The Science of Intercession

The Science of Intercession

(This message was initially given, spoken and posted on the old website June 21, 2011)

As Co-Creators, we possess awesome powers; however, too often I think we forget who we really are. The area of power I want to focus on in this thought is “Intercession.” One of the duties of the priesthood was to intercede on behalf of those he or she is ministering to. Many of us have come to realize that we are of the Order of the Melchizedek Priesthood, the Universal Priesthood that ministers on both sides of the veil (unseen worlds and the seen).

Intercession is a form of prayer that basically means, to deal with, entreat in favor of or against; to go between. (To speak up for, or against, on the behalf of others.) Furthermore, it is a science that can be tested and has been tested with proven results not just from ancient Scripture, but contemporary science. It is the science and art of going Within; I like to call it “Inner-Cession”, surrendering and ceasing to BE, through the external and internal dialog, thus, releasing the desired intent. The true Intercessors are the Prophets, Seers; they are the “Watchmen” on the wall sounding the alarm and announcing victory. The Creator does not hide the things that shall be from them, but they are revealed.

“Surely the Lord God will do nothing before he reveals it to his servants, the prophets.” Amos 3:7

I am reminded of Prophet Abraham’s Intercession after having an encounter with Melchizedek. The angels (guides) appeared to him and revealed a Natural Disaster that was about to take place (Earthquake/Volcanic Eruption) that was going to destroy the population of 2 major cities (Sodom and Gomorrah) and the surrounding cities. Genesis 18 “And the LORD said, Shall I hide from Abraham the thing that is about to happen?” It was through Abraham’s ‘constant’ intercession that Lot and some of his family member’s were spared during a Natural Disaster (Earthquake/Volcanic Eruption), while everyone else perished.


Abraham’s intercession ‘words’ stood between the destruction and Lot. The Volcano literally could not blow until Lot was in a place of safety because of Abraham’s words (intercession).

“The angel said, “Hurry, Evacuate, I can not do anything until you get to a safe place.” “When Lot entered Zoar fire and brimstone rained on Sodom and Gomorrah.” Genesis 19: 22-24

When we invoke the realm of Spirit, God; though prayer ‘words’ or ‘focused meditation,’ with intent and emotions; a barrier is built. The words (vibrations) become a frequency that builds an invisible shield around the person or things that we are interceding for. Your words are powerful because they are formed with the Creator breath that was breathed into Adam.

Everything in the universe, seen and unseen is made up of this Energy we call God. He thought and spoke Himself into the existence of everything. When INTENT and EMOTIONS ( E=energy in Motion, passion) accompany the ‘words’ (prayer) that’s being released, they become energized with your electro-magnetic field. The super-charged vibrations (words) travel at the speed of light to the target to do or undo whatever the intent is. If others are in agreement with you; the vibrations meshes together to form a more powerful energetic frequency. Thus, Interacting with, Interfering with and sometime Intercepting the energetic rhythm that’s already in place.

The energetic rhythm that is already in place may appear as negative energy called sickness, disease, depression, addictions, lack, imminent natural or man-made disasters, etc. However, when the words are released from your mouth, they immediately go to work in the unseen or spirit realm.

“The power of life and death is in your tongue,” “Whatsoever you continue to say will happen if you don’t doubt.” “His word will not return empty, it will accomplish where it is sent to.” “In the beginning was the Word (thought, speaking of the thought) and the Word is God.”


1). The super-charged energetic vibrations (words) may INTERACT with the negative energy, thus, disturbing the behavior, effects and rhythm of the negative energy’s operation in a person or situation. However, the situation or person may only appear slightly affected based on the amount of energy (faith, intent, or emotion) put into the words. [In Christian terminology, the prayer was not anointed, maybe there was doubt, it must become a continual request for some time or you might need other to help you pray/intercede].

