The Fall of the GOP Prophetic Sign

The Fall of the GOP Prophetic Sign

We have been sharing some prophetic insight about what’s going to happen with the GOP – Republican Party  lately.  Father is so faithful to not allow my words to fall to the ground.  Did you see the Headline News today?  “George HW Bush, 91, falls at Maine home, breaks bone in neck.”

First of all, the George HW Bush you are seeing projected on your TV or computer screen Is NOT the ‘real’ President George HW Bush.  That is one of his clones or an artificially intelligent (AI) bodies that houses the consciousness of Mr. Bush.   In 2012, Eye was instructed to release a prophetic death decree/declaration and Mr. Bush died or that clone.  In was reported with the obituary in the German news and later retracted.

In February 2015 @ the New Years – Overcomers Conference in Minneapolis, MN – Eye was moved to release a prophetic declaration against the current clone/artificial body of George HW Bush and commanded it to malfunction.  This was recorded, as the Church joined in the prophetic declarations over many things that night.  

Here is the word, Eye published March 10, 2015 on our website:


Some of you are wondering if that’s another one of my uncheck typos again. “Die Again.”  No it is not.  The person you see masquerading as George Bush Sr is a clone.  George H W Bush Sr died December 2012 according to the word of the Lord released by me.

Eye prophesy again and command this clone to malfunction, fail and be removed.  LET THIS BE A SIGN FOR WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.

(We realize not all understand the operation of the prophetic or the prophetic office.  Please refrain from sending negative emails and read your Bible.)”   Posted 3/10/15

Some of the elite are believed to have multiple clones or artificial bodies, in their quest for immortality.  Pastor Beecham from MN sent me this, 2 months after the Overcomers Conference where we prophesied the failure of the present George HW Bush clone.   “In recent reports, George W. Bush Sr. had died approximately a month ago in a Hospital in Houston. Witnesses were told not to disclose this under the matter of National Security. This was Bush Sr. #41, his 41st clone to have passed.”  This was reported in a “Operation Disclosure” blog, dated May 23, 2015. 

While we can not verify this, it is exciting to see that others also realize many of the people that hold high offices are actually clones ,or not completely humans.  [With today’s news, this appears to be the 2nd Bush Clone/AI malfunction, since the decree and declaration was released in March.]

In that March 10, 2015 Prophetic article and again in our July 11, 2015 “Prophetic Insight on What Trending”     Eye wrote:

“The Grand Old Party Is Not Looking So Grand….Time is coming for the word  Eye initially spoke in 2012 to come to pass.  Look at the shock, unrest and confusion in the Republican Party…Some will change sides, according to my word.  EYE SEE a phasing out of what we know of as the Republican party.  It will be broken up into many factions….”

It really makes sense that this prophetic sign would be given of George HW Bush fall during the launching of JADE Helm 15.  The sign  very clearly shows what is and shall be.

Young Watcher Nick Baker in Mesa, AZ alerted me of the Bush (GOP) fall this morning, thanks.  Here’s what Nick said,   This prophesies the fall of the Grand Old Party (GOP).  Also, the neck connects the head to the body. The fact is that Republicans voters are disillusioned with the leaders (head) so there is a break in ties. Smart Republicans will realize this and shift sides.”

Eye will not cease to conduct spiritual warfare against the evil technology and those who work evil, under the disguise of good humanitarian works.  Eye send a virus into the databases that hold the consciousness of the evil ones.  BE INFECTED!!   Eye command the clones and AI bodies of the evil elite to malfunction publicly beyond repair.  Let the covers be pulled off and their hollow shells be exposed.  EYE have Rupert Murdoch and the FOX group in my sight.

Truth is much more stranger and exciting than fiction.  What was thought to be science fiction, is being realized as science fact.

Meanwhile the search for a suitable Republican candidate for 2016 Presidential contest continues.



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