Thorn In The Flesh

Thorn In The Flesh

It was late March 2016, I was inspired to go in the front yard and do some yard-work. Since I was finally inspired, I got tools and rushed right out with my flip-flops on. I was aware that I should have on proper shoes working outside, especially in a desert landscape. I had not planned to be out very long, since there was little to do. Trying to avoid stepping on flowering cactus plants, I backed into another one and got a heel full of cactus thorns of various sizes on my right foot.

When I went into the house to pull out the needles and thorns, all came out but one. It was the biggest. While carefully pulling it out, it broke and seemed to sink deeper beyond the reaches of my tweezers. My youngest son Jeremiel had been with me and witnessed everything, he comforted me, assuring me it would be ok. I told him not to worry, it’s only a little thorn and we went out again.

Days later my foot had a fever, was swollen, infected and extremely tender. (The image above is a few days later.) Sleeping at night became uncomfortable, standing for long periods and wearing shoes; painful. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried not to, I bumped my swollen fevered foot. My boys became concerned with the many “ouches” and grunts sounds throughout the day and they started to pray for my foot, where the blackened area was growing. Just last week I had thought of making a small incision and removing the bothersome thorn myself.


Within the first week, I realized that this minor experience that seemed to be drawing so much of my attention to it was – prophetic. Events in our lives are often layered with many prophetic possibilities and messages, even the most minor ones can conceal life-changing messages.

“For if I want to boast, I will not be a fool, because I will be telling the truth. But I will spare you, so that no one can credit me with something beyond what he sees in me or hears from me,
And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure.”
2 Corinthians 12:6-7

I am not comparing myself with Rabbi Saul aka Apostle Paul, I am only sharing a prophetic message and sign. Oftentimes Father has used my body over the years as a prophetic sign to the Body of Christ. First of all, this was a message to me about some personal issues-a tormentor, messenger of satan sent in my life. (We all have them from time to time and sometimes maybe we have been that to someone).


Yahweh told the ancient Hebrew people, “If you fail to drive out the remainder of the inhabitants of the land, they will be a thorn in your side and prick in your eye; they will create trouble in the land where you live.” Numbers 33:55

The literal ancient Hebrew people and their experiences were given for examples to us today, tomorrow and thereafter. They were sent to RECLAIM ancient lands and territories, but they failed to get rid of what was left over, the remainder of the inhabitants. The left overs were a constant pain and kept them from entering into a state of peace and rest. The attention and energy that could have been focused on experiencing Yahweh’s goodness, was used for constant warfare, heartache and unrest.

How often we fail to clear out all emotional attachments (soul ties), physical, financial and even spiritual attachments to things and people Father has clearly told us to totally separate from? How often do we sympathize with the works of evil as King Saul did, thinking we can change something or someone, only to realize it has caused us to lose the kingdom (anointing, something of value)?

The pain caused by what’s left over, the emotions and sin not dealt with becomes a magnet to attract negative energy and a seemingly unending cycle of internal warfare, unrest and is spiritually draining. Parents and relatives often have a difficult time showing “tough love” and saying “NO” to relatives with addictions or that one that has to be constantly bailed out financially. The unnecessary guilt you have allowed to be placed on you or you take on to yourself, becomes a “thorn in your flesh.” The left over feeling that you did or didn’t do something becomes a torment. Dealing with that daughter that makes bad choices in men, one after another – sometimes it’s the son making poor choices repeatedly with women.

It could be a relationship or the left overs of an unhealthy one; girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, or friend. The only way you can Reclaim that part of your territory is to clear out the left overs. Delete unnecessary files taking up space in your head. Forgiveness is very powerful, but it does not mean you forget.

While pulling the thorns out of my heel carefully, one broke and most of it was lodged in my heel. The left over was a thorn in my flesh and created lots of pain, discomfort and required lots of attention. Do you know people like this?


Did you know that false humility is Pride? Humility is not necessarily a posture, soft tone of voice, tasteless apparel or whimpy facial expression; it is a state of mind/attitude.

Since I did not get the left overs of the thorn out of my heel right away, soon it began to swell. It only takes a little leaven to infect the whole lump of dough, causing it to rise; so it is with Pride.

