The Sign of Jonah & the Black Sun

The Sign of Jonah & the Black Sun

We are in highly prophetic times. Are you aware of what is really happening?
Can you feel the energy rising as the heavens move into position to open portals to directly impact the Earth, specifically the USA?

What an awesome time to be alive and AWAKE.

In these video, we barely examine the Black Sun Cult and symbols; how it was hi-jacked by the Nazis and perverted to represent a symbol of Hate, Racial Superiority and Dominance.

This is the esoteric story behind the Eclipse they have been waiting 100 years for that happens on Monday. Fortunately, they failed with the rise and fall of Hitler after the 1st phase of the Black Sun – June 8, 1918. They are counting on the August 21 Total Eclipse in LEO to empower them to arise as the kings of the earth, but they will fail miserably to not rise again – so says the stars.

In the future as time permits we might get to share more in depth and prophetically – but for now – Be Aware of the spirit and esoteric technology being used behind the scenes to embolden and empower the alt-Right and their misguided sympathizers. The Black Star energy will ultimately be to their own demise.


August 21 sets the mark to “Go!” As the months and years play out we will see many astounding things. The line is being drawn in the sand. Choose what side you are on, this is not about Republican or Democrat. It is good or evil.

Order of Melchizedek

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