The Mystery Of Age

The Mystery Of Age

 NOVEMBER 22, 2011

What is age? Is it not an illusion? Based on photos you will see below, we know that to be true. Age is a state of mind. It is only a number attached to a visual concept or document. However, since we are yet somewhat attached to the 3-dimensional world of illusions; we must address it.

As long as we acknowledge a certain set of numbers (age), we hold that frequency and give it power to manifest with all the expectations of that set of numbers (age). We not only hold that frequency, but we give others permission to verbally or non verbally assign and catalog that frequency to their limited ideas and expectations. In other words, you will be reminded of how you are suppose to think, act, dress, believe and live; based on mass consciousness traditional interpretation of that particular set of numbers you hold so proudly. You may be discriminated against for being too young or too old. Begin to detach mentally and verbally as much as possible from your set of numbers and see the big picture of who you really are. This will give you permission to be what is called, child-like, elderly, middle-age and anything in between when necessary; with the ability to communicate appropriately at all levels. Take the limit of a set of numbers off. In reality, you are ageless, immortal and eternal. You were never born, so you can never die-you have always existed. This is the I AM, you.

In yesterday’s blog, dealing with the 3-D physical form (illusion), we told you that we would prove to you how that the aging process can be accelerated or reverse rather fast. Last month I saw the story below and my heart was sadden about what happened to this beautiful young woman. We have seen and read awful stories of kids born with degenerative diseases – but the story below is quite different. While I was feeling sorry for her plight, I saw evidence for something I already knew.

You will find in the story below, this beautiful young woman, early 20’s went for seafood, she had an allergic reaction to the seafood. She used medicines that probably had too much steroids for her body in it. Somehow, the combination of the seafood allergy and the drugs trigger some genes in her body and her genetic script was re-written. In a matter of days, yes I said days; she had aged 50 years. (More comments at the end of the article)


Mystery Condition Makes Woman Age 50 Years In Just A Few Days Doctors have been left baffled by a strange condition which saw a woman of 23 age 50 years in a matter of days.

(L-R) Nguyen Thi Phuong, aged 21 and how she looks now, aged 26, after having suffered an allergic reaction to seafood.

mystery of aging


Photo: HOTSPOT MEDIA 8:38AM BST 14 Oct 2011

Vietnamese woman Nguyen Thi Phuong now looks like a septugenarian after the rapid aging affliction took hold following an allergic reaction to seafood.

Her sad story began in 2008, when her youthful beauty began to fade over the course of just a few days, leaving her with sagging, wrinkled skin all over her face and body.

Until now she has been forced to wear a mask in public to hide her appearance from prying eyes, but now doctors are attempting to establish what caused her sudden and horrifying aging.

Her husband, carpenter Nguyen Thanh Tuyen says his love for his once beautiful wife has not faded while Phuong, now 26, says her condition has only worsened since she was first struck with the condition.

The couple, from the Mekong Delta province of Ben Tre, in Vietnam, have agreed to talk to the media for the first time in order to ask for help.

Some have argued that the condition is lipodystrophy – a rare syndrome that causes a layer of fatty tissue beneath the surface of the skin to disintegrate while the skin itself continues to grow at a startling pace.

The syndrome with no cure leaves its victims with loose folds of skin all over their bodies, wrinkled faces and the gaunt features of people decades their senior.

The condition is extremely rare and out of around seven billion people on the planet, only 2,000 are thought to have lipodystrophy.

Displaying photos of a beautiful 21-year-old woman on her wedding day in 2006, Phuong said: “Five years ago, I was rather pretty and not so ugly like this, right?”

Phuong explained she has long been allergic to seafood and that she had suffered a particularly bad reaction in 2008.

She said: “I was really itchy all over my body. I had to scratch even while sleeping.”

Phuong said she took some medicine bought at a local pharmacy instead of going to the hospital because her and her husband Tuyen, now 33, were too poor to afford it.

She said: “After one month of taking the drugs, I became less itchy but hives remained on my skin.

“Then I switched to traditional medicine and all the hives disappeared, together with my itching. However, my skin began to sag and fold.”

Phuong then took another kind of traditional medicine to treat her rapid-aging skin problem – but to no avail.

The couple do not remember what the medicine was or which pharmacy they got it from.

Phuong said: “We considered that it was our destiny and I quit treatment in 2009. Now I always wear a face mask whenever I go out.

“The skin on my face, chest and belly have folds like an old woman who has given birth several times although I have never had a child.

“But the rapid-aging syndrome hasn’t affected my menstrual cycle, hair, teeth, eyes and mind.”

In 2010, the couple migrated to the southern province of Binh Phuoc’s Bu Dop District where they rent a small wooden house.

Tuyen continued to work as a carpenter while Phuong got a job at a cashew-nut processing factory.

Both earn a total of VND3 million – less than £92 a month – which means they cannot afford an examination at a major hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

Tuyen said his wife’s disease has not affected his love for her or their relationship.

He said: “I married Phuong when she was a beautiful woman. I have followed her through her disease and have never been shocked at all.

“It’s not easy to talk about one’s own marital affairs. Just simply understand that I still love her very much.”

Phuong said her husband’s love is the reason she is able to persevere in the face of adversity.

She said: “He still loves me like before despite the fact that I look old and ugly. With him, I feel more confident to live and work.”

On October 2, doctors from Nguyen Dinh Chieu Hospital in Ben Tre Province said they would examine Phuong for free and send her to the HCMC Dermatology Hospital if they failed to diagnose her condition.

Meanwhile, stories about Phuong in the local media have prompted a variety of diagnoses from local doctors. Many of them do not believe that Phuong has lipodystrophy, saying instead that Phuong may be suffering the side effects of too much steroid medication.


Further Comments

First of all we are praying for Phoung’s re-written genetic script which was activated by the seafood and probably steroids be erased and that at least the old programming is restored. As we stated in yesterday’s blog, whatever the script is that is written on the DNA, the body and life will follow it to the letter.

We see from Phoung’s horrible experience just how fast the genetic codes can be changed and activated and how quickly the body must respond. If something as horrible as this can happen in a matter of days to accelerate the aging process, how much more could it not happen to literally reverse it? The photos of Phoung baffles the mind of how such things can be.

Apostle Paul wrote about being clothed with our house from heaven, this is the new light body that does not age, get sick or die. This body resides not in the sky, but within us. He also wrote about being changed thoroughly from within in a twinkling of an eye. How will this happen? It is already happening gradually. One day in the near future, the script that you have been re-writing on your DNA through reading the living words, spiritual affirmation, meditation, prayer, becoming actively involved in your evolution and manifesting LOVE will become a reality.

As the Christ light fills your being, every silent sirtuin gene will began to scream, releasing life and youthfulness. Also, every other dormant gene, chromosome and gland associated with longevity, life and immortality will awaken. “In a moment (in the atomic structure), in a twinkling of an eye, we shall be changed (metamorphosis).” 1 Corinthians 15

“There shall no more be in it an infant who lives but a few days, or an old man who dies prematurely; for the child shall die a hundred years old, and the sinner who dies when only a hundred years old shall be [thought only a child, cut off because he is] accursed…For as the days of a tree, so shall be the days of My people…” Isaiah 65:20,22

We see from the 2800 year old Isaiah prophecy above that a person being 100 years old in human years, will be considered a child if they die. Why? Mainly because they will probably look and function like someone in their 20’s. We also see that because there will be such an increase of Spirit (photon energy from solar flares) on the planet, that longevity will not only affect those some may consider spiritual, but also those considered non-spiritual (sinners).

Get ready for a DNA upgrade, as the 97% of unknown alien DNA becomes activated within humans.


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