The Greatest Deception In Christianity…

The Greatest Deception In Christianity…

Visualize this: Yahushua (Jesus) has just left the Temple. It was not like one of those Sabbath, Weekly or Sunday services that ended with extreme joy, shouting, dancing and lots of excitement. It was not even one of the supernatural kind of meetings, where the lame walked, dead raised, demons exorcised or lots of people repented. Those types of things were common as he preached and demonstrated the unlimited power of God. However, on that specific day, he gave the people a reality check. It was a message targeted for the preachers, teachers and religious/political leaders and their denominations. What were the ancient denominational type of groups called 2000 years ago in Judea?

– they were similar to many of the arrogant Charismatic & Pentecostal Evangelicals today. They are “Fair you see” = Pharisee. They believed in the full gospel, the supernatural and talk about love a lot- they thought that they were alright.

Saducees – they were similar to the ‘traditionally’ dead Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran (other non-Spirit-filled Churches) Evangelicals today. They are “Sad you see”= Saducee. They were like the many believers in Christ that don’t believe in the supernatural, baptism of the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongue, miracles. Many of them hold high moral standards that their leaders often publicly trip over-Moral Majority Fundamental. Legalism will always trip you up.

– they were Religious only when it was necessary (election season, etc) and definitely not spiritual. They were hungry for status and power. They were similar to the corrupt Zionist (Christian/Jews) movement of today. In Jesus’ (Yahushua’s) day, they were very anti-Christ and only interested in getting their Political Agendas across. They did not mind using the Pharisees & Saducees to accomplish their goals. This Political Movement joined forces with the Religious Jews to get Jesus (Yahushua) crucified/murdered. They become Heroes to religious leaders, who could not tolerate Love in Action and actually taking care of the poor.

As we can see, not much has changed, besides the names of the religious groups. It is that same “religious devil” of deception dressed up in various labels, cunning words, manipulations and “alternative facts.”

Yahushua warned the people of what was happening, “Watch out; beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod.” Mark 8:15 – It was those sinful political ideologies, doctrines and beliefs that were corrupting and blinding the people. The Religious Leaders and their followers were being Brain-Washed by a Political Movement that was totally anti-Christ.

Ok, back to our visualization: Yahushua (Jesus) was in the Temple preaching; he gave a stern rebuke to the religious leaders, he put them on blast. He called them “snakes,” “a generation of vipers,” “blind leaders,” “filthy contaminated rotting burial plots,” “hypocrites,” “thieves and murderers,” etc. Can you imagine a meeting like that??!! Confused religious people would say, “Oh, but I thought we are not suppose to judge or criticize and just pray about things.”

As Jesus (Yahushua) and his disciples left the Temple, they pointed out how beautiful the stones were. Matthew 24 I can only imagine they were nervous and didn’t know what to say after hearing their Master “go-off” on the religious leaders like that. He told them that beautiful Temple and their religion would soon be destroyed. They wondered how, when? The fist thing he said, which also applies to our time; “Take heed that no man deceive you.” Matthew 24:4


The Greatest DECEPTION in Christianity & the world is the leaven of Herod (Zionism), it has affect both modern day Pharisees, and Saducees; also many non-denominational folk. They strongly believe, Europeans that moved from Europe, occupied Palestine and renamed it Israel are related to Yahushua (Jesus) and the people you like to read and preach about in your Bible. Common sense and a simple look at history, geography or their bible would show them the error of their ways. This deception is So Blatant and in depth that people actually go into religious fits of rage when confronted with TRUTH.

I clearly remember many years ago on many occasions sharing with other Believers and encouraging them to actually look at scripture and history. A split personality seems to immediately develop in them; yelling, ranting, accusations, etc. Although, I was careful to only drop seeds to make them Think or ask questions; those religious spirits quickly manifested to keep their host in deception. I quickly developed a reputation for being anti-Semitic and accused of preaching an extreme form of “Replacement Theology.”