2). The super-charged energetic vibrations (words) may INTERFERE with the negative energy by destabilizing the rhythm of it. (For example, healing process begins to manifest, the addictive cravings are not as strong, the storm turned another direction, or the explosion did not destroy as much intended). In Christian terminology, the prayer/intercession created a cushion; it is destroying the work of the enemy. This is a resulted of many praying/interceding for the same thing.
“If any two touch and agree on any one thing it shall be accomplished.”

3). The super-charged energetic vibrations (words) may INTERCEPT negative energy that is building up, thus, absorbing it and transmuting it to positive. This is the experience where a person radically changes, a miracle happens, an imminent natural disaster is stopped or a man-made disaster is foiled. Usually this is a result of many interceding with great passion. Or, it could be one person filled Spirit,authority and Faith. This is where intercession becomes ‘decrees,’ or declarations. “Decree a thing and it shall be established in the earth.” [In Christian terminology, “You prayed through”].

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a Tree of Life”.


Over the past 6-8 years I have found myself getting really annoyed with silly powerless people that think they have arrived at some realm of enlightenment because they know a few Scripture or listen to CD’s. They seem to always ask me the same silly questions. Why do you fast? Who do you pray to? Why should we pray/intercede; since we have a divine nature? Just by asking such immature questions shows that one has barely gotten out of the gate, yet they think they have “arrived” somewhere. I sometime reply, “Did Jesus not pray? He is the Master of masters, but yet He prayed/interceded. Go do likewise.” I think part of the problem is ego and the other part is ignorance to the fact that there is a hierarchy of ELOHIM. Although we are Elohim (Gods), we are not Prime Creator, Source, El Elyon Most High God. There is not enough Ram in this bio-physical computerized expression (body) at this point to contain the totality of Light Data Codes emanating from that realm. However, someone with a “glorified” completely transformed body might. If you don’t have that yet, it is better that you learn to intercede/pray. “Oh yes we pray just to make it today.” (MC Hammer)

Why is it that some prayers seem to take forever to be answered? Or, why other prayers or intercessions are granted speedily? We realize that when praying/interceding for others, everyone will not be consciously receptive, some have little or no desire for change, or have not learned to believe. These are things that can affect the outcome of intercession. As in the Biblical record, all of Lot’s family could have been saved through the intercession of Abraham. Mrs. Lot could have been saved with her family if the attachments of Sodom did not have such control of her. She was on her way out to safety, her death was caused by not following a simple instruction.

“The fervent (dzay’los = zeal, heated, to be hot, boiling; heartfelt. Strong emotions) effectual (energeh-o = energy, to be active, Doing, movement, operation, working; effect. Energetic) prayer of the righteous avails much.” James 5:16

The above ancient form of prayer and intercession is often criticized, discouraged, seen as fanaticism, emotionalism and is rarely seen today among contemporary Christians. We have become so proper, correct, and afraid of criticism. Most just sound off nice empty powerless words from their lips with little intent or emotions. After all, we are too educated and civilized to lose control and it doesn’t take all that some think. I have had the privilege of participating in various spiritual tribal rituals. I visit Mosque occasionally, Synagogues and I watch the people praying at the Wailing Wall. Have you noticed how their whole body seems to be involved? “Let all that is within me bless his holy name.” Is there a science behind this technique? Could there be some ancient technology we are missing out on? Yes.

The atmosphere around us is made up of molecules, these are atoms held together by gluons. Atoms are 99.9999999% empty space. You and everything we see and don’t see is held together by these atoms. In other words, this is empty space. Clapping, movement and frequencies from the words coming out of our mouth has the ability to fill the empty space or program the empty space. The kinetic energy of motion while praying, interceding charges the atmosphere, thus, changing it according to the words proceeding from your mouth accompanied with passion, emotions.

