The Sounds of Life – Part II – Darcy Ferneau

The Sounds of Life – Part II – Darcy Ferneau

Shalom All, We finally got the website backed up and restored. In the meantime, please be inspired with Part II of the Sounds of Life by Darcy Ferneau.


Let us ask ourselves some basic questions. Are we obstructing the free flow of the energy towards perfection, in our daily living? Is the enlightenment alive in us? Are we living in the light? Perhaps, maybe we just have a form of Godliness and are denying the power thereof? In other words, if we have only “head-knowledge” and do not experience the energy, the vibrating pulsating force working through every cell; then we only have an image of God that “we created.” Locked up in our cells are chemical receptors that have produced some confusion. However, “Blessed are the ‘pure’ in heart for they shall see God.”

When we learn how to hear the sounds of life using the laws of harmony, which permeate the whole creation, we shall be free to create that which we thought was unattainable.

We are standing at the threshold of a time of compelling change and are becoming more radiant and more empowered each day.

Illuminating a completely new dimension, our lives infused with more foreknowledge and limpidity. One illuminating after another is entering our circuitry making it possible for the altering of our DNA.

The power that drives our choice into manifestation is that perfect power that already exists in creation. The sound has been noisy and many barriers have kept us apart. Our differences in opinions, and some of our experiences produced a great deal of confusion making our progress difficult. Once the illumination comes, the frequency of sound intensifies, shattering the “sound barrier” that has confused us. Then we shall behold Him face to face.

Our development had been a gradual transformation, until implosion began to happen. When a word is quickened in you to make you aware of the life force that is manifesting itself in you, this truth will cause a surge in your circuitry. My word was “love.” The search was over and the journey began.

Another Hebrew translation for love is “impulse” or “pulse.” Pulse is a vibration of infinite power moving through our body. Our unique blueprint is locked-up in each of our cells, the cells quicken and memory is restored.

If the road or path you have taken seems obscured, be transmuted by the pure sounds of life that emanate in you.

Be not content to stumble passively through life. The obstacle become likened to a static cyst. Interference in the circuit of your life force will cause a complete stop of the flow of energy. Stumbling blocks will inhibit you from hearing the pitch of the pure sounds. The stepping-stone of reality will enable you to channel the power. Our past perceptions interfered with us understanding that our memory is locked up in each of our cells. Becoming aware of this principle made us no longer obstruct the flow of energy. This truth will enable us to move into the next level of illumination into a totally new dimension.

All sound is based upon a series of frequencies, whether it is a chord played on a piano, the highest or lowest note that a singer can reach, or snap of the fingers. The relationship of the sounds determines whether there is harmony or discord. Harmonious sounds are those we hear and enjoy. Discordant sounds are harmful or unpleasant. These sounds affect the whole body, giving it a sensation of comfort or discomfort accordingly.

Sounds bounce off other sounds as when hitting a key on a piano and the note continues as it resonates softer and gently fades into the next.

If you view a molecule or two or more atoms united with each atom possessing a note and each molecule producing its own unique sounds, then you understand a little more clearly how these all relate.

Nucleic acids are complex molecules that basically, isolated from the nuclei of cells. There are some nucleic acids located in the cytoplasm of the cell instead of in the nucleus as you might imagine.

Cells, which are the building blocks of the body, must work individually and in union with other cells in order to achieve their purpose being the creation and maintaining of life itself. Body cells make up a cell membrane surrounding a cytoplasm. The cytoplasm in turn contains the nucleus, which is the part of cell that controls the cell and its effect on life itself.

DNA, which carries all the genetic messages for the cells, is made like a spiral ladder, perhaps similar to the one seen in Jacob’s dream so many ages ago. The units that make up this ladder are Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, and Cytosine.