‘Once’ I was invited to speak at an International Prophetic Conference in Calabria, Italy; just across from Sicily on the Ionian part of the Mediterranean Sea. It was beautiful and every time I think of Calabria, I think of FOOD; lots of good Italian food. Thankfully, I had fasted before I went, because I seemingly ate (they fed me) around the clock, when I was not preaching or sleeping. They were so generous, they assigned me my own chef to cook vegetarian meals for me. I actually think it was sort of a miracle that I was able to literally get up out of my chair and speak in the meetings after consuming so much food just before a meeting, just after…and continuing until the next meeting, etc.

Those of you that’s been in my meetings before know how I end up going way off topic sometimes, it’s not that I lose my focus. The Holy Spirit is many times reading others, revealing and addressing issues I am many times not consciously aware of. This is what happened on my first night. I was the first speaker at the Prophetic Conference in Italy and was scheduled to speak other times throughout the 2-3x a day meetings over that weekend. I had no idea who the other speaker was and that he was coming from England, an Ashkenazi Jew that believed in Jesus (Yahushua). Unbeknownst to me, his planned messages were to further brain-wash the Believers attending the conference into paying homage to the “Jews,” reinforced they were the “chosen people,” must be supported, never criticized, and was there to raised donation$ for them.

Well, when you are Spirit-filled and kinda “prophetic” and have long ago made up your mind that you would not preach for money, fame, people pleasing, etc…You are not your own and might be amazed at what comes out of your own mouth. Long story short, the Holy Ghost wrecked his messages of deceit, skillfully undid his deceptive theology even before he got a chance to give his presentation. The Holy Ghost did such a great job, my dear brother could not preach while I was there, he could not even address the people or stand to be in the same room with me. That religious spirit of deception was effectively bound and he asked the leaders to reschedule him the following year. Further, my dear Jewish brother from England could not even sit at the long tables loaded with food. Thus, I was forced to eat all that good Italian food for him and myself and preach the rest of the conference.

The point I am intending to make is; Truth will set you free. Truth will even shut the mouth of deception. I am hoping that if you are reading this and have thought and taught that the European people occupying Palestine/Israel are the “chosen people,” relatives of Jesus (Yahushua) or the people in the Bible; that you would carefully examine the info below and have a change of heart. Furthermore, please stop repeating that deception. It is important in clearly understanding Bible prophecy. DECEPTION is rampant among those who claim to know Christ. There is a reason why Yahushua (Jesus) warned in Revelation 2:9 “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews (genetic descendants of the tribe of Judah/Israel), and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”

To further create this delusion and deception, they have controlled much of the genetic science industry manipulating the DNA readings for 40 years. For instance, a person might want to know where there genetic markers come from in the world, where their ancestry comes from. The rigged testing has created a genetic marker/race called Ashkenazi JEW. To the younger Europeans that already know their ancestry comes from Europe, this further solidifies the deception. Unfortunately, many Christians reading this about their ancestry would be ecstatic, falsely thinking they are related to Yahushua (Jesus). Whereas it should say, Khazarian descent; meaning a certain percent of your ancestry comes from the ancient Khazarian people near the Black Sea-southern Russia area. Do you see the deception?? Jew or Jewish is a religion, not a race. Muslim is a person that practices Islam, not a race. Christian is not a race, it is a person that practices Christianity. A DNA test can not determine RELIGION.


Every few years or so, I try bring light to this subject for the new readers that might yet be deceived or the older ones that have a hard time accepting truth. Unfortunately, most Christians fear Truth and refuse to accept it, yet they say they have the Spirit of Truth dwelling in them. Go Figure. The hard facts that the Messiah of the Bible physical features looks more like what many today would consider a thug or terrorist is scary to accept by those who bought into the Roman Catholic deceptive version of him.

Here is a video clip that resounds many of the things I have shared here on this website for many years.

Study for the first time or refresh your memory of this 5 part Series I have shared and re-shared over many years – Israel in Prophecy.

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  1. Great word….

    I like how the three different sects where identified Pharisees Sadducees and herodians. So you have the herodians in the political office and you have all the Sadducees and Pharisees conspiring to kill the church. The real Church the body of Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ YeHusHuWa was even called a blasphemer and a devil for demonstrating the holy spirit with power and speaking the truth of the Kingdom.

    Sir F
    June 20, 2017

    • Thanks. Nothing new under the Sun…just changed names. Blessings


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