiation to assist with and accelerate the Mutation of human DNA. The solar flares, nuclear blast, nuclear meltdowns that may have been meant for evil by those that want to destroy over 90% of humans on the planet, will be turned for good.

No doubt that many will be impacted negatively by radiation from the Sun, Fukushima and coming nuclear disasters, many will even die. However, this same radiated material will be incorporated into the DNA of some of us; it will create a mutation of what we know of as humans. Unknown abilities will be activated such as, healing, miracles, telepathy, teleportation, invisibility, unlimited knowledge, technological creativity, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, gifts to manifest anything by thought, shape-shifting abilities, accurate visions and prophecy, etc. All these abilities will be used to restore the planet, our solar system and to move freely among the stars encountering our distant relatives.

MUTANT – In biology and especially genetics, a mutant is an organism or a new genetic character arising or resulting from an instance of mutation, which is a base-pair sequence change within the DNA of a gene or chromosome of an organism. The natural occurrence of genetic mutations is integral to the process of evolution.


Avoid airport x-ray machines if possible, having x-rays or being exposed to radiation. If you can’t avoid these things, speak to them and the radiation in them – they must obey. We have dominion over radiation. The potentially harmful things we can not avoid in the environment; the air, water; we have the power to bless and transmute them to work for us, instead of against us. We can give them a command to interact with the body’s natural radiation.

It is very important that we realize who we are and stop identifying ourselves as only human. Humans are fearful and limited, humans die like animals.

“Precious in the sight of Yahweh is the death of His saints.” Psalms 116:15

The crossing over of a saint should be “precious” (Hebrew word, ya-qar). Yaqar means, costly, a prize, weighty, highly valuable, glorious and rare. Those who choose to cross, it should be glorious.

Humans can never become Gods, but Gods can live as humans. Detaching from the human sense of reality is the only way we can ascend above the disasters of the outer world or absorb them and use them to make us stronger.

I leave you with my favorite line from the “X-Men First Class” movie. The character Sebastian Shaw, played by Kevin Bacon is a powerful mutant with extraordinary abilities. He receives his power from nuclear radiation. He is able to absorb the radiation within himself to be used as raw strength and further enhance his abilities. As he referred to WW2 and the Atomic Bomb in the movie; here is also a highly prophetic statement he made:

“We are the children of the atom. Radiation gave birth to mutants. What will kill the humans will only make us stronger.” MUTATE!!!


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