DNA, the largest molecule contained within the body, is made of literally millions of atoms. Your spine contains two strands that made up of phosphoric acid chains. This particular acid based on one element of the phosphorous and sugar as known as carbohydrates. These strand, like the side rails of the ladder, have “rungs” made of nitrogen compounds which, bases, the opposite of acids. There are only four types of bases better known by letters A,G,T and C, but they construct over 3 million rungs on the DNA “ladder.” These four bases unite with phosphate and sugar molecules in DNA. Each attaches itself to a sugar molecule. Thus, they have formed nucleotides made up of unions of bases, sugars and phosphates. These units are the building blocks of DNA.

DNA spreads among the 46 chromosomes that hold the genes in human beings. Genes, that are the units, which carry all the hereditary information, is built of chains of DNA. Genes are the makers of protein and controllers of everything cells do. Every bit of a cell’s DNA is locked within the chromosomes.

The DNA ladder is 30% phosphate, 70% sugar, and four, bases. Adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine form the steps which are attached to the rails by hydrogen atoms, or hydrogen bonds containing a single electron and proton. The electron of a hydrogen bond orbits around the nucleus in a counter clockwise direction when bonding sugars and when it joins hydrogen atoms with guanine and cytosine. The electrons spin clockwise when meeting of phosphate or when it connects an Adenine or Thymine atom with a hydrogen atom.

There are four possible pairs, which occur, in all living things. These are Adenine to Thymine A-T, Thymine to Adenine T-A and Guanine to Cytosine G-C, or Cytosine to Guanine C-G of these four pairs, there are 64 possible groupings when you mix and match these four bases and the combinations in which they can be grouped. These 64 combinations are called nucleotide triplets, which are codons for amino acids. Each has a specific amino acid among the 20 we have. Each amino acid, like a letter in the alphabet, unites with other to form the “words” which make-up our unique and complex body chemistry.

The billions of nucleotides which make-up our DNA build “stair-steps,” which are united by two flexible rods which create a spiral staircase known as the double helix of DNA.

As each new cell is created, the DNA must make an exact copy of itself. We believe this, is done by dividing the ladder in the middle and making a mirrored image of the original.

Nucleic acids perform two functions. They relay the inherited characteristics from generation to generation and they initiate the formation of specific.

A negative of RNA links with a positive DNA to establish a bi-pole. Its function is to protect the cell from external acoustic magnetic and electric fields; the bi-pole, however, can be affected by an internally generated magnetic field, the most powerful of these fields emanates from the heart. This energy is bursting with “emotionally generated” molecules which rocket beyond proteins and into hormones. These molecules can cause dis-chord and disharmony in the cellular music, causing great stress. This then may cause disease, loss of vitality in your system and may damage the healthy relationship of the cells with the system.

If our bodies are attuned to listen to the harmonies within, which vibrates form the limits of creation to our hearts, then our ears and atoms can align and hear “The Sounds of Life.”

DNA not only engulfs light but also transmits light. DNA appears to be the bridge between our physical and spiritual bodies. Science believes that DNA directly reflects our consciousness making it possible for us to willfully change or “alter” our DNA.

In the past, we have been told of, a shift in consciousness. But, how does this happen? In other words, what takes place in the mind will make a change in your body at the microscopic level. How are we sure we are shifting? Many say in their minds they are shifting but they are dying by the way of the graves daily. When our thoughts become, stumbling blocks, instead of stepping stones this the result. Sickness grips the cells and disease fills all parts of the body. When a real shift takes place, there will be a true manifestation in your body. You will experience vigor and vitality; the total physical body will change to health. There are people who are looking carefully inside themselves and examining what they have been taught to be only a mixture. They are experiencing within their bodies what love is: The pulsating energy running freely through every cell, fiber, and tissue of their body. They are experiencing a shift and an an increase in their ability to hear these sounds.

“Be not conformed of this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of our mind.

In other words, be not guided by this memory or conscience or principle of the past, but be ye in tune by the vibration that alters your cells. Extreme conformity means we lose the original thought.

As we alter our perception, a new wave of knowledge is altering the very DNA that you are made up of. DNA rungs/codons are octave specific, so when frequencies reach the exact pitch for rungs to fuses intensified sound resonant the DNA to unite new rungs on the DNA ladder.

