The Confusion Concerning (anti) Semiticism – by Alan Newton

The Confusion Concerning (anti) Semiticism – by Alan Newton

We live in a time when most so called, “Christians” prefer to be “Politically correct,” rather than to be “Biblically  correct.”   Most of the well-paid preachers and teachers on TV, or in American pulpits don’t have the gonads, or ovaries to be Biblically correct on one of the most important issues today.   Why do they refuse to rebuke or confront the obvious instigators of global evil today?  Many have been willingly misled to believe to speak out or disagree, they are somehow touching the “apple of God’s eye,”  the “chosen ones.”   That couldn’t be further from the truth.   They fear man, they are people-pleasers, simple harlots; attracted to fame, fortune and the never-ending fairytale gospel.  They so easily kneel or spread their legs to receive what is irrelevant, popular, trending and generates numbers that translate into dollars.  Lolling their already mostly comatose congregants into a deeper unconscious state of unreality, by refusing to address the relevant issues of today…mainly, “those who say they are Jews (biological descendants of Hebrew people) and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan.”  Revelation 2:7, 3:7 KJV  They are failing to warn their sheep of the global deception, instead they are helping to pull the wool over their eyes.

Almost gone are the men and women not afraid to “cry out and spare not, lifting up their voice like a trumpet.”  Isaiah 58″1  KJV  Of course, speaking relevant truth is sure way to get deleted from Facebook friends, Social Media, Ministers’  Prayer Breakfast and speaking engagements.   Who cares about addressing the real problem, when we can so easily pin the blame on easy targets that can not defend themselves.  Ahh, though the masses may bow their knee to the  Baal system, the Almighty yet has “a remnant who will not bow to Baal, nor kiss their arse.”  1 Kings 19:18 (Order of Melchizedek Version)

A few months or so ago, I was researching Zevi  Sabbatai, the demon possessed Rabbi  from the 17th century and tying his doctrine into the events of the day.  I never did get around to writing an article, but today I got an email-article from a holy Dude in Florida…Alan Newton.   Plus, he had shared a message of his sometime ago called, “The Confusion Concerning (anti) Semiticism.”    I told him I wanted to share it with our reading audience for your further spiritual development, enlightenment and awareness.  At the end of his message, please click on the link, The Donmeh.  This is all further confirmation to what we try to share with the Body.  Perhaps reading it from a different perspective might help things to fall in place for you on this subject.

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I post the following because I am fed up with being called ‘anti-semitic’ by those who do not even know what the phrase means, or why zionist jews sling the phrase around irresponsibly. Everything that calls itself ‘israel’ is not Israel! I hope you can hear this with an open mind, and a pure heart.   Alan


The Confusion Concerning (anti) Semitism It may not be what you think


Most people are aware of, and some even personally familiar with, the phrase ‘anti-semitism’. This word has been drawn like a sword by the zionist jew community to confront, and hold at bay, any and all criticisms of jew behavior for recent decades. Any questioning or scrutiny of any jew behavior elicits a shriek and cry of “anti-semitism” from the jew community, as if that word will stop the accuser as assuredly as a crucifix held up to the face of a vampire. Just as the ‘racism’ card being pulled from the scabbard of the pseudo-black defender’s weapons cache is offensive and insincere, so is the phony cry of ‘anti-semitism’ from the howls of those of the pseudo-jewish persuasion when asked to explain and defend their own abhorrent behavior. There have been, and will continue to be, legitimate hurtful experiences of those individuals who have been besmirched or desecrated, simply because of who they happen to be. I don’t belittle or make light of any form of racism; quite the contrary. Racism is real. It is not, however, the catch-all category to hide behind for being guiltless of reprehensible behavior and conduct. One of the most powerful mysteries in history continues to be why those segments of society, that seem to get continuous and unwavering criticism and scrutiny, won’t simply look in the mirror and ask, “What is it about my behavior or culture or lifestyle that the rest of the world finds so despicable, reprehensible and unacceptable”? And ‘jew’ is not a race, but a lifestyle derived from a certain mindset.
For zionist jews, specifically, the cry of ‘anti-semitism’ has become an expected scream and echo from those that don’t like to have their culture and lifestyles questioned. Throughout history, most societies, and even many countries, have despised and expelled jews from their communities and neighborhoods at one time or another. And a sincere look at the financial history of the world certainly explains why many people throughout history have concluded that having jew merchants and money changers in their presence has been detrimental to the health and well-being of the economy of their neighborhoods. The records in the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, of the shenanigans of the jew in dealing with business transactions are legendary. The encounter with Yashua (Jesus), with the corrupt jew money launderers in the temple, gives a vivid reminder of the power of the love of money. The jew shekel perverters were even willing to steal from their own, and do it to the glory and service of Ha Shem. Ha Shem, or literally, “The Name”, is the phrase, or title, that many of the jew mindset use when referring to deity. The distortion of the jew mindset prevents the jew from having a personal, even intimate relationship with God. So rather than take the chance that using the word ‘god’, or misuse of the name ‘Yahweh’, will get them in deep doo-doo with a god they don’t trust, they simply take the less risky route, and call deity ‘Ha Shem’; The Name. That speaks volumes to me about the jew mindset. And remember, please, we’re not talking about all that descended from Jacob, with the opportunity to cease being a ‘Jacobite’, and have a change of nature and become an Israelite. And yes, ‘Israelite’ is a heart condition. It is not a bloodline, nor family lineage, nor recordable and traceable genealogy. Israel is a heart condition. Israel is a Spiritual relationship with God, who is Love.
In this article we are referring to a mindset of a certain people that call themselves ‘jew’. And it is questionable, at least to me, whether those that call themselves ‘jew’ even know what the word means; or should mean. Most people believe the word ‘jew’ is referring to those who descended from the tribe of Judah, who was one of the twelve sons of Jacob, and Jacob was a distant descendant from Shem, and Shem was one of the three sons of Noah. The three sons of Noah, which are listed as Shem (yes, it’s the word we translate as ‘name’), Ham and Japheth, are traditionally believed to be the genealogies that populate the earth after the Biblical flood. This specific writing is concerning those that claim their heritage going all the way back to Shem. This name, Shem, becomes the basis of the very controversial use of the word ‘semite’; and ultimately, ‘anti-semite’.
Most of those that call themselves ‘judaism’ don’t know the difference between the Hebrew words ‘shem’, and ‘sem’. But there is a difference between these two words, and the gulf between the two is immense. ‘Semite’, as the word is tossed around by the unknowing, does not mean the same as ‘shemite’. To be guilty of the complaint of most of judaism, the indicted would be guilty of being an ‘anti-shemite’. But that isn’t what the jew cries when he is discovered in an indiscretion. His complaint is one of ‘anti-semitism’, not ‘anti-shemitsm’. And to the cry of the jew when he complains of ‘anti-semitsm’, I am completely guilty. I am a confessed ‘anti-semite’; and rightfully so. You see, a ‘shemite’ is one that has descended from Shem, one of the sons of Noah. And the Shemites include Syrians (Aram), Assyrians (Asher), Arphaxad, the father of Eber (the progenitor of the concept called H ebr ew), as well as many other family names too numerous to include in this already too long article.
So, Alan, what is your laborious point?! The point is the word ‘semite’, and ‘semitism’, which the vast majority of the world knows nothing of, but the zionist jew knows completely well what the word means. The word ‘sem’ (pronounced ‘seem’), as in ‘semite’, is spelled in Hebrew exactly as ‘shem’, but pronounced differently for the sole purpose of distinguishing between two concepts. The concept of the word ‘sem’, or ‘semite’, is one of having been put, or set, or appointed into a specific place or position intentionally, and for a specific purpose. For those of you with the inclination to research further, Strong’s Concordance has assigned this word as #7760, although I don’t recommend Strong’s limited understanding of this concept. Gesenius’s Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon has a much more expansive understanding of this word, and this concept. According to my research, this word ‘sem’, reflecting this concept, first appears in scripture in Gen. 2:8; “…and there he ‘put’ (sem) the man whom he had formed.”


