While in prophetic prayer and intercession for the nations, Eye heard the Spirit say, “The power of transformation is sometimes cocooned in what appears as chaos.  The scroll for this outer world of illusions is rolling up fast, as reality is being unrolled for those who want to see.  Continue to intercede and mediate between the two worlds;  pulling down the strongholds of deception and principalities.  The destruction of the old paradigm will become more evident and horrifying for many as the old form transforms into the new.”

Looking through natural eyes at the outer dimension of this world, it appears to be steadily falling apart.   Everything has been accelerated on the planet and in the galaxy.   Here on planet earth,  human greed, pride and hatred is driving a large portion of humanity to the end of itself.   There are those who want to engulf much of the world in war, this is part of  Agenda 21 plan to eliminate up 80%  of the people on the planet.

On the individual level,  there has been such  pressure,  spiritual warfare and fiery trial in this phase of the birthing of a new consciousness in the earth.  So many that I have spoken with over the past several months seems to be in the midst of the fire, entering the fire or just coming out of fire .  The fire is definitely on and the Father knows exactly which area of our lives need to experience heat to produce transformation.

If the fire is on in your life there must be something that yet needs to be consumed and transmuted into fuel to launch you further into your destiny. If we can keep in mind that the fiery trial is not to destroy us (the real us) but rather to transform us, we will get through it as an overcomer.  Trans-formation is what this process is really all about, don’t take it, whatever (it is) personally; although it is all about you.

Transformation from the on-line Etymology Dictionary is from Gk. anamorphosis “transformation,” noun of action from anamorphoein “to transform,” from ana “up” (see ana-) + morphe “form” (see Morpheus). From this we see that there is an “upward” change taking place. I am sure that some of you feel like you are changing for the worse sometimes and getting further from expressing His Presence.  NO!  The fire is causing you to evolve. This reminds me of the Scripture where Paul says, “we are changed from glory to glory.”   We know that this “upward” spiral is actually “inward” that releases us to higher realms of glory. The lowly crawling caterpillar is transformed upward into the beautiful butterfly.

The butterfly has (2) sets of DNA codes.  One is to form the limited caterpillar expression, designed for a short life span that will eventually be swallowed up into a totally different form.  The second set of DNA codes has the information to form an expression of a flying beautiful creation.  It is coded with the information of transformation.  “It does not yet appear what you shall be like, but we know that when He appears, we shall be like Him, for we shall see him as He is.”


Morphe (form) or Morph is connected with the word, name Morpheus. Remember the film Matrix? Morpheus’ mission was to find “the ONE” (Neo) and wake him up. The personal challenges that you are facing is to help you find the ONE-that ONE is not outside yourself, he is YOU. (Of course it is God, but where is He?) This is your higher (upward) Self or in Biblical terminology, Christ in you the hope of Glory. It is the Neo – Man or New Man (woman) that’s being “born again” and renewed by the Spirit of the Almighty. It is the awareness of the Christed Self. “Be ye transformed (metamorpho) by the renewing of your mind”.  Romans 12:2  So we see the fiery trials along does not cause metamorphosis (thoroughly changed from within) or anamorphosis (upward change from within) – One must be consciously engaged with intent on changing the mind. In other words, use your experiences no matter how negative or challenging they seem to your benefit; allowing them to propel you “upward”.  Don’t become bitter, become better. This form or version of you now must change.  The increasing warfare without only reflects the warfare increasing in humanity, as the illusion struggles to usurp reality, to no avail.


Morpheus in mythology is the god of Dreams, the dream shaper. He is the leader of the Oneiroi – the Oniroi are the triplet gods, sons of Nyx (night) goddess of the night. The Oneiroi are the triplet attendants of Hypnos, the god of Sleep, bringing dreams to the mortals and gods who fall under the power of Sleep.  Morpheus sees Hypnos as a father figure as Hypnos takes care of the other siblings.

Hypnos is where we get the word hypnotize or hypnosis from. (Take a selah-pause moment here. Do you realize that almost everything we do in life is somehow tied to the so called mythological gods,  which are related to astrology?  Is that by coincidence or did someone leave clues everywhere)?

The world had been hypnotized and given false dream. There is no such thing as the American Dream, it is a nightmare. Most of the world has fallen under the power of Hypnos and can only function at his suggestions. But how could this be? They are hooked up to the I.V. called Media, Politics, Religion and Government and are being given huge drip doses of Morphine daily.

Morphine was named in the 1800’s from the word Morpheus, the god of Dreams. Morphine is derived from the Opium (poppy) plant, it works on the central nervous system to numb a person from the affects of pain. It makes one sleepy and is highly addictive.

Can you hear what the Spirit is saying? Your transformation (ascending to a higher form) is tied to your dreams. During the night season, the dark times of your life.  What are you dreaming? Are you overwhelmed with the illusionary nightmare that appears to be your reality or can you maintain the dream of who you really are? Can you dream the prophecies of things to come and yet discern the two worlds?   Have you allowed yourself to become numbed to the outer  life beyond compassion? This is why the Prophets were constantly inspired to shout and cry, “WAKE UP!!!”

Morpheus has a 2-fold role; to give you dreams, but also to wake you up. In the film Matrix, Morpheus role was to wake up Neo from his sleep to realize his dream.  Dreams are only effective when one is awake.  ARE YOU AWAKE YET??!!!

Allow yourself to feel and experience every aspect of life challenges, don’t get out too soon. Don’t use the drug of morphine that would make you numb or disconnected from life; then Transformation (anamorphosis and metamorphosis) can take place.

Wake up Neo.  About 35 seconds in the video link below Neo gets his wake up call.  Humanity is being given a wake up call.


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  1. I am certainly going through a spiritual transformation (in the fire) right now, but my problem seems to be that I’m the only one understanding this and my circle of family and friends are not spiritually awake at all. Most are the “Christians” that say they believe in Christ, but don’t really know what that means. They haven’t had the experience of Christ and the Holy Spirit so they are basing their belief in the fact they were raised by parents telling them that there is a Jesus and you can read about him in the Bible. This makes it very difficult for me to get in full spiritual mode as there are just too many distractions around me. We can’t help that mankind screwed up and created this world where we all are slaves to money. I have a house and many bills and therefore work plays a huge part in my life so I can put food on the table and a roof overhead. These worldly things seem to keep me from really reaching my spiritual growth upward. I just don’t know what else I can do more than what I am doing in understanding my spiritual transformation that I am CLEARLY experiencing now but it doesn’t seem to be enough. I need more guidance some how to show me how to block the worldly noise in my head and all around me. Please advise me on this. Thank you for the posting, it really spoke to me.

  2. Many of us understand exactly what you are feeling, for we all have passed through your thoughts concerning how to get the noise out of your head. Keep seeking Christ within…sooner than you think the outer noise will begin to fade away. In other words, it will take on meaningless static, like a radio not fully tuned in. It will lose its distraction and the peace of the living Lord God will be your comfort. Jesus said, “ye are the Temple of God” and indeed we are His house. I could write much more, but for now this seems to touch upon the matter that you are looking to quiet down. Star


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