The body human is pure energy meshed together to give the form that appears as you. When this body of energy is brought into a unified rhythm through body movement (rhythmic bowing, walking, dancing, vibrating etc), your brain wave pattern literally changes. Some are able to achieve this heighten state of consciousness through chants, worship, prayer or deep meditation. Your brain wave patterns moves into High Alert BETA State, emitting and vibrating over 20 hz (cycles per second). That means that everything within you is focused toward one main goal. Your electromagnetic field expands and extends at least 40 feet in every direction beyond the normal few inches from your body, thus, literally making you larger than life. You literally fill a room or can be in any part of the universe instantly.

You are connecting with the ALL in ALL, you are out of your mind. This is the heated, boiling, heartfelt, emotion filled, energy releasing prayer/intercession that produces tremendous power and is dynamic in energy. Your brain, heart and all your being is emitting energy frequencies into the ether that connect with the same type (those praying about the same thing) of energy to produce the desired results. This is the kind of intercession/prayer that the patriarch Jacob experienced and he said, “I wont let go until you bless me.” And his name/nature was changed. Genesis 32:24-28 This is the kind of intercession Jesus made in the Garden of Gethsemane that empowered him to go to the cross and resurrect. Luke 22:39-46

Spoken words at this point are super charged (anointed) to create, to do or undo whatever is necessary if spoken with Faith. One has literally crossed over and no longer operating out of a limited realm with limited resources, the vastness of universal power and the angelic is at your disposal.


Intercession/prayer is not only realized through high emotional states of consciousness. It is also through “focused meditation.” After you have made passionate declaration, hold that frequency in concentrated thought form. “Before you call (while in meditation, deep thought) I will answer.” Isaiah 65:24 One can learn how to turn off the external and internal busyness of the mind through deep breathing exercises and other meditations over a period of time. It is there in the stillness where the brainwave activity changes from DELTA (unconscious/trance)State to High Alert BETA State, while the body is still (in trance state). “Be still and know that I AM God.” Psalms 46:10

At this level you are transcending yourself and connecting with the All and All. Your brain, heart and entire being is generating and emitting an energy frequency that produces tremendous power and is dynamic in energy. “As a man thinks, so is he.” “Meditate on these things.”

Your thoughts are powerful because they are the genesis of all that can become. They Interact with, Interfere with and Intercept energetic rhythms that are already in place. Distant healing, miracles and changes are performed. Your thoughts are manifested from afar. This process of Meditative Intercession works the same way as stated above in vocal Intercession. The more minds coming together in agreements will amass greater energy to do or undo whatever the Intent with Emotions are targeting.


We found out earlier in this messages that the angel revealed to Prophet Abraham a specific Imminent Natural Disaster of Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption that would destroy cities filled with people. This revelation was not only for Abraham’s personal insight, but it was to provoke him to Intercede for the safety of Lot’s life. Some things the Holy Spirit reveals that will happen; no prayer/intercession will prevent it from happening. However, it can be limited (lessened), or lives can be spared through intercession and knowledge. “People are destroyed for the lack of knowledge”.

In the coming days there will be more stories of people escaping destruction due to missing appointments, airplanes and a barrage of circumstances developing that may seem awkward, inconvenient and uncomfortable. However, the intercession/energy that has gone forth or is going forth will do whatever is necessary to keep you safe and whole.

Your angelic protection may appear in the form of someone cutting you off on the freeway, an accident holding up traffic, that person in the grocery line that can’t find his money or use an ATM card, your child making a mess that will take time to clean, your wife taking extra long shopping, your husband deciding to come home early from work. It could be that pesky tele-marketer call as you are rushing out the door, the keys got misplaced and no one can find them, you lost that job where an accident will happen, you didn’t get the house or car you expected, the person of your dream left you.

All of these inconvenient circumstances can be subtle angelic protections from things you can not see, the energies have been created and summoned through intercession to keep you safe. Learn to give thanks for life little inconvenience that may be angels in disguise saving you from a car accident or some other trauma. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love power and a sound mind. Thank you Creator Father.

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