The Apostle Paul said the thorn in his flesh was a messenger sent from satan. A messenger must have a message, even if he/she/it is from satan. The serpent of Genesis 3:5 told the truth to Adam and Eve, “For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” “And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil:” Genesis 3:22

What is the message God is allowing satan to give you? Think about the people or situations that might be thorns in your flesh. What is the Father trying to teach you? The thorn is to amplify what’s in you that needs to be dealt with and changed. The thorn will remain, as His grace is more than enough, until you change something.

Do you easily get puffed up? Do you think that you are better than Muslims, other Christians, Democrats, Republicans, gays, transgenders, other races, etc?

Sometimes at night and throughout the day my foot would become extremely hot. I began to hear the message loud and clear. “Whoever controls his temper is better than a warrior, and anyone who has control of his spirit is better than someone who captures a city.” Proverbs 16:32

The root of quarreling, fighting, “needing” to have the last word, or to simply speak your peace is Pride. Ouch! I bumped my swollen heel again. “The only effect of pride is fighting; but wisdom is with the quiet in spirit. Proverbs 13:10

The messenger or message of satan can only torment and buffet you when there is something the ego will not let go of. There was something that Apostle Paul had to grow out of, but grace was given to bear it until he did; so it is with us. There are some things God does not take away, we outgrow them. We get the message and change what needs to be changed.

For some of us, the message is learn to say NO? Love people but don’t allow them to use you. For some of you…stop playing savior, then they will stop looking to you and seek God. For others, just let it go. Yep, take a few deep breaths and let it go. Fools can not hear wisdom or common sense – stop trying to explain.


My boys prayed for my foot several times, as they noticed the black circle on my heel expanding. This past week Jeremiel had started to kiss it, even though I told him not to. Wednesday, May 11 during school, while sitting at my desk he crawled over and kissed it and prayed for it again. He looked up at me and said, “It’s coming out.” I assured him it was nothing for him to worry about and agreed. Several hours later I was in another room helping Zarius with Math, Jeremiel came in with a Kleenex he had wet. He began rubbing my heel softly as I answered the phone. He whispered to me, “It’s coming out.” I nodded and motioned for him to move so I could go back to my office and talk.

While talking on the phone, I noticed a small scab that I had not seen before. This was an unusual call, my friend who is an Empath started to engage the realm of Spirit and we were both drawn in doing some spiritual work in the South Pacific. As she continued speaking, nearing the end of the conversation, I looked down at my foot. The little scab was off and something was moving without me touching my foot. I called the boys in to witness it. The thorn that had been lodged deep in my heel was rising out on it’s own accord (no exaggeration). We watched it for several seconds rise out completely, nearly half an inch long and stop. As I pinched the surrounding area, it fell to the floor.

I looked at Jeremiel and said, “You did it.” They clapped, rejoiced and hugged, knowing that Father God had answered their prayers. Eye heard the word of the Lord say to me, “The Thorn Has Been Removed.” I knew exactly what he was speaking of.

The Word of the Lord to you today is: “The Thorn in Your Flesh Is Being Removed. You are having a paradigm shift as your read and experience this, NOW. That person, addiction, weakness, illness, trial, whatever has caused pain and a seemingly cycle of torment – It’s Coming Out. You have outgrown that stage, you have heard the message and learned the lessons.

You will see those who were adversarial toward you humbled and quietened. Your enemies and haters will flee in many directions. Strongholds that have vexed you must surrender to the power of Christ rising in you NOW. You are free from the power of guilt and empowered to say NO. All ties connected to residual emotions -left overs of past experiences are broken and can no longer attract negative experiences.”

“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” Genesis 3:15

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  1. Thank you for sharing your insight.

  2. I feel I have my answer. Thank you .

  3. Praise the Lord

  4. This truly happened to me today,i was able to resist and say NO to my husband and lay down world of God rules in JESUS NAME.For so many years his alcahol and smoking addiction has left us with nothing,i so reseive this word.By the way i found you site yesterday.

    • We are glad the holy Spirit led you to us and that the Word was a present truth word for you. we pray and agree with your situation for complete freedom in Jesus Name. ATAM

  5. Lord I thank you and received, believe, and trust your word. Oh God you are a awesome God and I bless your Holy name! Ear hear .


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