Without having to write a massive book to prove the point, judaism has taken the word ‘sem’, in the form of ‘semite’, meaning to “…put in a specific place for a specific purpose”, as their God-given mandate for them of the ‘judaism’ mindset to be in an ascended position of superiority over the whole of creation; and over all of creation’s inferior peoples and creatures. The ‘jew’ mindset is one that has accepted the distorted belief that they are ‘chosen as special to God’, and therefore have been ‘put’, or ‘set’ or ‘placed’ into a position of superiority, over the rest of the peoples, which they ignorantly refer to as ‘goy’, or it’s plural form, ‘goyim’. The word ‘goy’, when properly understood in its Spiritual context, has nothing what-so-ever to do with a race, or creed, or color, or genealogy. Abraham is called ‘goy’ over and over and over again in scripture. So, also, are all of the ‘descendants’ of Abram/Abraham. Goy is referring to heart condition, just as is ‘jacob’, ‘israel’, and all of the other names and monikers in the scriptures. ‘Judaism’ is the pharisaical and egotistical mindset that claims to have been ‘put’ (sem, semite), or ‘set’ (sem), as privileged and chosen people of God, for the purpose of ‘lording over’ the non-jew. When a jew cries ‘anti-semitism’, this is really what he is crying about; that you and I, ‘goy’ in their eyes, have failed to recognize and exalt them as ‘semite’, or placed in superiority over the rest of us, and they use this pseudo-complaint as a sword to keep us at bay when we begin to question and condemn their vulgar lifestyles and activities. How else can judaism glorify the love of money, and fascinate and fantasize over its control? Why else do you think that jews can justify destroying entire cultures and neighborhoods and communities and economies in the name of their ‘semitism’? They have distortedly convinced themselves of their racial superiority, and judaism never was and never will be a ‘race’ of people. Judaism is a religious mindset. Judaism is just as vulgar and vile a religious mindset as any other vile and vulgar religion. This is why they killed Yashua (Jesus), the Messiah, because his very presence convicted them of their vulgarity. He condemned their vulgar activities that they claimed to be doing in the ‘name’ of their god. And his presence, in you and me, still does so to this day. And they still hate him for it, because his example still reveals the vulgar distortion of their representation as “…chosen people of God”. Am I ‘anti-semite’? You bet your ass I am. Am I ‘anti-shemite’? Not in any fashion.

I wish I could have shared this concept in fewer words. And I really don’t feel like I’ve done justice to this subject; so much more needs to be said to unveil who the jew really is. However, most people aren’t going to even read this much, so saying more here won’t be beneficial. I hope this has at least added a little clarity to a very confusing, and intentionally confused and obfuscated, subject. Those who wish to know more, feel free to inquire.

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  1. I strongly agree with this posting. And recommend the owner of this site or anyone to read a book called “DNA Science and the Jewish Bloodline” by Texe marrs. Contains a plethora of irrefutable facts!


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