In the moment, in the twinkling of the eye, we shall be, caught up with Him in the air. More explicitly, when the pure sound vibrates, the very elements of our particles, shine and quiver; our understanding will be clear in Christ consciousness in total attunement and in harmony with creation.

Let us be reminded we are progressing in knowledge as the sounds are being altered to a new wave of frequency in each of us.

Not only is there an earthquake and shaking going on in the recesses of you mind, but this quivering and shaking is going on inside the very cells form which you are made.

We are empowered to be in this world, but not of the world. Knowledge aids us and directs our experience of ultimate truths but not of and in itself.

By connecting ourselves to the life force that is in ‘us,’ we have the ability to cause motion to stop or change its path. We have the capability to put the energy to work for us.

In Prov. 25: 2 It is the glory of God to “conceal” a thing; but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.” The Hebrew translation for ‘conceal’ means; to ‘engrave.’ This means we understand that we are made up of atoms and that our DNA blueprint is being engraved by the live force. As the brightness of His coming enters into our cells revealing the change, we are growing more advanced and more nearly perfect. The unfolding of the rue I AM is being revealed. As knowledge is increasing daily about the genetic code, we come closer to the realization of our assignment of why we are here.

As love vibrates at its purest form, there is an impelling force, an influence on the body to produce a change in movement or in shape. We will experience a momentary sudden fluctuation in an electrical voltage or current. What has been hidden, away for age being revealed in us now. No more noise in the mind only the pure sound is vibrating in each of us.

Finally, such an exciting passage that I found in the scriptures confirming what I have shared with you; Mark 5 verses 25-34, the story is told of the women who had suffered for 12 years with an issue of blood. She touched the “hem” of His garment and was healed. “Hem” in Hebrew means a ‘twisted coil’ {Chraspdon}. The translation in Greek for ‘garment’ is perception. In other words, she became in union of singleness with God through the very core of Jesus DNA. He said that He felt the virtue of life force leave His body. She tapped into His life force, “altered” her DNA and she was totally restored in her consciousness with the Father and healed. Her perception shifted to alter her very atoms into alignment with the pure sound of life.

Grant us, oh Father, the clearness of vision and earnestness of purpose that we may express You to all creation.

I call upon of creation to shift into the new dimension of the knowledge of the vibrating love that emanates and permeates its whole being. Take a moment, close your eyes, and fell and hear the sounds of life that are quickening in you.

Darcy Ferneau/ Okeechobee, Florida




Embrace Him and the new knowledge will the old concepts replace.

False teachings and evil adversaries that must be forever erased.

Look deeply within where your soul awaits the hour it is to come out.

Meditate upon Christ and His image, and let His comfort remove all your doubt.

Be enlightened by His presence within your heart and your mind, giving you peace.

Let yourself hear the thought that leads to the wisdom that lies there beneath.

Wherein lies your consciousness, new wisdom your soul is demanding.

Finally when you have discovered it you’ll find a peace beyond all understanding.

Then all is harmonious within and comforted by this sweet, peaceful sound,

And the word becomes our power, the source wherein all life is found.

Darcy Ferneau/ Okeechobee, Florida



As if beating as one heart in a universal, unified force.

Love is unconditional no matter your life’s course.

Hearts aligned with God’s heart in harmony with the music of the earth,

Shatter barriers that held the illusions known by many since their birth.

The love that endows you with the purest tones will one day heal the nations.

The fruits of your lives are found in the cellular vibrations.

Encircled, in life’s journey vibrates the pulsating infinite power of God’s spirit.

Interconnected, emanating from within the sounds of life for those who will hear it.

Committed to sharing knowledge of truth in so many ways.

Like the ripples in the ocean that form the mighty waves.

You are a beautiful symphony played by an angel band,

Renewing of the mind, revealed the great I am.

Vibrating like an earthquake within our every cell,

The sounds of God within us together can defeat the sounds of hell.

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Darcy Ferneau/ Okeechobee, Florida

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